Wale Evaluates Drake's Meek Mill Disses

“That was the most respectful diss record of all time,” Wale says of Drake’s “Back to Back” Meek Mill diss track.

Wale is defending Meek Mill1 in his battle against Drake2.

“This dude ain’t no loser,” Wale3 says to Rap Radar4‘s podcast, noting that Meek Mill sold nearly 250,000 copies of Dreams Worth More Than Money5 its first week.

The Rap Radar interview was published the same day as The Breakfast Club interview in which Wale said Meek Mill “brought a pencil to a gun fight6.” The comments sparked a back-and-forth between the fellow Maybach Music Group rappers on social media.

In the Rap Radar interview, Wale was asked about posting a picture on Instagram7 of himself with Drake.

“What am I supposed to not say what’s up to you?” Wale says, defending his post. “If we already have camaraderie before.”

He says that Drake’s “Back to Back8” diss track aimed at Meek Mill wasn’t as scathing as people make it out to be.

“Y’all don’t realize, that was the most respectful diss record of all time,” Wale says. “He didn’t say eff you. He didn’t say, ‘You a b-word. You a n-word.’ He ain’t say really nothing.

He just was using his success versus your success being real kinda funny. Let alone bloodshed, there was no fights, no nothing over this. When that happened, Meek ain’t gonna be trippin like that because Meek literally hangs with people that me and them don’t get along at all.

It’s just a part of the game.”

For additional Wale coverage, watch the following DX Daily:

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