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Weymouth: Voters Reject $6.5 Million Operational Override

Weymouth voters have rejected a $6.5 million Proposition 2 operational override.

There was a good turnout for the special override election, with over a third of Weymouth s registered voters hitting the polls to reject the operational override.

The final vote was 6,713 votes against to 5,065 votes in favor of the override.

Don Stewart is a member of a citizens group opposed to the measure and said, It was $6.5 million $3 million for the schools, $1 million each for the D.P.W, police department and fire department, and $500,000 for miscellaneous. I think they just went and said, Here s a million dollars, what can you do with a million? Here s $3 million for the schools, what can you do with $3 million for the schools?

That s not an approach. There was no analysis done. That s why I opposed it.

Weymouth Mayor Sue Kay is a proponent of the override and said, I m disappointed, because I know what the passage would have meant for the town, and I m always looking to enhance our services.

However, we are dealt with certain cards and we ve been able to deal with it.

It s harsh and we not be out there utilizing the services that we want to and promoting that, however, will go on.

We absolutely respect the voters, and they have clearly come out to say that we need to live with what we have, and we will do that.

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