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MyWeb TimeShare » 16 Incredible Mansions In The UK Where You … 0

MyWeb TimeShare » 16 Incredible Mansions In The UK Where You …

Be king or queen for day.

1. Butley Priory, Suffolk, England Enjoy history and luxury at the gorgeous Butley Priory. Just two hours from London, it s the perfect overnight venue for a wedding reception or family gathering.

The property has access to beaches and splendid forest walks, and is equipped with modern amenities while maintaining a classic and dreamy atmosphere. Accommodates: 16+ guests Price per night: 900 Book here. 1 2. Tower Windmill Cottage, Linton, England For a cosy countryside getaway, this cottage and adjoining windmill in Cambridgeshire is ideal.

The attached windmill often hosts art exhibits, and Cambridge is only a short bus ride away, so you can have your seclusion and your entertainment too. Accommodates: 2 guests Price per night: 70 Book here. 2 3. Aikwood Tower, Scottish Borders Have a full-on storybook experience at this luxurious medieval castle.

On the outside, the tower maintains its historic facade and is surrounded by lush gardens. Inside are modern amenities with a medieval twist, making it perfectly cosy and ideal for receptions and group holidays. Accommodates: 11 guests Price per night: 500 Book here. 3 4.

Saltmarshe Hall, Yorkshire, England Hark back to the era of Austen at this stately manor house in East Yorkshire. With cosy studies and grand, spacious atriums in equal measure, the property will make you feel at home and worlds away at the same time. Accommodates: 2 guests Price per night: 100 Book here. 4 5.

14th-century private castle, Scottish Borders Be kings and queens for a day at this secluded castle on the Scottish Borders. The 14th-century sense of ancient grandeur inside and out, will take you back in time, perfect for a romantic wedding reception or family retreat. Accommodates: 16+ guests Price per night: 2,164 Book here. 5 6.

Manor House, Wiltshire, England Escape the the elegance of this country home in Wiltshire for a taste of the best of classic architecture and modern convenience. The house s exterior is straight out of the pages of a fairy tale, while the inside is cosy and refurbished to allow optimum comfort. As it s close to must-see spots including Bath and Stonehenge, the property is the perfect home base for a countryside holiday.

Accommodates: 6 guests Price per night: 150 Book now. 6 7. Regency Country House, Thetford, England Dark Victorian glamour abounds at the Regency Country House and Estate in Norfolk. It s the perfect place to escape for a lazy reading holiday.

Enjoy the rich interiors and lush gardens. Accommodates: 16+ guests Price per night: 1,200 Book now. 7 8. Ardgowan House, Inverkip, Scotland Just 45 minutes from Glasgow is tucked Ardgowan house.

The gorgeous manor home has stunning views of the Scottish waterfront and simply splendid Victorian furnishings to give a wedding reception or event the royal treatment. For high romance and style, there s no comparison. Accommodates: 16+ guests Price per night: 2,000 Book now. 8 9.

Persie House, Blairgowrie, Scotland Whether you re looking for a romantic medieval wedding location or a Hogwarts look-a-like for the whole family to enjoy, Persie House is a shockingly affordable gem for large groups, and is also licensed for wedding ceremonies. Grand and gorgeous, it meets every need and can t be missed. Accommodates: 24 guests Price per night: 650 Book now. 9 10.

Fenton Tower, Dirleton, Scotland Perched on a hill just 20 miles outside of bustling Edinburgh rests the stunning Fenton Tower. The 16th-century-tower-turned-five-star-property is a luxurious experience to envy. Decked out with rich decor and including high-scale amenities from private chefs to satellite telly, Fenton combines the best of the old world and the new.

Accommodates: 13 guests Price per night: 1,080 Book now. 10 11. Courts Garden Gallery, Holt, England Combining classic elements and serious quirk, the Courts Garden gallery in Norfolk provides a singular holiday experience art and history lovers can t miss. Gorgeous and traditional on the outside, bright, cosy, and eclectic within, the property begs you to cosy up by the fire and admire the art on the walls or the gorgeous view of the English countryside.

Accommodates: 2 guests Price per night: 90 Book now. 11 12. Eden Valley Castle, Kirkby Stephen, England This Victorian beauty is situated on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales and nor far from the Lake District, so if you can bear to leave the dramatically comfortable interiors, you ll find a stunning adventure just beyond the 19th-century walls. The is ideal for celebrations of every kind, and is handicapped-accessible so that all family and friends can be included.

Accommodates: 16+ guests Price per night: 90/guest Book now. 12 For a darkly romantic and stunning getaway, the boutique Chapel in Hitchin is unmatched. Combine rich comfort, stunning decor, and minimalist architecture, there s nothing else in the world like it. Accommodates: 4 guests Price per night: 150 Book now. 13 14.

Dairsie Castle, Fife, Scotland The Dairsie Castle lodge in Fife is incomparably charming and romantic. Whether you re entertaining in its spacious and well-lit hall, or cosying up for a warm bath in the delightful stone-interior bathroom, it s bound to be the stay of a lifetime. Accommodates: 13 guests Price per night: 600 Book now. 14 15.

The Wee Palace, Edinburgh, Scotland This charming apartment in central Edinburgh is tucked in a small tower at the foot of Edinburgh Castle. The view is stunning and the warm charm of the interior will keep you cosy through the night. Accommodates: 2 guests Price per night: 75 Book now. 15 16.

Cleeve House, Seend, England A grand entryway and a grander hall make Cleeve House a charming and stately stay.

The gothic-revival mansion rests on a seven-acre field, giving you plenty of space to explore and unwind, and it s not far from Bath in case you fancy an excursion.

Accommodates: 6 guests Price per night: 50 Book now. 16 Read more: 17 References ^ Book here. ( ^ Book here. ( ^ Book here. ( ^ Book here. ( ^ Book here. ( ^ Book now. ( ^ Book now. ( ^ Book now. ( ^ Book now. ( ^ Book now. ( ^ Book now. ( ^ Book now. ( ^ Book now. ( ^ Book now. ( ^ Book now. ( ^ Book now. ( ^ (

India, UK sign agreements for collaborations in crop science … 0

India, UK sign agreements for collaborations in crop science …

Department of Biotechnology, functioning under Ministry of Science and Technology, and a consortium of top UK research institutions signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) here on Wednesday for establishment of a joint India-UK collaboration programme in crop science. The aim of the agreement is to enhance collaborative research, promote knowledge exchange, and support capacity building to develop resilience in food security. The agreement was signed by Secretary of Department of Biotechnology, Prof.

K. Vijay Raghavan, and the Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz on behalf of the University of Cambridge, and by Nafees Meah on behalf of the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) of UK. It was also signed by representatives from the National Institute for Agricultural Botany (NIAB), in Cambridge; the John Innes Centre, UK; the University of East Anglia, in Norwich, UK; and Rothamsted Research Institute UK.

After the signing of the agreements, Professor Borysiewicz said, This collaboration builds on the close links already established between leading researchers in the United Kingdom and India and is another great example of both countries commitment to growing our partnerships in translational and applied research . Professor Raghavan said that United Kingdom has been a long-standing partner with the Government of India in Science and Technology, adding that the collaboration had grown from strength to strength. Our partners are the best in the UK and together we can be the best anywhere, working together to address a key global problem.

This collaboration will create opportunities for leading experts in the UK and India to come together to tackle global challenges in the areas of food security, crop science and biotechnology, he said. All parties agreed on the importance of crop science as an area of enormous potential for scientific collaboration, and of great importance for global food security in India and beyond. The agreement foresees joint projects focusing on the fundamental science underpinning yield enhancement, disease resistance and drought resistance; research into crop re-breeding; and the translation of fundamental research into sustainable agriculture practice.

It also contemplates the establishment of a joint Indo-UK Plant Science Centre in India.


Huge 50ft whale dies after becoming stranded on Norfolk beach … 0

Huge 50ft whale dies after becoming stranded on Norfolk beach …

A huge sperm whale has died after being washed up on a Norfolk beach. The whale is believed to have belonged to the same large pod as a dozen other whales that have stranded and died in northern Europe. The 50ft young adult male was part of a group of six spotted in the Wash at Hunstanton on Friday.

A team from the RNLI, HM Coastguard, Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary and rescue divers tried to help the whale back into deeper water but it died at around 11pm the same day. It is believed the animal became distressed and injured its tail thrashing around in the shallow waters. It is feared that at least two of the other whales could become stranded in the shallow waters around Norfolk.

Beached: the whale is thought to belong to a larger pod Dr Peter Evans, director of the Seawatch Foundation, said the whales probably swam south looking for food but got disorientated. “They feed on squid and what’s probably happened is that squid came in and the whales fed upon them but ran out of food,” he said. “The further south they got the shallower the water gets and when they got to Norfolk, which is very, very shallow, it’s quite difficult to navigate and they tend to lose their way and actually strand.” He believes they could have been part of a large pod, some of which beached and died in the Netherlands and Germany. “There have been 12 other sperm whales that stranded and died, six in the Netherlands and six in Germany,” he added. “They were probably all in the same group, quite a big group which are usually adolescent males a few years old.” The UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme, which investigates all UK strandings, will send a team of scientists to perform a post-mortem examination on the whale in Norfolk.

Additional reporting by Press Association.