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Suspect in Ocean View homicide killed by Norfolk police

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NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) A man killed by Norfolk police overnight was the suspect in a homicide that had occurred hours earlier.

Suspect In Ocean View Homicide Killed By Norfolk PoliceChaz Hall

Detectives say they began looking for 25-year-old Tyre Privott after they identified him as the gunman accused of killing 24-year-old Chaz Hall. Police say Hall was shot multiple times in the 1000 block of East Ocean View Avenue just before 10:30 p.m. Thursday.

The shooting happened outside of the Ocean View Inn. He was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Just hours after Hall s murder, officers spotted Privott walking near Chesapeake Boulevard and Fishermans Road. Police say he matched the exact description of the suspect.

Photos: Officer-involved shooting in Norfolk1

Norfolk Police spokeswoman Melinda Wray said, just before 4 a.m.

Friday, two officers attempted to stop Privott, who was described as a violent, wanted felon.

According to police, once officers began to speak with Privott, he shot at them. One officer returned fire, killing Privott.

The area was blocked off for several hours as officers investigated the scene.

Police began re-opening those roads around 7:20 a.m. Friday.

One witness in the area tells 10 On Your Side they heard several gunshots, but did not see anything.

Another witness says she heard five gunshots, looked out her window and saw police standing over a man s body.

Suspect In Ocean View Homicide Killed By Norfolk PoliceTyre Privott

It s ridiculous out here. It s just everyday. Everyday from here and in Portsmouth.

Somebody is dying everyday, said another witness.

Police say the officer involved in the shooting is an 11-year veteran of the police department, who is currently assigned to the Second Patrol Division. He had not been issued a body worn camera, nor was he wearing one during the incident. Police said the officer s name will not be released during the course of the investigation.

The second officer on scene recently graduated from the Norfolk Police Academy in January and is also assigned to the Second Patrol Division.

The officer was issued a body worn camera, which he was wearing at the time of the shooting. However, police said the circumstances surrounding the incident rapidly evolved, and did not allow the officer enough time to activate the camera.

Both officers have been placed on paid administrative duty until the investigation is complete, which is standard practice in a case like this.

WAVY.com has been trying to learn new information about the suspect. Privott s brother, Tevon Davis, said he couldn t make comment on what transpired Friday morning as his family was still working to gather all the facts.

He did say Privott was from Norfolk and has family in the area.

The Ocean View Inn manager told WAVY.com that Privott had been staying alone at the Inn the last five or six days.

Privott s Facebook page said he went to Norview High School.

Privott s brother, Tevon Davis, has released the following statement to WAVY.com:

Most individuals in poverty-stricken situations they believe that exhibiting violence is how you handle situations and that s not. If you have to be somewhere that you must have a gun, you do not need to be there. Be loyal to yourself first.

If you knew the consequences behind every choice you made, would you still have made that choice? Ask yourself that question. I m not saying you are going to die or go to jail behind one bad choice, but we are creatures of habit.

When it becomes habit, it becomes our behavior.

Why accept failure when success is free?

Stop killing each other and wake up and understand and see what s in the mirror

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