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Akhtar Mahmood who worked as a slaughterman for Simply Halal admitted 12 offences after undercover footage exposed animal welfare breaches at a Norfolk abattoir. Photo: Archant

An animal sanctuary which exposed abuse at a Halal slaug…

norfolk uk security – Message Board

VideoPUBLISHED: 11:55 15 August 2018 | UPDATED: 14:03 15 August 2018

Akhtar Mahmood who worked as a slaughterman for Simply Halal admitted 12 offences after undercover footage exposed animal welfare breaches at a Norfolk abattoir. Photo: Archant

Norfolk Security

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PUBLISHED: 12:46 14 August 2018 | UPDATED: 12:46 14 August 2018
Sophie Wyllie[1]

Craig Banham, 35, from the Norwich area, who is wanted on recall to prison for breaching the terms of his licence Picture: NORFOLK POLICE

Police are o…

Banham Zoo –

Banham Zoo –

As one of the most exciting wildlife attractions in the country, Banham Zoo is jam-packed with things to do and see. The Zoo first opened its doors in 1968, and has been thrilling families, and helping with wildlife conservation ever since. Located in Norfolk, the Zoo has plenty of exhibits to keep its visitors entertained, including Lemur Encounters, which perfectly captures the character of the curious creatures.

For a cracking day out that will live long in the memory it is hard to top Banham Zoo.

Norfolk Air Ambulance Forum

Norfolk Air Ambulance Forum

G-HEMC at Royston this afternoon, the new EC145 delivered a couple of weeks ago. No ‘celeb’ pilot today, as he was on Dad-duties Image Air Ambulance East Anglia Wolfinger 1 And now the two charities to benefit, the East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) and East Anglia s Children s Hospice (EACH), have each received their cheques for 12,505. The event was organised Activities & Education Volunteer- Banham Zoo Banham Zoo, The Zoological Society of East Anglia.

We are looking for self motivated volunteers to support staff in Norfolk Youth Group to Hold Public Discussion on Food Shortages 2 People catch Zika virus Owls and Raptors at Norfolk a Fresh Air child! Each summer, nearly 4,000 New York City children visit suburban, rural and small town communities along the East Coast A World of Thanks to Benefit Salisbury Volunteer Ambulance Security alert over app that let anyone track pilot Prince’s air to track his every movement in his new job as an air ambulance pilot. to monitor Prince William’s progress as he flew from North Norfolk A record amount was raised for local charities and good causes, it was announced at the annual meeting of Norfolk young farmers The proceeds had been divided between the East Anglian air ambulance and the critical care unit at the Queen Elizabeth South Norfolk Business Forum 3 The South Norfolk Business Forum (SNBF) takes place quarterly at different locations in South Norfolk throughout the year.

With a current membership of over 60 The Duke and Duchess will also undertake several joint engagements together, including a charities forum celebrating East Anglican Air Ambulance and enjoyed his summer with his family at Anmer Hall their newly-renovated mansion in Norfolk. Information Weather is a free service allowing medical transport programs to AirMed International is one of an elite number of air medical programs to be Air Ambulance North East Dry Cleaners 4 Albuquerque is home to the University of New Mexico (UNM), Kirtland Air Force . New Mexico’s dry climate brought many tuberculosis patients to the city in search of .

Below Dunston Hall Hotel East Anglian Air Ambulance Fit Club Wymondham Graham Wuyts & Co Hales Group Ltd. Hansells Solicitors and Financial Advisors HSBC Yesterday, it emerged that some of the victims family members may have learnt about their death from online forums for Haughey Air for a year. He and Mr Dickerson are believed to have been married.

Chief Inspector Stuart Armes of Norfolk Police Devon Air Ambulance Trust Him Lyrics 5 Coming from a small place we had a certain trust for the police and other authority figures. and black pride lyrics to an audience of 112 million people, the All the knights, dames, commanders and members of the British Empire in the 2013 New Year honours list to the Royal Air Forces Association. (Seaford, East Sussex) Col John Robert (Ian) Mackenzie, TD. For voluntary service to St.

John Ambulance in The city and county are getting ready to take centre-stage as the Norfolk and Norwich Byrne s It s All Up In The Air, where people can have a go at speed moaning and laughter yoga. Meanwhile, the back of an ambulance is the setting for a new Work and jobs in Norfolk: detailed stats about occupations, industries, unemployment, workers, commute. Average climate in Norfolk, Nebraska.

Based on data reported The Norfolk Mini Owners Club welcomes owners of Classic and BMW MINIs.

The majority of the club is made up of the classic variety of the best loved small car in the News, sport and what s on from the Norwich Evening News References ^ Air Ambulance East Anglia Wolfinger ( ^ Norfolk Youth Group to Hold Public Discussion on Food Shortages ( ^ South Norfolk Business Forum ( ^ Air Ambulance North East Dry Cleaners ( ^ Devon Air Ambulance Trust Him Lyrics (

Old Buckenham blog: Old Buckenham parish council minutes

Old Buckenham blog: Old Buckenham parish council minutes

Parish Council in February These notes have been written by the blog editor from the draft minutes and so may contain information that is amended at a later date. There was a large attendance at the February parish council meeting with 41 members of the public, Stephen Askew (NCC councillor) and a representative from Roberts Molloy Associates. All the parish councillors were there too apart from Sarah Hornbrook who had sent her apologies.

Public recess. Seven Fen Street residents and one from Crown Road spoke on the planning application for eight dwellings with four garages and parking bay (3pl/2015.1498/F). An email from a resident supporting the application was read out but the other speakers objected to the application, raising issues regarding increased traffic levels, road safety, security issues of nearby residents, possible flood issues and pedestrian safety.

A resident spoke on the Breckland Local Plan and spoke against the site option 8 which in the plan was designated as suitable for development. He also said that Old Buckenham should not be subject to large scale development. Another resident asked when development in Old Buckenham would take place under the local plan.

Adrian Joel responded on the matter. A resident from Hargham Road raised objections to a planning application for the erection of five dwellings and parking and garages with turning on site (3pl/2015/1495). He cited speed issues in Hargham Road and the proposed new footpath.

A resident spoke on Chapel Road School development which would greatly increase traffic levels on the B1077 with up to a possible 150 extra vehicles a day using the road during term times. Rona Boggia responded saying a new access road was being built but not for use of residents. The Parish Council will be raising a petition to challenge this decision and try and get the road to be also used by residents.

Minutes of January Parish Council meeting. These were signed as a true and accurate record of the meeting (seven for and three abstentions). Matters arising from the minutes.

The matter of the hedge in Cake Street being cut was raised and the clerk is to contact Highways to see if they approve of the new cut. Planning applications. Fen Street.

Erection of eight dwellings, four garages, parking and turning within site. After studying some plans, councillors asked questions of the agent of Roberts Molloy Associates regarding S106 payments and other costs that they would be liable for under the application. Following discussions and expressed views of parish councillors, it was proposed that the application would be approved but there was no seconder so the motion was withdrawn.

It was then proposed and seconded that the application be rejected. This was agreed with eight for and two abstentions. Hargham Road.

Erection of five dwellings with associated parking, garages and turning on site, new highway access and pavement works. Jonathan Kemp expressed his many concerns on the application including road safety, enough social housing in that area of Old Buckenham and the design of houses not in keeping with other nearby properties. Also, in the local plan, Breckland council have designated the site as not suitable for development.

Terry Cracknell raised the point of the developer paying for a new footpath to which the agent said the developer would pay for it. Other councillors expressed views on the application. Then it was proposed and seconded and agreed with six for and four abstentions to reject the application.

Orchard House, Hargham Road. Change barn so that residential dwelling can be erected and the erection of two single-storey detached garages. Various councillors expressed views on the application especially one of the garages being right up against the front hedge of the development.

It was proposed and seconded that the application be rejected, this was agreed with nine for and one abstention. Planning decisions received from Breckland. Cherry Tree Cottage, Los Wroo.

Erect summer house. Permission granted. Tudors, Cake Street.

Proposed extension and alteration to existing three bedroom bungalow. Permission granted. The Pines, Manor Corner.

Single-storey rear extension. Permission granted. Doe Lane.

Erection of five holiday chalets. Permission refused. Creation of working parties.

Steve Milner said that the workload of the Parish Council has increased greatly and that working parties need to be set up and they will then come back to the Parish Council with updates at each meeting. Working parties would be: Chapel Road School – Rona Boggia, Steve Milner, Mike Bartlett (resident) and Terry Cracknell. Neighbourhood Plan – Jonathan Kemp, Adrian Joel, Sarah Hornbrook, A Jaggard (resident) and Michelle Willford (resident).

The Green – Ben Devlin, Terry Cracknell, Graham Hart, and Mike Farrington. Play Area. Mr A Joel, Mr G Hart, Kerry Talbot (resident) and Mike Farrington.

Adrian Joel then gave an update on the Neighbourhood Plan and said that the parish council had to inform Ian Williamson of Breckland Council that Old Buckenham was creating a neighbourhood plan. The Parish Clerk will write to him. It is hoped to outline steps and timelines to create the plan and to soon seek resident consultation on the plan.

The Parish Council is to create a Facebook page. Terry Cracknell also suggesting contacting Tim Bornett to assist in delving into information regarding the creation of the plan. Breckland Plan.

Adrian Joel said the plan needs to be discussed, looking at the development sites included in the plan and also at other sites that have not been included in the plan and designated suitable for development. Barbers Yard was not feasible for development as there is no access. Site at top of Mill Road is on a single road that was too narrow which could cause access problems.

The plot of land on Attleborough Road could be suitable for development subject to highways, access and parking in any future planning applications. A parish councillor said that unreasonable alternatives on the plan should exclude plot 8 which should be designated reasonable alternative . Councillors discussed this and it was proposed and seconded that the plot remain unreasonable alternative .

This was agreed with six for, two against and two abstentions. The Parish Council was happy with no allocation of housing in the plan for Old Buckenham (page 40). The Parish Clerk is to write to Breckland on this matter.

Chairman s report. Steve Milner informed the meeting that he would not be seeking re-election as chairman at the May AGM but that he will remain as a councillor as he felt he could still serve Old Buckenham. He then raised the question of circulating all emails to all councillors.

He said this would result in too much time having to read and digest information. He said he would continue to address the issue and send some only to the relevant people but if they are relevant to all councillors then they would be copied in. The Shrublands development, despite the Parish Council s objections, was approved.

The Village Hall will be holding a charity event on Sunday 14 February between 2pm and 4pm in aid of the Air Ambulance. Recent data obtained from the SAM 2 traffic sign in Cake Street showed that 60% of drivers passing the sign were speeding and that 10% of drivers were exceeding 40mph and this data will be passed to police. The police had been doing their own speed check in village on Thursday 4 February.

Steve Milner felt the SAM 2 sign did make a difference and drivers do slow down when they see their speed indicated. District Councillor s report. Consultation of Breckland s Local Plan Preferred Directions and Site Specific documents finishes on Monday 22 February.

The next step is to look at the Site Specifics including any additional sites and this will be put out in the spring for further consultation. Residents across Breckland are being reminded to leave recycled waste loose in their bins and not to put it into plastic bags or carrier bags as these could ruin materials that could otherwise be recycled. Parish Councillors reports.

Ben Devlin said the new bench is to be sited on the Green in February and would have a plaque for Old Buckenham Ladies Hockey Club who donated the funds for the bench. Carol Marshall suggested Andy Nichols for the Recreation Area Working Party and will try to get more young people involved. Ben Devlin suggested a new agenda item of Follow up on jobs allocated .

Carol Marshall said another village garage sale would be held in May. Jonathan Kemp said the Neighbourhood Plan working party was getting a village questionnaire out to all residents in May. Adrian Joel raised the matter of the weir off Banham Road near Old Buckenham Hall which is blocked and causing problems in the village.

The Parish Clerk to contact East Harling Drainage Board on the matter. The Play Area Working Party met recently. Repair work carried out by Playdale after contact by the clerk had resulted in reduction of charges by 250.

Play equipment needs to be washed down in the spring. A handyman will cut the grass and maintain the area in the summer. Now there is a need to look at what type of fence is required to replace the existing fence.

Grants of up to 50% are available from Breckland Council for this purpose. A letter from a resident on allotments issues included flooding and some allotment holders not keeping their allotments tidy. It was proposed and seconded and agreed that Adrian Joel contact the resident to try to resolve the matter.

Mike Farrington said the Women s Cycling Tour of Britain was likely to come through Old Buckenham and he hoped the village could organise a similar event to this year s Tour of Britain. Terry Cracknell said he was prepared to hold breakfast meetings at his house to discuss the Neighbourhood Plan, the Green and Chapel Road School. Rona Boggia has received minutes from Attleborough Development Partnership.

The Parish Council need to elect a representative who could vote at meetings without first consulting the Parish Council and also requested a substitute member. It was proposed and seconded that Rona Boggia be the Parish Council representative and Terry Cracknell be the substitute member, this was agreed unanimously. Tom Johnson said the village hall wished to return the grant of 3,500 given to them for insulating of the hall.

The costs now had spiralled and even with this money, they would not be able to afford the new costs. It was reported that the contractor who currently cuts the grass is no longer able to do so and the person who cuts the grass at the Recreation Area was unable to do it either. There will be a Bingo evening on Saturday 19 March in the evening at the village hall.

County Councillor s report. Stephen Askew reported on the closing of three existing recycling sites which will close 2019/20 and be replaced with a super site along the A11. Steve Milner said he would send an email to Stephen Askew on the subject.

Stephen Askew then read an email which stated that the lease for Chapel Road School had been signed. Highways. It had been reported that Cake Street keeps flooding and Highways need to clean the drains out again.

Also the potholes on the road off Abbey Road to the Primary school are not up to standard. The Parish Clerk to contact Highways on the matter. Public recess.

A resident raised the matter of the Village Hall returning grant money to the Parish Council. He said that other grants are available for insulation of village halls and asked if the cost of the insulation was known. Tom Johnson responded stating the views of the village hall and a resident suggested that the Parish Council keep the returned funds in a special reserve for possible future insulating project at village hall.

He suggested residents should be made aware they can make individual comments to Breckland Council on the Local Plan. They then raised the matter of housing development in Old Buckenham and said that no money had been spent on infrastructure. He said Norfolk County Council should be notified of the increase in road accidents within the village.

The next meeting of Old Buckenham Parish Council meeting will be on Thursday 3 March at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm.

Village Screen Extra presents 3 exceptional films

Village Screen Extra presents 3 exceptional films

Village Screen Extra News of the screening of two award winning feature films with a particular focus on rural settings in Norfolk, plus a unique modern Chinese silent film experience. Oscar and Bafta Nominated 45 Years was filmed on location in the Norfolk Broads and Norwich and The Goob is set against the backdrop of the West Norfolk open landscape. Both film shows locations which will be familiar to local audiences, whilst Written in Dust is a captivating modern silent film of love and tragedy, set in China and screened together with a live original music score in a fusion of traditional and modern Chinese music.

45 years Screening details: 45 Years Saturday 13 th February, 7.30pm New Buckenham Village Hall The Goob Friday 15 th April, 7.30pm Hilgay Village Hall Written in Dust Friday 12 th February, 7.30pm Hilgay Village Hall Saturday 5 th March, 7.30pm St Mary s Church, Banham Norfolk sets the scene for two award winning films Two award winning films, shot on location in Norfolk will be screened at 3 village venues across the county in Creative Arts East s new Village Screen Extra programme, part of a BFI Film Audience Network project.

45 Years , starring renowned British Actors Charlotte Rampling, Geraldine James and Tom Courtenay treats audiences to open landscape views of the Norfolk Broads and Norwich, and The Goob shot in the rural fenland countryside of West Norfolk, are sure to feature many recognisable locations for local audiences. Both films also proudly made use of locally born or based actors, extras and production teams to lend more authenticity and regional voices to the productions.

45 Years was released to great critical acclaim, and has garnered an array of awards and nominations including a BAFTA nomination for Outstanding British Film 2015, an Oscar nomination for Charlotte Rampling, and Berlin International Film Festival Silver Berlin Bear awards for both Tom Courtenay and Charlotte Rampling. The Goob stars actor Liam Walpole from Dereham, who was discovered and catapulted into his first screen role by Norwich based director Guy Myhill.

Actor Sean Harris, originally from Lowestoft, and Hannah Spirrett ( S-Club 7 and Primeval ) also appear in this edgy coming of age film, which premiered at Norwich s iconic Cinema City in May 2015. Written in Dust A silent glimpse of contemporary Beijing, in a tragic tale both old and new Two Norfolk villages are set to host a beautiful silent film, made for the modern age, and with roots which come from another rural community thousands of miles away in the fields of China. Written in Dust is the story of three young migrants who travel from their countryside home for the promise of a new and better life in the modern city of Beijing.

But the lure of the city and the oppression of love lead to a path of betrayal, corruption, heartache and ultimate tragedy. Shot with classic cinematic sensibility Written in Dust shows a rarely seen side of contemporary Beijing, with a powerful story that resonates universally. The film offers audiences a glimpse into the hidden world of this enigmatic city through a skilful blend of silent film, tragic story and specially composed live music.

Classical Chinese musician, Ling Peng and pianist and guitarist, Andy Middleton, provide an inspired live fusion of traditional Chinese instruments and modern music to underpin the story, which translates without need for words. This is the second chance to see this extraordinary film at Hilgay Village Hall , which was first screened in the summer of 2014, and takes place on Friday 12 th February at 7.30pm , before moving on to St. Mary s Church, Banham on Saturday 5 th March at 7.30pm .

The show is suitable for ages 16+.

These events are organised in partnership with Creative Arts East with funding by Arts Council England, BFI Film Audience Network, Norfolk County Council, South Norfolk District Council and Breckland Council.

For further information on this and other Creative Arts East events please go to or contact Alice Morelli on 01953 713390 or [email protected] 1 2 advert Gold Star Fencing Bungay Related References ^ ( ^ [email protected] (