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Parents face neglect charges after children found living among …

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) Investigators may uncover more evidence against two parents accused of living with two of their children in a house filled with feces and garbage, according to a search warrant.

Norfolk Police filed warrants in mid-November to search the medical records of the two children, who are no longer living with their parents, Chad and Heather Kelly.

Patrol officers went to the Kellys home September 29 and found no running water, a large collection of both human and animal waste, as well as industrial waste and environmental health issues within the residence, according to court documents.

Two of the Kellys children, a 2-year-old girl and 11-year-old boy, lived in the home with them.

Investigators say the children were exposed to human feces stacked up in the bathroom, and to get anywhere in the house they would have to climb over piles of trash.

Chad Kelly, 38, told officers the family had been living that way for more than six months.

A neighbor who did not wish to be identified said trash had piled up outside the home for at least the last five years.

According to a file in Norfolk Juvenile and Domestic Relations court, the Kellys have at least three other children.

In 2014, Norfolk Public Schools intervened because two of the children missed so much class.

The couples 8-year-old daughter missed 45 days, 33 of them unexcused, and their 15-year-old son missed 29 days, all unexcused, according to a court document.

The document also indicates one of the Kelly children was expelled for bringing a gun to school.

Chad and Heather Kelly, 37, posted at $3,500 bond the same day they were arrested.

10 On Your Side tried to reach out to the couple, but instead reached a woman who identified herself on the phone as Chad s mother, and said she was taking care of the children.

She said the couple s problems were a result of problems that began stacking up because they had no jobs, no money.

They just kind of hit bottom, she said.

Both Chad and Heather Kelly graduated from high school, and Chad had attended some college, according to a bail checklist, which also stated both were unemployed and indigent.

The couple relied on food stamps and Medicaid, and listed a 2003 Cadillac Escalade worth $1,000 as their sole property, according to the document.

The Norfolk Fire Department deemed the home unsafe for anyone to live in.

Both the Kellys are due back in court March 16.

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