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Ship Ablaze off Cromer, UK

Two UK Coastguard helicopters, a lifeboat and two other vessels are assisting the crew of a ship which is on fire off Cromer, the UK, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) reports. One coastguard helicopter is taking six fire and rescue crew and their equipment out to the vessel. The seven crew of the vessel are currently still on board and trying to keep the fire under control.

An additional coastguard rescue helicopter from Humberside is on scene along with the Cromer RNLI Lifeboat and two other vessels. The UK Coastguard received a mayday message, broadcast at 5.20 this morning to report that the vessel, which is carrying wheat to Rotterdam, had a fire in its accommodation. A mayday relay message was immediately broadcast and several vessels responded offering their assistance.

Two of these are now on scene with the vessel. The UK Coastguard also scrambled the Coastguard rescue helicopter and requested the launch of the RNLI Lifeboat, both are now on scene. An additional Coastguard helicopter is transporting the fire and rescue crew, MCA said.

The name and further details about the ship are yet to be disclosed. The crew are still on board the vessel and keeping the fire under control. However, we have a rescue helicopter hovering above as well as a lifeboat on scene so that, should the need arise, they can evacuate the ship.

The Humberside Fire and Rescue fire fighting crew will be on scene soon and will assess the fire at that point, Ian Guy for the UK Coastguard says.

Jonathan Salt – Skegness | UK & Ireland database

11 Wednesday Nov 2015 Posted by Author 1 in Lincolnshire 2 Comments Off on Jonathan Salt Skegness November 2015 Lincolnshire child abuse images pervert admits Facebook alias A Skegness convicted sex offender, who used an alias on Facebook, has been sent for sentence at Lincoln Crown Court as magistrates felt they did not have sufficient powers to punish him Jonathan Salt, 35, of Muirfield Drive, admitted failing to notify police that he used the name John Rowe within three days of starting to use it, when he appeared at Skegness Magistrates Court. Jim Clare, prosecuting, said that in 2007, Salt had been convicted of possessing child abuse images and given a three year community order and placed on the Sex Offenders Register. He said that on July 6, his risk management officer visited Salt at his home in Skegness and asked him about his use of Facebook.

Salt admitted to him that he had been using the name John Rowe on his Facebook page since March and, as he had not told the police, was told to do so immediately, which he did. Mr Clare said Salt had committed breaches of the order in 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012 and in October this year he had been made subject to a suspended prison sentence at Nottingham Crown Court for offences which pre-dated this offence. Andrew Goldsborough, for Salt, said there was no suggestion that there been any criminal offending on Facebook by Salt, who he said was a full time carer for his partner, who is blind.

The magistrates ruled that Salt should be sent for sentence at the Crown Court as their powers were insufficient.

He was granted unconditional bail until a date to be fixed.

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