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PC Pablo, photographed by his team after his latest bust – discovering a ‘considerable amont’ of Class A drugs in an Ipswich garden. Pictire: NSPOLICEDOGS


A police dog, returning from a two-week holiday, has been quick on the hunt for illegal substances since he got back to active duty.
PC Pablo helped Suffolk police discover the haul of drugs buried in a residential green space.

The drugs were hidden by careless criminals in a garden in Ipswich, described by Suffolk police as a ‘considerable amount’

The Norfolk and Suffolk dog unit tweeted to remind people that crime has no place in public or privet.

They said: “PC Pablo enjoys success (after two weeks on holiday) by assisting with a search in Ipswich and locates a considerable amount of Class A drugs buried in a garden! #191 #youllhavetodobetterthanthat”


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