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It's Nice That | The GirlHood project rebrands on its first anniversary

The GirlHood is a social enterprise project that believes when girls create culture they change culture. Founded by creative learning specialists and long-time friends Natalie Rodden (ex-teacher) & Kati Russell (ex-D&AD New Blood), the organisation launched at the Women of the World festival last year, and today it unveils a new identity designed by Bethan Jones based on the brief Brave Femininities. The GirlHood is a voice for encouraging strong, determined, fearless girls into the industry and the identity reflects this, says Bethan.

The logo is a graphic representation of the female gender. The XX is a visualisation of the female chromosome and a powerful symbol that means business.”

The holding page for the website showcases a collection of images inspired by the logo, created by artists, designers and illustrators. These images highlight and show support for the project.

The relaunch starts with Sawdust and various contributions from Jack Renwick studio and the GirlHood would like to invite lots more people to take part.

In the last year we ve worked with over 200 girls and we ve got to know them and even ourselves much better. We were so lucky to be able to launch with an amazing identity created by Hana Tanimura of Google Creative Labs, says Kati. At that stage there wasn t really a brief just a boundless sense of optimism for what we hoped we could achieve.

Also, we were a little hesitant to put ourselves in to the brand.

This time round we ve invested ourselves, our audience and mission much more.

There is still a lot of work to be done to address this industry s diversity issues.

Bethan Jones: The GirlHood

Jack Renwick: The GirlHood

Sawdust: The GirlHood

The GirlHood

Bethan Jones: The GirlHood

View original reference here: It's Nice That | The GirlHood project rebrands on its first anniversary

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