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Court rules in favour of man whose car was seized by police in 2007 …

A juice vendor was recently awarded close to $5 million in damages after his vehicle was seized by the police and never returned to him.

The Supreme Court awarded Lovell Green the sum during an assessment of damages hearing after attorneys for the State accepted liability.

State attorneys did not participate in the assessment of damages hearing, giving Green, who was represented by Garth Lyttle, the chance to present his case for compensation and outline how his income had been lost due to him not having the motor vehicle.

Green had filed the suit against Special Corporal Owen Porter and the attorney general of Jamaica after his vehicle was seized in 2007 and never returned.

According to court documents, Porter, who was stationed at the Darling Street Police Station, seized the 1990 Toyota Corsa motor car on December 1, 2007.

Green was never charged with any offence or ticketed in relation to the seizure and, despite making several enquiries, he never saw the car again.

Green said that for 15 years leading up to the seizure of the vehicle, he drove all over the Corporate Area and to the Coronation Market where he purchased fruits and vegetables which he would use to make juices for sale.



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