Hingham: Police Trying to Prevent Another Card Skimmer Installation

Hingham: Police Trying To Prevent Another Card Skimmer Installation

Skimmer device found last week in Hingham. Photo via Hingham Police

After a credit card skimming device was found inside a pump at a gas station in Hingham, stations are trying to make sure it does not happen again.

According to Hingham Police, the skimming device was discovered last week when the gas pump at the Gulf Station on Route 3A in Hingham broke and a technician found the skimming device inside the pump.

Sergeant Steven Dearth of the Hingham Police Department says that there are new ways that gas stations can protect themselves.

Many gas stations now actually have metallic security tag stickers they ll (technicians) put over these card covers, and if that is removed, the sticker is broken. And, of course, when they service it, they ll replace it.

That s what this gas station does now, and other ones that we ve talked to as well are doing that, said Dearth.

And there are also ways for consumers to protect themselves.

This device is concealed inside the machine, so you wouldn t know. Even a technician by looking at the outside wouldn t see this, said Dearth. Another type of skimmer device fits over the ATM slot, and reads it that way as well.

So once again, you wouldn t notice that.

The best thing and the simplest thing we suggest is always keep track and monitor frequently your debit or credit card account.

Don t just wait until the end of the month to see your statement.

Hingham Police reached out to other gas stations in town and found that the only station affected by skimmers was the Gulf Station in Hingham.

Police continue to investigate who placed the skimmer inside the pump.


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