Large Heavy Duty Gate Wrought Iron Heavy Duty Luxury Drive Way …

Large Heavy Duty Gate Wrought Iron Heavy Duty Luxury Drive Way Security 450.00 PLEASE NOTE, THIS AUCTION IS FOR ONE GATE OF THE TWO IN THE PICTURE!!!, both are availabe but this is for just one, again one gate for sale in this auction only.ALSO, NO BIDS WILL BE ACCEPTED UNTIL THE BUYER HAS BEEN TO VIEW THE GATE/S IN PERSON, THIS I FEEL IS BEST FOR THE BUYER AND SELLER. THANK YOU.This is for ONE GATE but the other one IS AVAILABLE very heavy duty, large wrought iron driveway gate. (Please note, this is for ONE of the two gates pictured) Measures 176 inches wide x 68 inches tall, not inc the leon s. On one it has some slightly bent upright bars on the end but will straighten out easy enough, also have the missing leon for the end too.

The gates were originally together to form one huge long gate and was on a sliding track, the teeth and wheels are still fitted to the bottom of the gates so for ease this could be used again on a electric gate set up.Both needs a re-paint, but where they are stored it can be blasted and primered ready for powdercoating (this can be arranged but full payment for the gate is first, then i have a friend who can blast, etch primer and paint the gate, but this would be totally seperate and is no way included in this auction) to have this made would be a fortune with the current price of steel and fabrication rates per hour! . this is very heavy, not a flimsy made modern effort!. PLEASE NO MORE TIMEWASTERS!.Teleporter on site to help load onto your transport home.

Cash on collection only from near Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

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