Victoria Pendleton autumn: Ambition of disaster in the first chasing …

Victoria Pendleton hopes that her dream at the Foxhunter Chase at Cheltenham next month of taking still alive to be is to be lifted despite depends on their festival, in one of the hot favorite Pacha Du polder, on their first ride under rules smaller event in Fakenham.

The 35-year-old former sprint cycling champion, winner of two Olympic gold medals and nine world titles, remained remarkably optimistic after next her rival Carey Williamson on Baltic Blue in the seventh fence to be removed.

Pendleton soon turned from her fall smile, but there was no hiding her frustration. Physically I am fine, but my ego is bruised, she said a media scrum as large Fakenham had rented a portable building for the occasion. Many people saw, and my mom is here -.

It is obviously disappointing

I m just really upset. I did not have a chance to stay. The horse leaped forward a bit squiffy and I went out the side door.

Pacha Du Polder is a fabulous horse and I did not give him a fair chance.

Twitter critics were quick to condemn for Pendleton, which appeared from the stands and be on TV a soft unseat and, although one can only admire the courage and tenacity of a woman who for the past year this time, not even her had first lining up against 23 mainly hardboiled amateurs riding lesson, it is, if it makes it to Cheltenham, be, give no quarter best of a professional standard.

Victoria Pendleton (right) after her fall

The decision you will not. your participation was always assumed that they did enough to convince her team trainer Paul Nicholls and Lawney Hill and riding instructor Yogi Breisner -., that to him it is

I hope Cheltenham is always still the plan, Pendleton said. Hopefully I ll get another chance to sit on it and get as many trips as possible in between now and then.

I guess that s what happened, and it would happen sooner or later.

I have had a good run; I do not have a case yet really had. But it will not have from me. I absolutely love riding horses and I would like a factory driver to be until the day I die, maybe get a couple of horses and even do a show.

Friday not have helped Blip the company, said Nicholls before the race, that this is an important step was and the race a prime opportunity .

He told the Racing Post: We want a beautiful competent performance of both to see if they re going to go to Cheltenham. None of us wants to see any disasters because it all would put on the back foot us.

in more than one sport Excel is rare but bu does not unique. The legendary Jim Thorpe played American football, baseball and basketball professionally by two gold medals at the Olympic Games in 1912 to win while Denis Compton, a test cricket hero for 20 years, also helped Arsenal win the league and FA Cup.

world Rebecca Romero won championships in cycling and rowing has recently.

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