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More fires hit Norfolk | Latest Dereham News – Dereham Times

PUBLISHED: 21:37 22 July 2018 | UPDATED: 22:02 22 July 2018

Straw bales on fire between Ranworth and South Walsham. Photo: Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson

Reports of fires being set deliberately have piled more pressure on the fire service this weekend…

Spate of burglaries across parts of Norfolk with 18 reported to police

PUBLISHED: 14:15 22 March 2018 | UPDATED: 14:53 22 March 2018

Chief Inspector Wes Hornigold is appealing for information after a spate of burglaries. Picture: David Bale

Eighteen burglaries have been reported in North Norfolk and Broadlan…

Family storytelling at Ringsfield Eco Activity Centre.

Doggerland …

WAVENEY & BLYTH ARTS PRESS RELEASE Did you know that as recently as 8000 years ago Britain was a part of Europe, linked by a fertile low-lying plain inhabited by sophisticated Mesolithic communities? Did you know that just like the Bible story, although less dramatic, there was a great flood that caused Britain to become an island? And did you know that, similarly to current events, families and close-knit communities had to uproot themselves and make new homes in distant lands?

The story of Doggerland, the land now covered by the North Sea, has only come to light in the last fifty years or so, unearthed by dredgers and oil exploration surveys.

16 performances of Legends from a Long Forgotten Land will take place over the February half-term week in six different venues. The 40 minute show is written and performed by David Tonge, a professional storyteller, and is suitable for adults and children of five years and upwards, although younger children will also be admitted. Storytelling is a very ancient artform, and the shows are interactive to ensure that everyone, whatever their age, remains spellbound and has strong memories to take away with them.

Four performances at Ringsfield Eco Activity Centre , near Beccles, take place on: Saturday 13 February at 10.30am, 12pm, 2.30pm and 4pm and are supported by the Waveney Valley Young Archaeologists Club. Please bring a cushion/rug. The sessions will take place in a cosy heated straw bale building.

There will be hot chocolate and cake on sale by a campfire (proceeds towards the Ringsfield Hall Trust). 1 Tickets: Adults 2, Children 1 (5 years and over), Family group 5 for 2 adults and up to three children. Under 5s free.

Available from (includes small surcharge) search under performance and date, or email [email protected] 2 3 This event has been supported by Touching the Tide, the landscape management partnership for the Suffolk coast, with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund. advert Always wanted to learn a martial art? Then Come and Try Taekwon-do at Beccles Taekwon-do Club!

It s never too late, we teach both the young and the not so young TAE foot KWON fist DO way of life Related References ^ ( ^ ( ^ [email protected] (