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Published by Chris Craddock at 9:20am 25th October 2018. (Updated at 9:51am 25th October 2018)

King’s Lynn Police spotted the man around Grimston and Hillington in the early hours of the morning (25th Oct).

Officers then pulled the car over and gave the driver a drugs wipe.

Out patrolling the back roads around Grimston and Hillington in the early hours when a car caught our eye… The driver was subsequently arrested after providing a positive drug wipe for Cannabis #weknowtheshortcutstoo #fatal4 #PC710 #PC1874
— King’s Lynn Police (@KingsLynnPolice) October 25, 2018

Ongoing investigation

That’s when the offender tested positive for cannabis. He was arrested and taken to King’s Lynn Police Investigation Centre.

The man was later released and the investigation is ongoing.

It comes after two people were arrested on the A149 in Dersingham for drug driving as well.

Reference: 457655

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