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ShoesForHostesses – Monami Leather Ballerine Ballet Flats – Blue Size: 3

Les Escarpins d’Hôtesses ® Or ShoesForHostesses is a French Brand of “Alarm Free ” shoes : The shoes, at the origin made specifically for stewardesses are known for their innovative technology et for being perfectly comfortable. This is the latest generation of « Alarm Free » shoes, that do not set off metal detectors, security gates and all other security systems ! This model is made out of innovative materials that make this shoe very light, supple et flexible. This footwear has been conceived to assist the walk’s natural movements, reducing fatigue… The ShoesForHostesses are also city shoes for women that will have you “walking on a cushion of air” and will bring you a sensation of incomparable well-being throughout the day! A little story : Every stewardess has heard of this famous brand, dedicated to them! But many of us need to have classical shoes matching our every outfit… With ShoesForHostesses, the promises of the honorable brand are comfort, suppleness and support for the feet. And every women can now get her shoes in that world renowned quality. The pieces are within the latest trends and will keep evolving while never straying too far from the core value of the brand ! For all of those who think comfort is a self-evident fact, the ShoesForHostesses will satisfy you, it’s a certainty!

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ShoesForHostesses – Monami Leather Ballerine Ballet Flats – Blue Size: 3

List Price: £55.00 Current Price: £55.00

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