Celebrating Norwich, Norfolk: So what happened to the EDL …

From the Croydon Advertiser1 by Gareth_Davies2
Man strips naked during immigration protest outside Croydon Home Office building
Picture by Jacob Scott-Pederson
The man took all his clothes off while shouting about immigration and the EDL

A MAN stripped naked while shouting ‘no more immigrants’ during a bizarre protest outside a Home Office building in Croydon. Security guards intervened when the man started hurling abuse at people waiting in line outside the asylum screening unit in Wellesley Road at 2pm on Thursday. After chanting the name of far-right group English Defence League (EDL) he then took off all his clothes and continued to rant about the state of modern Britain.

The incident was caught on camera by student Jacob Scott-Pederson, who is working part-time in a building nearby.


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