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1950s Sitting Room will Help Patients with Dementia 0

1950s Sitting Room will Help Patients with Dementia

A hospital day room has been completely transformed into a 1950s sitting room to help patients with dementia at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. A retro tv, clock, mirror, wireless, sideboard and other furniture from the era when Elvis and Cliff ruled the pop charts have taken the room back to a time that will help patients relax and reminisce. The 12,000 transformation was the idea of staff who have set about fundraising and been helped by a 10,000 donation from David Mackie from Norfolk s Ivy Child Trust.

Welcoming Fifties style turquoise wallpaper that meets strict infection control guidelines is topped with a mock picture rail. Three birds fly on a wall in formation and a pin board shows Norfolk photos from the era, there is even an effect that looks like a real fire. The room also has books, football programmes, catalogues and leaflets from the era as well as games like draughts, dominoes the Beetle game and the Amazing Robot.

1950s day room A DVD player means patients can watch old news reels and historic events from when Princess Elizabeth became Queen, Churchill was Prime Minister, James Dean died and Lego bricks were invented. Vintage cups and saucers for tea parties complete the look to help stimulate conversations with patients in their 80s and 90s. As most of the patients are in their nineties the hope is that those with dementia will feel that the room looks familiar and will help spark memories and conversations.

It will also provide a relaxing place for relatives to talk to staff or patients. The project was supervised and designed by Hospital Art s Co-ordinator Emma Jarvis who said, We really wanted to create a 1950 s feel to the room but had to ensure it met all the correct regulations and was able to provide up to date facilities with the look of the 1950 s. I am so glad that all the hard work has paid off and that our patients will get joy from being in this dayroom .

Deputy Sister Julie Payne who started the fundraising said For patients with dementia familiarity makes their stay better. The patients love it. It s the only room like it in the hospital and we re so proud of it.

Louise Cook Fundraising Manager said, This is just one of a number of dementia projects which require charitable funding across the hospital.

The more we can help fund projects which can support and provide a relaxed environment the better it is for our patients.

We are incredibly grateful to our staff and all those who have fundraised for this project to take place

Marlingford fatal collision 0

Marlingford fatal collision

4 April 2015 Police are appealing for information following a fatal collision in Marlingford earlier today, Saturday 4 April. The incident happened at about 6.44am as a green Peugeot 205 was travelling along Chapel Street towards Barford, about 450metres south of Church Road, when the vehicle left the road colliding with a telegraph pole. Emergency services attended the scene and the driver, a man in his 20s, was taken to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital where later he sadly died.

Police are keen to hear from anyone who may have witnessed the incident or has information concerning the driving manner of the Peugeot prior to the collision.

Anyone with information should contact the Serious Collision Investigation Team at Wymondham on 101 .

Nick Clegg announces multi-million pound boost for … 0

Nick Clegg announces multi-million pound boost for …

The 114 million investment will make it easier and safer for people to get on their bikes. Bristol, Leeds, Cambridge, Birmingham, Norwich, Newcastle and Oxford all submitted their bids for the funding, which was announced by the Deputy Prime Minister at a dedicated cycling summit 1 in November last year. The money will be used to help each city deliver plans to get more people cycling by improving and expanding cycle routes between the city centres, local communities and key employment and retail spots.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said: We are in the midst of a cycling revolution in the UK but we need to make sure we re in the right gear to see it through. That s why I m so pleased to announce this investment for these major cities to make it easier for people to get around on 2 wheels. With the legacy of the 2012 Olympics and the Tour de France in Yorkshire last year still fresh in our minds, this money can help Britain become a cycling nation to rival the likes of Denmark and the Netherlands.

Research shows us that boosting cycling could save billions of pounds otherwise spent on the NHS, reduce pollution and congestion, and create a happier and safer population. At the cycling summit last year 2 , attended by cycling experts and businesses from across the country, the Deputy Prime Minister also announced a 100 million investment to improve the conditions for cyclists and walkers travelling alongside and crossing Britain s most important and busiest roads what s called the Strategic Road Network. This brought the total investment in cycling by this government to 588 million by: more than doubling funding for cycling to 374 million in 2011 to 2015 to improve cycling safety, infrastructure and availability and affordability of bikes for more people across the country helping leverage an extra 248 million of local funding to deliver these programmes giving 8 other major UK cities (Manchester, Bristol, Cambridge, Norwich, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle and Oxford) access to 94 million of grants to help them improve their cycling infrastructure and build a reputation as modern cycling cities Cycling Minister Robert Goodwill said: Cycling is great for your health and good for the environment, and this government is doing all it can to help more people get out on their bikes.

We have doubled the amount of money available for cycling and taken steps to make sure that future governments plan properly for cycling.

This investment shows our continued commitment to making cycling even easier and safer, and our ambition to help make these cities better for cycles.

Proposed funding allocations (2015 to 2016 2017 to 2018) City Funding Birmingham 22 million Bristol 19 million Cambridge 6 million Leeds 22 million Manchester 22 million Newcastle 10.6 million Norwich 8.4 million Oxford 3.3 million Research commissioned by British Cycling (pdf), 3 found that if the UK became a cycling nation like the Netherlands or Denmark it could: save the NHS 17 billion within 20 years reduce road deaths by 30% increase mobility of the nation s poorest families by 25% increase retail sales by a quarter References ^ dedicated cycling summit ( ^ cycling summit last year ( ^ Research commissioned by British Cycling (pdf), (