Business school pops up in Reading

The PopUp Business School (PBS) has chosen to visit Reading 1 this year to stimulate entrepreneurial activity. The project involves cooperation between a team from BBC Business News and the local authority. However, other partners, like Jobcentre Plus are involved in the initiative.

Pop-up events of different types can benefit from the use of promotional drinkware or promotional pens. Simon Paine, one of the founders of PBS, said: We specifically want to meet people who find it harder to start. People who are fed up with the daily grind and want to try something new.

Business has changed so much that there are more possibilities than ever to get an idea off the ground, even if you haven t got any money. One idea is that people can make a profit from doing something which they like. This is seen as a positive alternative to continuous welfare dependency.

The PBS for Reading was planned to be hosted within the Oracle. Journalists from the BBC envisaged interviewing people at the start of a week and at the conclusion of it. They thought this would be an interesting way of recording the experiences and ideas of ordinary participants in the school.

Alistair Fee, the business correspondent for BBC South, opted to take part in the scheme. The ethos of the week was reinforced by the planning of workshops on particular topics. One of the workshops was reportedly a guide to free website construction.

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