Court told 'laddish bravado' got the better of Norwich street climbing …

Court told laddish bravado got the better of Norwich street climbing man who damaged Timber Hill buildings

12:39 02 March 2016

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Court Told 'laddish Bravado' Got The Better Of Norwich Street Climbing ...

Peter Bruton at Norwich Magistrates Court. PHOTO BY SIMON FINLAY


A would-be burglar who caused hundreds of pounds of damage to Timberhill buildings will pay the money back after going street climbing on the roofs.

Share link shares Court Told 'laddish Bravado' Got The Better Of Norwich Street Climbing ...The Timberhill entrance to Castle Mall. Photo by Simon Finlay.

Peter Bruton claimed he had been out drinking with a poorly chosen friend when he clambered over St John s Church, Castle Mall and Ward and Wright shoe shop on the morning of February 10. Prosecutor Tess Mann told Norwich magistrates how the shoe shop manager had come to work the next day and found an untidy search had been conducted, the alarm wasn t working and had been damaged and disabled .

Pieces of loft insulation were found on the shop floor, along with a shoe print on a sofa and blood around the alarm box. DNA testing proved the blood belonged to 23-year-old Bruton, who admitted two counts of burglary with intent to steal and one of attempted burglary with intent to steal. The same morning a Castle Mall security manager was alerted to a breach, finding access had been gained through a sloping roof, with a number of tiles missing.

CCTV footage showed Bruton inside the mall around 4.55am, and the alarm activating 30 seconds later. The rector at St John s Church said that the church had been locked and closed on January 9, and when he came back the following day he found water damage inside where rain had got in, added Ms Mann. The explanation was the removal of tiles on the north side of the church, which can be accessed from Grouts Thoroughfare.

The rector said entry wasn t gained to the church and nothing was taken, but the roof would cost around 500 to 700 to repair. Andrew Nickerson, for Bruton, explained the incident as laddish bravado from a man with mental health problems. I think the combination of alcohol, lack of medication he was taking at the time and poorly chosen friends has come together to lead to this behaviour, he said.

Mr Bruton is not a man frequently before the courts and this is a valuable lesson for him. He realises he needs help. This is something that has come about on the spur of the moment walking home, and laddish bravado got the better of him.

He says there was somebody else present at the time but there is no evidence on the CCTV of that.

Bruton, of Vanguard Court, Armes Street, Norwich, was made to pay compensation of 700 to St John s Church, 600 to the Castle Mall and 600 to the shoe shop, alongside a 12 -month community order with a 20- day rehabilitation activity requirement.

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