Motorcycle practise at Rackheath airfield – Jimmy Lee Shreeve

Motorcycle Practise At Rackheath Airfield – Jimmy Lee Shreeve

Whizzed over to Rackheath airfield this afternoon for a spot of motorcycle practise. Stuff you can t do on public roads, like slaloming, u-turns, figures of eight, lean-angles at low speeds, and generally perfecting your technique. It s a great location away from the rush of the main roads.

The airfield was built for the USAF during World War Two and Liberator bombers flew on missions on the two runways at the site.

The area is owned by a farmer from North Walsham about ten miles away. He rents it out to truck driving tuition firms. So you have to pick the right time to find the place empty.

Weekends are good. But no one was about today, surprisingly, as it s a Monday.

Technically I m trespassing. But I noticed a cop car go past and it didn t stop they probably saw the rubber sport cones I use to practise around, and turned a blind eye.

And besides, I m not doing any harm.

It s actually not easy finding locations to muck about off road on motorcycles. I ve got two other locations I can use too, so I m lucky.

I enjoy it and in a sense it s a hobby, but one that pays dividends when riding daily out on the public roads.

Equally, it s good to be able to get out into the countryside, and practising motorcycle manoeuvres is meditative in many ways the sheer concentration and the need to avoid daydreaming or thinking about anything else other than what you are doing.

But the weather today was incredible. The tail end of January and it was pretty warm mid fifties.

I only needed a couple of t-shirts and my leather jacket. My hands weren t even cold.

After about an hour on Rackheath airfield I shot into Norwich to Tescos to buy a copy of Back Street Heroes and some beef jerky. As soon as you hit the supermarket car park it s back to the rush and bustle of the city.

A lot of people but very little communication or interaction.

Everybody a lonesome soul.

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