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12 August, 2018 – 21:47
The equipment, including pellet guns and pyrotechnics, were discovered on private land in Brandon. Picture: Twitter/Mildenhall Police

Twitter/Mildenhall Police

A number of guns and pyrotechnic equipment have been discovered in a paddock in Brandon, having been reported stolen last month.
A person has now been arrested for the theft of the ‘large quantity’ of equipment belonging to a combat games venue in Tuddenhall, Suffolk.

The items had been reported stolen on July 28. A surprised landowner discovered the items in an unused outbuilding of their property on August 12, and reported the find to police. Virtually all of the stolen items have now been returned to the venue.

The criminal/s were described to have got “lucky”, as the equipment is rarely stored on site. A spokesman for the Suffolk Police said: “It is important to note that the explosives mentioned in our tweet are props and not professional grade explosives.” The thief/s broke into a cabin which has living space at one end, and storage at the other.

The site manager for the venue which had been targeted said: “It’s just stupid. At first we thought we had been targeted by professionals because of the way they’d carried it out. “But then we worked out what had been taken and realised it wasn’t a professional job.

It wasn’t only the stuff in the storage end they’d taken, but also in the part where we sleep when we go to the site for the weekend. “They stole stuff like my underpants, a really old pair of boots and a box of tea and coffee. They found a smoke grenade and threw it onto my bed, leaving a hole burned in the mattress.”

The manager added: “They also stole two silver briefcases that look important but are actually filled with massive concrete blocks to make them feel realistically heavy in the games. It was all stuff of absolutely no value to anyone else.” The manager added: “The police response has been fantastic.

I think there’s sometimes the perception that because they’ve got so much work on they can’t care as much, but they’ve been really proactive in following up with me.

“It must be nice for them to be able to reunite people with their items.”


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