Virginia Beach Police credit neighbor with helping to stop car break …

Virginia Beach, Va. Police say an alert neighbor called 911 and stayed on the phone with officers as two boys broke into several cars on Wednesday morning.

Nine cars were targeted, according to police, and the 86-year old neighbor s information helped police quickly catch the two boys. It all happened at about 3 amon Sheringham East, near First Colonial Road.

I heard commotion outside, literally they were talking to each other, said the neighbor, who didn t want to be identified.

All the time I m saying, I gotta call the police! I gotta call the police!

The neighbor rushed into her bathroom and shut the door, so the thieves wouldn t see the lights on, and quickly called 911. I said, They re here right now.

They re here right now.’

Police arrived a few minutes later and were able to quickly track the two down.

Officers credit the 86-year old with helping to catch them so quickly.

Anything stolen was returned, according to police.

The two boys were handed back over to their parents, and police say they will be charged.

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