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The driver of this vehicle was tested positive for cannabis by police at Long Stratton. Picture: Norfolk and Suffolk Roads and Armed Policing


At least five drivers have been caught driving illegally near Long Stratton as a police operation gets underway.
Operation Hastleton is a Special Constabulary and Roads Policing operation run by Norfolk Police targeting road safety on the A140 at Long Stratton.

By midday, two drivers had been caught drug driving with a positive test for cannabis and XXXX and both were driving not accordance with their licence. Two cars were also stopped within the space of 15 minutes due to not having their small children restrained in their cars. Another driver was pulled over and found to be driving an uninsured vehicle.

Norfolk and Suffolk Roads Policing said: “RCRT working with Norfolk Specials in Operation Hastelton in South Norfolk, this stop driver not licenced for vehicle than tested positive roadside screening for cannabis.

“Another RCRT stop with Norfolk Specials in South Norfolk and again driving otherwise than in accordance with licence and driver provided positive drug wipe.”

Reference: 291592

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