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Public school guard arrested for drug abuse

Public school guard arrested for drug abuse

KUWAIT: A public school security guard was arrested abusing drugs on the school premises in Saad Al-Abdullah along with two school students, said security sources, noting that one of the students managed to flee while the other was arrested. Commenting on the case, the Ministry of Education stressed that an investigation was in progress to determine whether this was an individual case or the suspect had other accomplices in other schools. Direct purchase The direct system of purchasing vegetables and fruits the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (MSAL) had been urging co-op boards to adopt aims at achieving food security with competitive prices and high quality products, Undersecretary Dr Mutar Al-Mutairi stressed.

Speaking during MSAL s fourth meeting to adjust the co-op sector s working systems, Mutairi stressed that it would be the auditors task to follow up daily records of direct purchases from main local outlets and that any violations would be punishable by as far as dissolving co-ops boards of directors.

Road project The Ministry of Public Works (MPW) Assistant Undersecretary dor Road Engineering Affairs Ahmad Al-Hassan announced commencing work on a project to build and maintain road and bridges linking Sabah Al-Ahmad City and Khairan at a total cost of KD 45.75 million.

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Roll Call!</p><p>House Passes New Gun Control Regulations on Felons …

Roll Call!

House Passes New Gun Control Regulations on Felons …

PASSED in the State House of Representatives on April 17, 2015, by a vote of 80-62 . Purpose: S.

141 brings Vermont law into line with federal law, preventing felons and those adjudicated to be mentally ill from purchasing a firearm. . Analysis: Those voting YES The bill would make it a state crime for many convicted felons to possess firearms, though this is already a crime under federal law.

They would also have the state report to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System any time someone has been found by a court to be mentally ill and a danger to himself or others. . Those voting NO believe this is a solution in search of a problem. According to FBI statistics, Vermont is the safest state in the union with very little gun crime. .

Testimony from Vermont Traditions Coalition ( VIDEO 1 ) (Click on your Rep s name to send an email) References ^ VIDEO (