Wymondham Abbey Advent Spiral 2015

Wymondham Abbey Advent Spiral 2015

Wymondham Abbey Advent Spiral

Wymondham Abbey will once again be presenting an Advent Spiral. It will be laid out in the main part of the church from Tuesday, December 1 to Thursday, December 3. The church will be open on each day from 10am to 6pm.

Advent is the few weeks before Christmas, a time of quiet preparation, as we go into the shortest days of the year.

The spiral image can be found in all cultures, ranging from primitive art to 21st century advertising. The spiral is often associated with the cycle of rebirth, time and seasons and can form a spiritual journey.

The idea behind an Advent Spiral is to walk to the centre in search of light. The light is spread with candles throughout the spiral, helping to symbolically bring light into the darkest days of the year.

Revd Catherine Relf-Pennington, Associate Vicar at Wymondham Abbey, said: The spiral is an opportunity to enter more deeply into the life of God and find strength, renewal and the peace.

We warmly welcome people of any faith or none at all we hope that all can find it beneficial.

There are also two evening sessions on contemplative prayer, on Tuesday, December 1 and Wednesday, December 2, from 7pm to 9pm. During the Tuesday session, there will be an examination of the life and teaching of Thomas Merton, the most famous contemplative of our times. The Wednesday session will focus on local contemplative Julian of Norwich.

To join either of these sessions, please contact the parish office on 01953 607062, or pop into the Abbey and add your name to the lists.

Wymondham Abbey, NR18 0PH, www.wymondhamabbey.com1.



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Wymondham Abbey Advent Spiral 2015

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