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Police have stressed the importance of smoke alarms


Police have stressed the importance of smoke alarms after they where called to the house in Great Yarmouth which had filled with smoke without the owner realising.

#PC1067 and #PC1751 have attended an elderly females house where she hadn’t realised something was burning and the house had filled with smoke, highlights the importance of smoke alarms, she is safe and well. @Norfolkfire #team5 #PC1067[2][3][4][5][6]
— Gt Yarmouth Police (@GYarmouthPolice) August 11, 2018[7]

In the early hours of Sunday morning @Gt Yarmouth Police tweeted that they had been called to an elderly woman’s house where the owner ‘hadn’t realised something was burning’ leading the house to fill with smoke.

Adding that the incident ‘highlights the importance of smoke alarms’ the police reported that the woman was safe and well following the incident.


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Reference: 060491

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