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I'm a Scientist March 2016: Who's taking part?

Click for the map of schools taking part. I m a Scientist, Get me out of here is back! In March students at nearly 130 schools from Devon to Mallaig will be interacting with 45 scientists across 9 different zones during this year s British Science Week.

Between 7th 18th March school students will put the scientists through their paces in fast-paced live chats and probing questions on everything from the changing climate, to our understanding of gravity, to toxic substances, to what fat has ever done for us. For the latest news and announcements about the event, find us on Twitter, @imascientist 1 , and follow the hashtag, #IASUK 2 . Let s meet the scientists and schools taking part in Biochemistry Zone This zone is funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry 3 and part-funded by the Biochemical Society 4 .

The Scientists Christopher Blanford 5 | PhD Student, University of Manchester I mash up mushrooms and bacteria, purify the goo, then put the bright blue product on carbon cloth so that we can have cheaper and greener electricity. Andy Chapman 6 | Lecturer, Kingston University I design and make very small machines from atoms to make many of things we taste, touch, see and smell. Nikki D Arcy 7 | Postdoctoral, Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst I m part of a team trying to discover new antibiotics to stop people getting sick in the future.

Jessica Groppi 8 | PhD Student, Queen Mary University of London I am a chemist that uses atoms and molecules as lego pieces to build machines that help doctors hunt for diseases. Harriet Reid 9 | PhD Student, University of Bristol I use nature to help me design new materials that could be used to treat cancer. The Schools Barnsley Academy, Barnsley Bexleyheath Academy, Kent Dartford Science And Technology College, Kent Downham Market Academy, Norfolk Grove School, Shropshire Lord Lawson Of Beamish Academy, Co.

Durham Mackie Academy, Stonehaven Midkent College, Kent Old Palace Of John Whitgift Senior School, Croydon Queen Elizabeth s School, Dorset Sir William Borlase s Grammar School, Marlow The Academy Selsey, Selsey The Downs School, West Berkshire The Oxford Academy, Oxford Climate Change Zone This zone is funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry 10 . The Scientists Cat Scott 11 | Postdoctoral, University of Leeds When you walk through a forest you can smell a strong piney odour which comes from chemicals being emitted by the trees. I use computer codes to understand how these emissions affect the air around us, and the climate of the whole planet!

Olesegun Pharwarlay 12 | PhD Student, University of Birmingham The air around us can be very unhealthy for us; I look for what makes the air unhealthy and where the what comes from. Elaine Mawbey 13 | PhD Student, University of Bristol Measuring the chemistry in little tiny fossil sea creatures to understand what climate was like in the past .. Iain McClellan 14 | Lecturer , University of the West of Scotland I look at how cars and factories affects the air we breathe and how they affect the world s climate.

Helena Quilter 15 | PhD Student, University of Bath I m trying to make new biodegradable plastics from orange peel, pine trees and mint! The Schools Bignold Primary School And Nursery, Norwich Burleigh Primary School, Hertfordshire Fairford C Of E Primary School, Fairford Grafton Primary School, London Hallam Primary School, Sheffield Hindley Green C.P School, Wigan Hutton Cranswick Cp School, Driffield Inglehurst Junior School, Leicester Mauricewood Primary School, Penicuik Ralph Sadleir School, Near Ware St Patrick s Rc Primary School, Stockton On Tees Touch Primary School, Dunfermline Fat Zone This zone is funded by the Wellcome Trust 16 . The Scientists Majid Ahmed 17 | PhD Student , Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences University of Manchester I am a Doctor and I experiment with microscopic blood vessels taken from mice and humans to find out how they help deliver blood to all the important organs around the body, and what goes wrong with these vessels when people are obese.

Charlotte Green 18 | Postdoctoral , University of Oxford I want to understand why some people have lots of fat in their liver and why this can lead to them developing diseases such as diabetes. Hannah Moir 19 | Lecturer , Kingston University Testing how exercise effects the human body. Sam Smith 20 | Postdoctoral , Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine, Queen Mary University of London I research how to keep fit and healthy as we grow older, particularly how we can change people s behaviour to prevent diseases such as cancer.

Richard Sulston 21 | PhD Student , University of Edinburgh When people or animals reduce the amount of food they eat they become healthier, I am looking at a hormone in the blood which is released more when we eat less and may help improve our metabolism and health. The Schools Aquinas College, Stockport Blessed Hugh Faringdon, Reading Comberton Village College, Cambridge Dixons City Academy, Bradford Grangemouth High, Grangemouth Hayesfield Girls School, Bath John F Kennedy Catholic School, Hemel Hempstead Pool Hayes Arts And Community School, Willenhall Standish Community High School, Wigan Swanmead Community School, Ilminster Teesdale School And Sixth Form College, County Durham The John Henry Newman School, Hertfordshire Walbottle Campus, Newcastle Upon Tyne Walker Technology College, Newcastle Upon Tyne Woodlands School, Derby Gravity Zone This zone is funded by the Science and Technology Facilities Council 22 . The Scientists Benjamin Bose 23 | PhD Student , Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, University of Portsmouth Is the gravity between you and Earth the same as the gravity between galaxies?

Emma Dean 24 | PhD Student , University of Southampton I investigate how mountains grow on neutron stars and how they make gravitational waves. Alice Harpole 25 | PhD Student, University of Southampton I model explosions on neutron stars. Christian Killow 26 | Postdoctoral, University of Glasgow I make space rulers!

To detect gravitational waves we want to build a spaceborne gravitational wave observatory and I use lasers to make very precise measurements that will be crucial for this. Steve Marsden 27 | Postdoctoral , University of Manchester I am trying to find how gravity works at very small distances by looking at the debris created when smashing parts of atoms into one another close to the speed of light. The Schools Ferndown Middle School, Dorset Hammersmith Academy, London Lodge Park Academy, Northamptonshire Mallaig High School, Mallaig Nower Hill High School, Middlesex Red Hill C Of E Primary School, Worcestershire Silverdale School, Sheffield St Wilfrids Ce Academy, Blackburn Tapton School, Sheffield The King s School, Devon The Minster School, Nottinghamshire Thomas Gainsborough School, Sudbury Valentines High School, Ilford Winton Primary, London Withington Girls School, Manchester Medical Physics Zone This zone is funded by the Institute of Physics 28 and the Institute of Physics in Medicine 29 .

The Scientists Mobeen Ali 30 | PhD Student, University of Nottingham I am working on new ways of imaging the brain with MRI, to pick out age related diseases. Laura Howarth 31 | Royal Cornwall Hospital Using high technology science to enable us to listen and obtain some amazing images of our arteries and veins in our bodies so that we can help to diagnose important problems so that the doctors can try to fix them! Jennifer Lowe 32 | University Hospital Southampton I work in a hospital using radiation to treat cancer, mostly sat at a computer, sometimes in an operating theatre.

Greg Melia 33 | Postdoctoral, University of York/KTP industrial partner Sylatech Ltd Your body is emitting microwave rays, all the time, and I can use them to check whether you ve got cancer. Paul O Mahoney 34 | Postdoctoral, University of Dundee I use light to help treat cancer! The Schools Aldersley High School, Wolverhampton Barnsley Academy, Barnsley Brayton High School, North Yorkshire Copleston High School, Ipswich Downham Market Academy, Downham Market Fulford, York Gordon s School, Woking Hendon School, London Notre Dame School, Plymouth Reepham High School And College, Norfolk Reepham High School And College, Norfolk Somervale School, Radstock Stanborough School, Welwyn The Academy Selsey, Selsey The City Academy, Hackney, Hackney The John Henry Newman School, Hertfordshire Thornden School, Eastleigh Toxicology Zone This zone is funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry 35 .

The Scientists Stuart Atkinson 36 | Cleansing Service Group I design new treatment methods to destroy hazardous waste and make it safe. Richard Friend 37 | Intertek Melbourn I invent methods so we can test medicines on machines to make sure that they re OK to take, including everything from painkillers to protein bars! Anais Kahve 38 | PhD Student , University of Exeter Medical School Understanding how fatty acids get inside cells.

Katy Kellet 39 | PhD Student, University of Hertfordshire I find ways to detect drugs of abuse in street samples to help police and doctors know what drug they are dealing with. Lauren Laing 40 | PhD Student, University of Exeter My research explores how chemicals we release into the environment can affect fish living in our rivers, and how these chemicals could alter the way their genes work. The Schools Bingley Grammar School, Bingley Churnet View Middle School, Staffordshire Colton Hills Community School, Wolverhampton Deferrers Academy, Staffordshire Dunblane High School, Perthshire Glyn School, Surrey Jenny Pitman, East Sussex King James s School, North Yorkshire Mount Tamar School, Plymouth Saint Benedict Academy, Derby Simon Balle, Herts St Martin-In-The-Fields High School, London St.

Paul s Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain Thomas Knyvett College, Surrey Trinity Cofe High, Greater Manchester Iridium Zone This zone is funded by the Science and Technology Facilities Council 41 . The Scientists Gaia Andreoletti 42 | PhD Student , University of Southampton My project focuses on identifying disease causal DNA mutations in children diagnosed with a disorder named IBD using a supercomputer. Jim Barrett 43 | PhD Student , University of Birmingham I look for new planets and other cool stuff in data that s so messy that no one else can find them!

Adrian Buzatu 44 | Postdoctoral, University of Glasgow I study the fundamental building blocks of the Universe and how they combine to create atoms, to learn where we really come from. Vicky Caulfield 45 | Astra Zeneca/MedImmune Speke I manage samples to provide scientific support for marketed products Scott Lawrie 46 | Rutherford Appleton Laboratory I zap things with high voltage, get them really hot and add a dash of highly explosive hydrogen and caesium to make a plasma hotter than the surface of the sun! The Schools Ashcroft Technology Academy, London Cheadle Hulme High School, Cheadle Dunblane High School, Dunblane Hawley Place School, Camberley Kennet School, Berkshire Lucton School, Hereford North Somerset Enterprise And Technology College, Weston-Super-Mare Parmiters School, Watford Perth Academy, Perth St Cuthbert Mayne, Devon St James Ce Middle School, Suffolk St John Payne School, Essex The Holy Cross School, Kingston Upon Thames Walbottle Campus, Newcastle Upon Tyne Platinum Zone This zone is funded by the Wellcome Trust 47 .

The Scientists Daniel Biggs 48 | The Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics Working in the exciting and often changing field of DNA editing. Lowri Evans 49 | An Energy Management Consultancy As a Low Carbon Psychologist, I change peoples behaviour towards climate change, making them more energy efficient and reducing their carbon footprint Kelly Houton 50 | DuPont Teijin Films It is against the law to steal someone s bike or car and it s also illegal to steal a novel invention. I protect our company from stealing other people s inventions.

Greg Irving 51 | Lecturer, University of Cambridge I m a doctor who researches how we can prevent diseases like cancer and diabetes Giovanni Tancredi 52 | Postdoctoral, Oxford University I build and test very tiny and special circuits for building very fast and powerful computers. The Schools Caroline Chisholm School, Northampton Chulmleigh Community College, Devon Endon High School, Stoke On Trent Ferndown Middle School, Dorset Hammersmith Academy, London Hitchin Boys School, Hitchin Nicholas Chamberlaine, Warwickshire Prendergast Vale College, London Rainham Mark Grammar School, Kent Sandymoor School, Runcorn Swindon Academy, Swindon The City Academy, London The Cooper School, Oxfordshire The Hazeley Academy, Milton Keynes Gold Zone This zone is funded by the Wellcome Trust 53 . The Scientists Maddison Coke 54 | PhD Student, University College London I use beams of molecules to create tiny structures, smaller than the thickness of your hair, one layer of molecules at a time, so we can make smartphones run quicker in the future.

Chris Conselice 55 | Professor, University of Nottingham I study how galaxies are born and live their lives over 13 billion years Hayley Moulding 56 | PhD Student, Cardiff University Everyone sleeps: I sleep; you sleep; even the Queen sleeps. Some people with changes in their DNA find sleeping really difficult. I want to work out why, and how their sleep differs from others.

Omur Tastan 57 | Postdoctoral, Oxford University I study how stem cells become neurons which will help cure brain diseases. Jimi Willis 58 | Postdoctoral, Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre I help other scientists understand and fight cancer by measuring molecules in my really expensive machine. The Schools Cedar Primary School, Rochester Central Primary School, Watford Christ The King Catholic Primary School, Leicestershire Frome Valley First School, Dorset Keelman s Way School, Tyne And Wear Lark Rise Academy, Bedfordshire Springfield Primary School, Middlesex Springside Primary School, Lancashire.

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What do we know about the coming winter?

15 09 2015 There has been some speculation in the media today that we may be in for a long, bitterly cold winter because an El Ni o 1 is under way in the tropical Pacific 2 . However it is still far too early to speculate about what sort of winter the UK will have. During an El Ni o 3 sea surface temperature in the east Pacific warms, altering weather patterns around the globe.

The influence of an El Ni o over the UK and western Europe tends to be weaker and less predictable than elsewhere because of how far away we are from the event itself. There is a link in late winter, when we can see a slightly higher risk of a colder than usual end to winter in El Ni o years. This map shows the effect El Nino has on temperatures around the globe.

That s not where it ends when looking at the UK winter, though. Other factors also have an influence, such as sea surface temperature in the North Atlantic, 4 the Sun s output, and changes in winds high in the atmosphere above the Equator known as the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation. These could wipe out the influence from El Ni o, and all of them need to be taken into account to predict the winter.

Scientist and Manager of Met Office Predictability Research, Dr Doug Smith, said: We continue to make improvements in the developing area of long-range forecasting but with all the competing influences in the climate it remains too early to predict the coming winter with much confidence. Our 30-day forecasts 5 remain the best way for the public to get a long-range look at the weather we ll see, while our detailed 5-day forecasts 6 and warnings 7 will keep everyone up-to-date for any periods of severe weather. Like this: Like Loading…

Related References ^ El Ni o ( ^ Pacific ( ^ El Ni o ( ^ North Atlantic, ( ^ 30-day forecasts ( ^ 5-day forecasts ( ^ warnings (