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Free Uptime Monitoring added to Website Maintenance plan …

Measured Designs are pleased to announce that website uptime monitoring has been added to our WordPress and Magento website maintenance plan1.

The uptime monitor (provided by UptimeRobot) will notify us within 5 minutes if the website shows an error or major change to the website content.

Free Uptime Monitoring Added To Website Maintenance Plan ...

The uptime monitor can be set to look for site errors (404, 500 etc) or a keyword on the page. It will then provide an alert (email /text) if there is an issue with the site. Site configuration issues will often not display a server error, instead showing an inline error or a control panel or even domain DNS message.

So take the stress out of running a WordPress or Magento website and let us monitor your site for you.

Our maintenance plan covers not only uptime, but security, backups and logs.

We aim to keep your website secure, robust and efficient.

Give us a call2 if you would like to join our website maintenance plan3.

About the author / Andrew Taylor

A senior UI designer with over 16 years of web design and web development experience working for some of the largest companies in the UK.

An expert in all things Magento and WordPress.


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