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A man has been arrested after he walked a pet PIG along a busy Norwich street. Police were called to the scene on Prince of Wales Road at around 10am on Wednesday after reports of a man being abusive to members of the public. Upon arriving on scene, officers found a pig without a lead “running around” with a dog, which bit one of the officers.

Officers then arrested the man for public order offences, and having a dangerously -out-of-control animal. He was later charged under Section 155 of the Highways Act 1980[1] with “having a pig untethered and loose on a public highway”, according
The incident occurred on Prince of Wales Road in Norfolk (Image: Google)
The RSPCA has taken the pig away from the man who will appear in court at a later date. One of the arresting officers, Norfolk Police Sgt.

Mark Shepard, wrote about the incident on Twitter[2].

He said: “A male has been remanded in custody after committing a public order offence, having his dogs[3] dangerously out of control and having his pig untethered on Prince of Wales Road. #JobLikeNoOther”

He also claimed he was “lost for words”.


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Reference: 869624

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