Teenager punches cyclist in the face in Bowthorpe

Teenager punches cyclist in the face in Bowthorpe

11:49 10 March 2016

Jessica Long 1

Teenager Punches Cyclist In The Face In Bowthorpe

Police Officers. Picture: Ian Burt

Archant 2012

A cyclist was punched in the face by a teenager in Bowthorpe.

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The assault happened at approximately 6.30pm on February 23, when the victim, a man aged in his 30s, was cycling on a cycle path on Boatman Way.

When he passed a group of five teenagers one of them punched him in the face. The victim managed to stay on his bike and left the scene but he received bruising to his face as a result of the attack. The suspect is described as being a male, approximately 15 years of age and was wearing a black jacket and black tracksuit bottoms.

Anyone who witnessed the incident or has any information regarding it are asked to contact PC Ian Betts at Earlham Police Station on 101.

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