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The family of David Honess, known as Lordy, have thanked those who helped in the search. Picture: Roni Rea Dean


The family of a man who went missing from a Norfolk care home have praised the public, emergency services and rescue teams involved in the search for him.
Share[1]The family of David Honess, known as Lordy, have thanked those who helped in the search. Picture: Roni Rea Dean
David Honess, known as Lordy, went missing in Wymondham on August 2. There was concern for the 78-year-old’s welfare because he did not know the area – having lived in Thetford for 30 years – and has a form of dementia.

After a large-scale search which involved a police helicopter and the Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue Team, Mr Honess was found nearly 24 hours later by a police dog. Family member Charlie Dean expressed her gratitude to everyone involved in the search and praised the community for coming together to help. “It was quite overwhelming how many people were out looking for him,” said Mrs Dean, who lives in Thetford. “We were walking down a street and a teacher who heard about what happened was out looking and it was around 11pm.

“The police were really good and all of the search and rescue teams.” Well known in the Thetford area for walking miles with his dog and greeting people in the town, Mr Honess, who was involved in the construction of Elveden Center Parcs, recently moved to the Wymondham care home. On August 3 Norfolk and Suffolk police dog Kaiser found Mr Honess by a wooded copse.

Mrs Dean said he had fallen down and was not able to get up. Despite his ordeal he only suffered scratches and is in good spirits. “He is the friendliest person,” said Mrs Dean of Mr Honess, who walked her down the aisle on her wedding day.

“I think that is why we had such a big response. He is a bit of a free spirit.” The 39-year-old added: “I take him to the garden centre and people have been coming up to us and saying it is nice to see him out and well.”

Such is Mr Honess’ popularity there was a huge response of well wishes on social media. Many people sent their thoughts to his family and spoke of their relief when he was found safe and well. Mrs Dean’s daughter Roni posted a message on Facebook when he was found to update and thank people.

“Thank you to everyone for the support!

Amazing how the community really comes together at times like this!

What a relief!”


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