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Shoei NXR Terminus TC-1 Motorcycle Helmet weiß-rot Size:M (57/58)

SHOEI NXR Terminus TC-1 Motorbike Helmet
Helmet shell made from Aim
‘”Organic fibre optic and” Multi Fibre in various layers for a shock-absorbent shell with optimum rigidity
More piece, modular Styrofoam core system
Protection optimisation with styrofoam core elements with different absorption levels
E.q.r.r. alarm security system
E.Q.R.S. (emergency quick release system) simplifies helmet removal in an emergency
Double D-ring fastening
Simple and easy to use, always fits perfectly aligned.
Comfortable to wear
4 assorted size helmet outer shells
For a perfect fit and compact size, shell sizes: 1) XXS-S, 2) M, 3) L, 4) XL – XXL
For a comfortable fit
Ear pads
For noise reduction
Multi ventilation
For optimum ventilation
Four vents on the forehead and chin
For supply of fresh air
Four outlets at the back of the head, as well as two at the back of the neck
For dissipation of warm, of air and prevent fatigue conditions
Integrated with spoiler
For a birthday, Valentine’s Day, an optimised aerodynamic shape
And powerful performance
1300 g (+/-50 g measured from size M)

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Shoei NXR Terminus TC-1 Motorcycle Helmet weiß-rot Size:M (57/58)

List Price: £366.56 Web Price: £366.56

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