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Retailers carrying Baby Buddy Products

Baby s first few teeth? Check.
Baby s first toothbrush? Check.

Looks like you re good to go when it comes to your baby s oral health.

Now all you need to know is how to do it right, and you re all set.

Teething often begins before a baby s 6th month. Even if those tiny little teeth have not come out yet, they re already present right beneath the surface, waiting for the right time for them to come out. And once they actually do come out, they would need every bit of help you can give to keep them as healthy as possible.

The moment your child s first few teeth come out, you would definitely need your Baby s First Toothbrush1 right away.

Remember that as early as now, your child s permanent teeth are already being developed underneath. This means that whether you decide to neglect or to take care of your child s primary teeth, you also choose to care for or neglect your child s permanent set it s all up to you.

You would have to remember though that there are so many differences when it comes to brushing teeth as an adult, and brushing the teeth of children. Especially if the child has not reached the age of 2 yet, fluoride can be harmful to them, especially in large doses.

This is why toothpaste is often not advisable. If you do decide to use toothpaste to clean your child s teeth, make sure you go for the safer fluoride-free kind designed especially for babies.

Once you have everything set, brush your baby s first few teeth as gently as possible. Make sure you cover the hard to reach areas, you never know what s hiding in there.

With oral health care as early as now, you secure your child s oral health for years to come.

You also instill in them the habit of taking care of their teeth, which would help them have that perfect smile once their pearly whites are complete.


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