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Raimondo's Roundup July 17, 2015

July 18th, 2015 No Comments 1 Good afternoon, The recent headlines from across the country regarding community-police relations are troubling. We must treat all people, regardless of their race or gender, with respect and dignity and promote fairness. This week, I was proud to join Rep.

Joseph S. Almeida, Sen. Harold Metts, and members of the community to recognize the importance of working together to make Rhode Island a place of opportunity for everyone and sign the Community-Police Relationship Act of 2015 2 .

Through continued collaboration, coordination, and compromise between the minority, civil rights, and the police community, Rhode Island can use this bill as a way to improve relationships and foster change.

Together, we can grow and strengthen relationships to keep our families and neighbors safe.

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Warning to lock your doors after burglaries in the Earlham area of …

Warning to lock your doors after burglaries in the Earlham area of Norwich 15:39 10 April 2015 George Ryan 1 Police Officers. Picture: Ian Burt Archant 2012 Lock your doors and secure your gardens is the message from police in Norwich after a set of burglaries. Share link shares The two thefts took place in the Earlham area of Norwich and high value electrical item were among what was stolen.

The first took place at a home in St Mildreds Road between 11pm on Wednesday, April, 8 and 7.30am on Thursday, April 9, when access was gained through an unsecured door. A black 32in Samsung TV, a mobile phone, a handbag and purse were stolen. The second burglary happened in Beecheno Road between 3am and 6am on Thursday, April 9, again through an unsecured door and an Asus laptop and two wallets were taken.

Some of the items have now been recovered, as they were discarded nearby. Detective Constable Mike Blowers, of Norwich CID, said: I would urge residents to always ensure that they keep their doors locked at all times and to secure their windows if out or overnight. The majority of burglaries involve entry being gained via a rear door or window, so if it is possible to secure your back garden, then I strongly advise people to do so.

This is often simply achieved by padlocking a gate, or by adding height to a fence using trellis. I urge communities to be vigilant and to report any vehicles or persons they believe to be suspicious, as local intelligence often provides vital information in our investigations. Anyone with information should contact DC Blowers at Bethel Street Police Station on 101, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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Review: S2S Festival at Victoria Warehouse

We sent Katy Thomas down to witness S2S’ Easter Bank Holiday festival with Mark Knight, Ms Dynamite and more. Find out what went down, here. Photo: Ms Dynamite 1 Landing on the Easter Bank Holiday, S2S Festival boasted an impressive line up, primed to destroy Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse 2 in much the same manner as was achieved at New Year’s Eve.

Adept at matching the old skool with the freshest sounds in bass and house, the night starred formidable names such as Becky Hill 3 , Mark Knight 4 , Martin Ikin 5 , Kove 6 and Cause and Affect across five arenas and one VIP area. Ahead of the night, Katy Thomas caught up with S2S bosses Lee Drake and Joe Wilson to find out more about the whole S2S experience, relive some of their favourite moments, and get some hints as to where the brand is heading. Can you describe what to expect for somebody attending an S2S event for the first time? (Lee) Expect huge production across multi arenas with music to please everyone.

How much time goes into organising an event like this? (Joe) Three to four months goes into planning and promoting for each S2S event. What are you looking forward to about the night? more info Date: Sunday 5th April 2015 Event: S2S Festival at Victoria Warehouse 7 Venue: Victoria Warehouse 8 Artists: DJ Luck & MC Neat , Ms Dynamite , Mark Knight , Rob Tissera , Paul Taylor , JAMIE DUGGAN , danny bond , Clive Henry , FUR COAT , Becky Hill , Philip George , The Squatters , Martin ikin , Allister Whitehead , Ill Phil , Brian Murphy , Denney , Ferreck Dawn , ARUN VERONE , Cause & Affect 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Hotels: Hotels near Victoria Warehouse 29 Restaurants: Restaurants near Victoria Warehouse 30 (J) The best part of the night is looking out from the main stage and seeing thousands of people enjoying themselves. (L) I always look forward to playing as I DJ but as Joe said you can’t beat looking out from the stages and seeing thousands people appreciating your hard work.

Who were some of your musical influences when you were growing up? (J) I was really into my garage acts like DJ EZ , Matt Jam Lamont and MC Creed 31 32 Can you name a favourite track that never fails to lift the crowd? (J) For me its got to be Robin S ‘Show Me Love’ (below). (L) Julie McKnight’s ‘Diamond Life’ always gets the crowd going – it’s one of my favourite tracks that I play in my sets. Is there a venue or place that you haven t hosted an S2S event at yet but would like to in the future? (J) We would really like to do something in a field or a forest, we are looking into a few things at the moment. (L) I would love to take S2S abroad but at the minute we just don’t have the time to even look at it. But you never know what the future holds.

Are there any other upcoming projects you can tell us about? (L) We have a new project in Blackpool on the North Pier called Pier Jam, with some huge acts line up If you could go back to one epic night you have organised and re-live it again what would it be? (J) New Year’s Eve at Victoria Warehouse is one that stands out to me, the atmosphere was amazing. (L) Mine would be September Blackpool North pier when we got 5000 on the pier with an electric atmosphere from start to finish, there’s something about partying on the pier in the sun with the sea around you… What advice would you give to any upcoming artists or DJs trying to get established today? (J) Just keep trying, don’t give up and play as much as you can even if its for free The night itself did not disappoint. On arriving at Victoria Warehouse the place was already buzzing.

It was a massive turnout with a varied taste of music that catered to everyone’s needs. The main room was heaving, the lazers were incredible and atmosphere electric. A highlight was Ms Dynamite sending the crowd into a frenzy with her hit track Lights on .

The Retro room also went off with some massive old skool classics. Brand overseer Paul Taylor as ever stole the show with a masterful set that particularly stood out. Wandering around exploring the six arenas, appreciating the music was a blast.

A welcome feature was the VIP room where if you had access you would get to see DJ Luck and MC Neat amongst others. It was also really handy to have a drink and little chill out. The whole event was well organised the security staff were friendly, and the crowd had a really good vibe and even towards the end of the night it was still pretty rammed.

The only downside to the night was was that it seemed to go so fast. Head here for more on S2S Events 33 . Tickets are no longer available for this event missed out?

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