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Malaysia may look to Sri Lanka for security guards

By on March 5, 2016 07:30

Malaysia May Look To Sri Lanka For Security GuardsMalaysia may look to Sri Lanka to hire security guards, a job which was earlier reserved only for Nepalis.

The ruling that only Nepalis can be hired as security guards may soon be lifted to allow foreigners from other source countries to take on the job, The Star online reported.

Malaysia s Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed said the review of the decade-old policy comes in light of recent nationwide operations to weed out illegals, including those hired as security guards.

We may have to look at other source countries that have a good supply of security guards with military background, such as Sri Lanka.

Formerly, the job was reserved for Nepalis owing to their reputations as Gurkhas, he said yesterday.

However, he said a limited supply of Nepali security guards has forced some companies to hire other nationals.

The supply of Gurkhas is very limited as not all Nepalis were in the army.

Some companies hire other foreigners and this is not allowed under the current policy, he said, adding that there were about 800 licensed security guard companies.

Nur Jazlan advised housing associations and management committees to hire only trained security guards.

He was commenting on problems faced by residential associations and managements following the crackdown. (Colombo Gazette)

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