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Attorney General Loretta Lynch could be holding the key to why FBI …

Attorney General Loretta Lynch Could Be Holding The Key To Why FBI ...


It seems that the FBI puts as much effort into marketing as does Apple. After blasting Apple for using marketing as an excuse for not helping the FBI by installing a backdoor into the iOS ecosystem. We now see that the FBI is in the midst of doing their own marketing, in perfect time to boost their spying budget.

It seems that on February 9th 2016, Attorney General Loretta Lynch requested an extra $38 million to help the FBI development workarounds on data encryption, bringing the total budget of what it calls project Going Dark to $69 million.

If thats not marketing then nothing is.

Dragging Apple into the spotlight just in time to request additional funding is looking more and more to be a ploy for government employees to stick their hand out and expect us to fill it with a never ending flow of cash.

The fact is that Apple has cooperated with the government for many yeas, in finding evidence to track down criminals. Even in this current debacle, ignited by the 2015 San Bernardino1 incident, Apple had started helping the government three days after that horrible attack and yet the FBI pummeled Apple and unleashed the court system on Apple at precisely the moment that they needed to place their request for more funding. It would be a stretch of the imagination for that to be a coincidence since there was nothing new to trigger that.

There is a backlog of encrypted phones that police departments want to crack into (there is no proof that there is anything inside any of them that would be of any help to anyone), so its not like 2015 San Bernardino2 incident suddenly brought to light the government s inability to crack encrypted communications, these communications have existed since at least the 1980s.

If its only seen as a problem now, then it seems obvious that these government employees are apparently incompetent.

Lets face it, if Retired General Michael Hayden, the former NSA and CIA chief says that Apple is correct to resist installing a back door in all our phones then the FBI is simply on a marketing campaign to raise funds for its own use. Is that absolutely necessary? It seems not because the role of communications intelligence belongs to the NSA.

we pay then for that and with the billions that we give those employees we expect them o be the world s best.

The FB should simply stick to their police activities and if they need a phone cracked then they can hand did to the NSA who runs billion dollar facilities for us that perform exactly that kind of function on a daily basis. Why do we have to pay two agencies to perform the same exact kind of task? Thats not right and we don t need to pay to turn the FBI in to another NSA, we already have one and we don t need another.

Declaration of Lisa Olle, manager of Apple s Global Privacy & Law Enforcement Compliance Team, asserting the date that Apple initiated support efforts for the FBI, just three days after the shooting incident.



Former NSA and CIA chief says Apple is right on the bigger issue of encryption back door4






Blackstone s Formulation

It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer William Blackstone5

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