Court orders man to keep away from North Walsham neighbours he …

Court orders man to keep away from North Walsham neighbours he threatened

10:09 01 March 2016

Christine Cunningham 1

Court Orders Man To Keep Away From North Walsham Neighbours He ...

Scales of justice


A man put up signs to say he hated his neighbours and made threats after a row over a blocked driveway, a court heard.

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Alan Kneel, 56, had got on well with his neighbours until the death of his parents, when he started drinking heavily, Norwich Crown Court was told. Jude Durr, prosecuting, said trouble flared after Kneel s taxi blocked his neighbours driveway in Ashfield Road, North Walsham, and he took exception when the driver was asked to move. He said Kneel challenged his neighbour to a fight and said: The defendant then set about issuing persistent and abusive threats towards his neighbours.

Police were contacted and, when arrested, Kneel accepted he had been drinking and had limited memory of what had happened. Mr Durr said that he did remember putting up the signs to say he hated his neighbours. He said he was drunk and said he was a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde character.

Kneel admitted threatening behaviour on October 29, last year, and also being in breach of a suspended sentence order. The court heard that Kneel had since got help and stopped drinking and had bought a flat in Norwich so he could move away. Michael Clare, for Kneel, said: He accepts it is his fault entirely.

He has stopped drinking and he is moving away. He has bought a flat in Norwich. He is going to be well away from North Walsham residents.

He said Kneel had not handled the death of his parents well and said: It was a particularly difficult time for him. He accepts he did not deal with it well and he drank too much. Mr Clare added: He liked his neighbours.

They were kind to his mother and he feels he has let them down. He said that Kneel was doing the decent thing in moving away. Sentencing him, Recorder Christopher Makey imposed a restraining order for Kneel to keep away from his neighbours for two years and ordered him to do 60 hours unpaid work.

He also imposed a 12-month community order and made him pay 350 costs.

He told Kneel: You have begun to turn your life around.

The recorder added: I hope you are able to keep away from alcohol.

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