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Shropshire flood alerts remain in place « Shropshire Star

Flood alerts remained in place for Shropshire and surrounding areas today after a night of heavy rain over the Midlands.

Flood alerts were in place for Rea Brook and Cound Brook, the Tern and Perry Catchments and the Upper Teme.

Across the wider Midlands there were four flood warnings in place and 41 flood alerts at 9am.

A van became stuck at a flash flooding hotspot near the Shropshire border,

Shropshire Flood Alerts Remain In Place « Shropshire StarA van stuck in water almost up to its windows at Trescott Ford.

Photo: Elizabeth Woodman

The unfortunate white van joins an increasingly long list of vehicles that have become stranded at Trescott Ford, despite road signs warning drivers.

Signs next to the ford, near Pattingham, tell drivers to check the water depth before crossing and warn that many vehicles are recovered every year.

Today West Mercia Police issued advice for drivers, warning motorists not to put themselves and others at risk by driving through floodwater:

  • Listen out for local news bulletins before setting off, to keep up-to-date with road closures, flooding and forecasts
  • Stopping distances increase on wet roads.

    You should double the distance you leave between your vehicle and the car in front

  • Never try and drive through fast-moving water, such as a flooded ford – you and your car could easily be swept away by the current
  • The depth of water at a ford and its flow rate can change with the weather
  • Be wary of high winds and the extra risks that they may bring
  • In heavy rain, use headlights when visibility is seriously reduced
  • If your windscreen wipers are worn or damaged, replace them to improve visibility in heavy rain
  • Be considerate and take extra care if driving through standing water alongside pedestrians or cyclists
  • Dry your brakes after driving through standing water, by using them gently
  • Even when the rain stops, roads may remain wet and flooded for several days

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