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More fires hit Norfolk | Latest Dereham News – Dereham Times

PUBLISHED: 21:37 22 July 2018 | UPDATED: 22:02 22 July 2018

Straw bales on fire between Ranworth and South Walsham. Photo: Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson

Reports of fires being set deliberately have piled more pressure on the fire service this weekend…

Spate of burglaries across parts of Norfolk with 18 reported to police

PUBLISHED: 14:15 22 March 2018 | UPDATED: 14:53 22 March 2018

Chief Inspector Wes Hornigold is appealing for information after a spate of burglaries. Picture: David Bale

Eighteen burglaries have been reported in North Norfolk and Broadlan…

Family storytelling at Ringsfield Eco Activity Centre.

Doggerland …

WAVENEY & BLYTH ARTS PRESS RELEASE Did you know that as recently as 8000 years ago Britain was a part of Europe, linked by a fertile low-lying plain inhabited by sophisticated Mesolithic communities? Did you know that just like the Bible story, although less dramatic, there was a great flood that caused Britain to become an island? And did you know that, similarly to current events, families and close-knit communities had to uproot themselves and make new homes in distant lands?

The story of Doggerland, the land now covered by the North Sea, has only come to light in the last fifty years or so, unearthed by dredgers and oil exploration surveys.

16 performances of Legends from a Long Forgotten Land will take place over the February half-term week in six different venues. The 40 minute show is written and performed by David Tonge, a professional storyteller, and is suitable for adults and children of five years and upwards, although younger children will also be admitted. Storytelling is a very ancient artform, and the shows are interactive to ensure that everyone, whatever their age, remains spellbound and has strong memories to take away with them.

Four performances at Ringsfield Eco Activity Centre , near Beccles, take place on: Saturday 13 February at 10.30am, 12pm, 2.30pm and 4pm and are supported by the Waveney Valley Young Archaeologists Club. Please bring a cushion/rug. The sessions will take place in a cosy heated straw bale building.

There will be hot chocolate and cake on sale by a campfire (proceeds towards the Ringsfield Hall Trust). 1 Tickets: Adults 2, Children 1 (5 years and over), Family group 5 for 2 adults and up to three children. Under 5s free.

Available from (includes small surcharge) search under performance and date, or email [email protected] 2 3 This event has been supported by Touching the Tide, the landscape management partnership for the Suffolk coast, with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund. advert Always wanted to learn a martial art? Then Come and Try Taekwon-do at Beccles Taekwon-do Club!

It s never too late, we teach both the young and the not so young TAE foot KWON fist DO way of life Related References ^ ( ^ ( ^ [email protected] (

Jane Wheeler's Blog skeletons discovered

Two skeletons were found under the floor of the former Angel and Oak pub in Bale during renovations there this December. My neighbour John knocked on my door to let me know why four police cars had been parked outside when the first one was discovered, more excitement than had occurred in Bale for many a day, and the event was blazoned on the EDP advertising board outside the newsagent in Holt a couple of days later. It turned out that the burials were either in a part of Bale Churchyard connected to, or a separate burial area belonging to a medieval chapel, dedicated to St Botolph, and previously suspected to hold burials, as other human bones had turned up in the past.

Kelly s directory states that until 1776 at the north east of Bale church there was a building formerly called St. Botolph s Chapel which received bequests in pre-Reformation Will bequests. In this town was also a chapel dedicated to St Botolph, in 1421.

Richard Brown gave by will in 1510 13s 4d to the repair of it . the chapel is mentioned in both Francis Blomefield s History of Norfolk 1805, and M J Armstrong s History and Antiquities of The County of Norfolk 1781. Chantry chapels, which I presume this was, for the care of souls whose owners could afford to pay for it, were abolished at the Reformation, in 1539; usually they were sold off.

In the above writings there is no mention of the actual position of the chapel, and it has disappeared so completely that it has been suggested that the pub, which first appears in records in 1781, when it was sold, and the first recorded licensee appears, was built on the site. However the pub is more East North East of the church than North East where it was supposed to be. A little mystery, especially since the archaeologist who took the bodies up (for later reburial in the churchyard) thought that these two had been buried rather later, in the sixteen hundreds, especially as there were a couple of pieces of coffin remaining on one of them.

There were traces of other burials remaining as stains in the sand, an acid soil which destroys most remains over the centuries. Possibly there would have been earlier burials further down; these two were only just under the floor level, and were found when the builder broke up the concrete floors. I wonder if the consecrated ground was used as overflow from the churchyard after the Reformation.

The archaeologist was able to give us villagers some details about the second person, Time Team style. Probably female as very slender boned, though narrow hipped, died in her thirties, had a long term bacterial illness which left marks on her bones (would that be TB?). Perhaps she never achieved her potential size because of the disease.

Sadly the front of her skull was damaged as that was the point at which she was discovered. The other, more obviously female, died in her twenties. The head of the first and the feet of the second had disappeared as they were built over.

So close to the surface surely the original builders of the pub must have uncovered them, and quickly covered them up again!

At the moment the bones are in separate clean sacks, waiting for reburial in the main churchyard.

Magic Orchard 2015 – Thanks and Credits!

The idea had floated around for several years before last year s small-scale event, planned only as an end of season party for Cowran s own staff, and friends of the Estate.

2015 took a completely different approach though; moving on several strides from our fourteen foot trailer as a main stage, to a huge eight metre Main Stage, Acoustic Stage, Disgoat Dance Tent and Courtyard Stage; as well as a professional crew of riggers, stage managers, sound engineers, lighting engineers, electricians; and a huge variety of talent both up and coming, and long established, home-grown and from around the world! NW Evening Mail Cumbria Live Review: INTIMATE FESTIVAL WAS THE PICK OF THE BUNCH! We are extremely happy to declare the event a huge success, with a crazy Facebook buzz over the course of the last week; and some beautifully worded NW Evening Mail reviews by Hollie Rees and Karl Steel, both online (click picture or here to read) 1 , and in print (Tuesday 8th September).

With help from a great South Lakes District Council team, we were able to create an amazing event, that was safe, fun and hopefully has a great future; personally I hope it be a jewel in the crown of South Lakeland! We are really keen to collect as many pictures & videos as possible, in order to keep track of the event. We are also looking for audio and video testimonials, to showcase the event; so if you fancy getting together with a couple of friends, who attended, and recording us a little audio or video through your computer; it can be as RAW as you like, we re happy to tidy it up.

Send any media to [email protected] along with your name and address, for credits, and the chance to win a free ticket to Magic Orchard 2016! The best audio or video clip, photo or movie, which encompasses the spirit of the Magic Orchard will be awarded one free ticket! Magic Orchard 2015 would not have been possible without a long list of people, I hope I have included everyone below, but our efforts were so extensive, that I m sure there are a few more names too.

Cowran Estate will be improving it s infrastructure again over the course of the next 12 months; we have plans to improve camping facilities and our on-site infrastructure (including loos); as well as creative and practical ideas in order that we can produce an even more exceptional Magic Orchard 2016 2 ! Ever grateful, faithfully yours, Simon Diss Cowran Estate To find out more about the estate, and Magic Orchard, go to 3 2015 MAGIC ORCHARD OFFICIAL CREDITS ANNE & MIKE DISS Consideration, Support & Open-mindedness Event Crew SIMON DISS Managing Director, Event & Site Manager, Licensee, Community Liaison ROB DUNPHY Event Manager, Licensing Liason, Marketing, Public Relations MIKE DISS Financial Controller, Head of Recycling ANNE DISS General Support JOE LYDON Assistant Event Manager GRIPPER NEWBY Programming, Live Scheduling, Old School Set in the Discgoat (Saturday), Setup Assistance DAVE CROSSLEY Artist Liason, Monster Monster Reggae Regga (Sunday), Setup Assistance ABBIE BAGLIN Event Office Manager MAXINE BAGLIN Medical Officer GEORGIA BEACH Event Office Volunteer CHLOE DAVIS Event Office Volunteer BOB & ALEX Awesome Goats Head (Courtyard) & Tree Fire Drawing (Orchard) MATRIX CIRCUS & THE COMMUNITY SPARK PROJECT, ULVERSTON Inspiring night-time LED performance Sound, Lighting & Stage RICH & CREW Main Stage Manager & Sound Engineers BIG JT Lighting & Electrics SKY BANKS Discgoat Marquee & Jambeater Soundsystem CLYDE RICHARDS Acoustic Stage Sound Technician DAVE AND TERRY TURNER Courtyard Sound System Foods Crew LEE BUTLER Catering Manager/Head Chef FIONA SCHOFIELD Foods Front of House SEAN CRABTREE Second Chef HILARY GREGSON Front of House Support ISAAC HARRISON Kitchen Porter DANIEL BUTLER Kitchen Porter SHEILA BURROWS Ordering & Organising Bar Crew ANTHONY MEYNELL Crafty Fox Bar Manager & Craft Beer Master; Provision of Bar, Acoustic Stage equipment CHRIS DUNPHY Barman & Craft Beer Connoisseur NICK ROBINSON- Barman & Craft Beer Connoisseur RACHEL STOBBART- Bar Assistant SIA Security TIM HOLLIDAY Head of SIA Security and his team of five SIAs Stewards JOANNE YOUNG Head Steward DARCEL WALKER Steward & Runner LIAM PICKERING Steward & Runner MEGAN McCARRON Steward & Runner SAM MARCH Steward & Runner MARIAN STORY Steward SCOTT PHIFER Steward RACHEL DISS Steward JAMIE BELL Steward Photography & Media PETE WILSON Graphic Design RONNIE WHITE Event Photographer JOE LYDON Event Photographer KARL STEELE & TEAM North West Evening Mail MICHAEL DISS & LYNSEY DUNPHY Videography Ancillary Positions MIKE BRYANT Litter picking, general support & an endless list of other jobs 365 days a year TOM CURWEN- Voluntary Support; including mowing, post knocking, and setup assistance GEOFF CROSSLEY Voluntary Support and setup assistance, site decoration NATHAN HIGH Setup Assistance & Decoration of Acoustic Stage SAM RAVEN Setup Assistance, General Support MARTINE HARMAN Estate Admin, Ticket Sales Admin SI ROGERS Spray Art on the Bale Walls DEAN BARROW Moving & Creating the Silage Bale Walls BRIAN HEAVYSIDE Loan of Catering Equipment, General Support LINDA DAVY, LISA TUPPEN, DEBORAH SCHOFIELD Farmer s & Mercantile Insurance (Yorkshire Office) THE HOPE & ANCHOR PUB Very Kind Loan of excellent marquee for the Courtyard / Beach Stage DARREN HEALEY, THE WELLINGTON INN Ale and Support TRAVIS PERKINS, ULVERSTON Donation of Bulk Bags for litter ALTRINGHAM CATER HIRE GARY SEARLE, SEARLE AUDIO Turntable Service & Repair, Loan of Mobile PA PETER WINSTON, ULVERSTON Hire of Gazebos, Traffic Cones & Road Signs 2 HIRE THIS, WALNEY Van Hire Licensing & Local Authority SEAN HALL SLDC Principal Environmental Health Officer PC SHANE WHEELER Cumbria Constabulary Licensing Officer HARDEEP BURNLEY SLDC Head of Licensing PATRICK CANTLEY SLDC Licensing NEITHER WOULD THIS HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE WITHOUT THE PATIENCE, SUPPORT, AND GENERAL OPEN-MINDEDNESS OF OUR NEIGHBOURS AND FRIENDS IN LOPPERGARTH, AND PENNINGTON; WE ARE VERY GRATEFUL AND APPRECIATIVE! PARTICULAR THANKS TO THE GRANTHAM FAMILY FOR LIVING RIGHT NEXT DOOR!

WE REALLY WOULD LOVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY TO JOIN US FOR 2016! 4 Join the Cowran Community by subscribing to our newsletters, for news of upcoming events; information on our organic foods, and the estates conversion to organic production, including our in-house bakery and butchery; information from our education centre and our children s charity Cowran Care; new products in our on-line shop; and future plans for estate and the community attached to it .

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