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Apropos of Everything – Simultaneous Key State Events: Jeb Bush … 0

Apropos of Everything – Simultaneous Key State Events: Jeb Bush …

In an opportunity for a compare and contrast, both Donald Trump and Jeb Bush have events scheduled today. Trump in Council Bluffs Iowa 1 , Jeb Bush in Peterborough New Hampshire 2 . Jeb Bush holding a Town Hall , while Donald Trump holds a campaign rally .

Both candidates holding events at almost the same time. However, Jeb Bush cancels his Town Hall due to inclement weather . Donald Trump keeps campaigning.

HatTip to KBR for this picture of what greets Bush supporters tonight: 3 Jeb cancelled his thing in 4 ] this evening without notice, just a sign on the door. If the weather is too inclement for him to show, it might have been nice to warn anybody else so they don t have to get out in it just to get there and read a sign on the door! Voters, this is Jeb!

Does not care about the people! But Trump braves the weather, and I ll bet his supporters will too! Damn Skippy they will . Trump not only has the best work ethic in the entire campaign field, he also has loyal Wolverine Blood !

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