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Deepdale Spring Market 2016

As 2015 fades, and January became February, the Deepdale Spring Market is now just a few weeks away. Dalegate Market will welcome thirty plus Norfolk artisans and producers for a four-day market amongst the shops and caf in Burnham Deepdale. Friday 25 th to Monday 28 th March, the Easter weekend .

The hugely successful Deepdale Christmas Market was just a couple of months ago, when the tiny village of Burnham Deepdale, with a population of about thirty permanent residents, welcomed over one hundred stalls and tens of thousands of visitors. The Deepdale Spring Market is the next edition to the Dalegate Market annual programme, a lower key event than the Christmas Market, certainly for this first year. Naturally the focus of the Deepdale Spring Market is different too, and we are hosting only Norfolk artisans and producers.

Spring is such a glorious time to be on the North Norfolk Coast, and Dalegate Market is the place to start Spring. With an early Easter, the fact that Dalegate Market has its 10 th Birthday in 2016, and so many independent artisans and producers ask for opportunities to trade at Dalegate Market, we felt the Deepdale Spring Market was the natural addition to our event programme. This year you ll find home furnishings, upcycled furniture, delicious food and drink, glass, clothing, jewellery, books, plants, gardening items, photography, wildlife watching equipment, planters and much more.

The stalls will be hosted in the Dalegate Tent, a large marquee at the front of the Dalegate Market site, and in the beach hut Pop Up Shops at the rear of the site. Of course the permanent shops of Dalegate Market will be open throughout the weekend, while Deepdale Caf will supply lovely food and drink. Look out for Marsh Pig, Hazel Millington Glass, Nelson & Norfolk Tea Co, IzziRainey, Pebbles Photography, Paper Story, Capricorn Crafts, Smock, Dandy Lions Apothecary and many others.

Even Tom Jones will be making an appearance, Tom Jones The Woodworker. The full list of Norfolk artisans and producers attending the Deepdale Spring Market can be found online at 1 Entrance is FREE and there is FREE Car Parking on a grass field on Dalegate Lane. The shops, stalls, pop up shops and caf look forward to welcoming visitors on Friday 25 th to Monday 28 th March for the Deepdale Spring Market.

Please note that Dalegate Market will be hosting many other events throughout the year including: OAP Wednesdays 2 Most Wednesdays throughout the year We welcome OAPs on any day throughout the year at Deepdale Cafe, but on Wednesdays we offer a special OAP discount. Pasta Thursdays 3 Most Thursdays throughout the year Weekly pasta dish, served with garlic bread and a glass of wine. Only 8.95 Fishy Fridays 4 Most Fridays throughout the year Deepdale Cafe s famous fish and chips, Moules marinere (when in season) and changing specials.

Includes a hot drink or glass of wine. Live Music Sundays 5 Last Sunday of each month We welcome an acoustic band to play at Deepdale Caf on the last Sunday of each month. Come and join us for an afternoon of live acoustic music and great food & drink.

St Bunters Day National Cake and Bun Day 6 Sunday 28 February 2016 Deepdale caf will be showing off their baking skills in a celebration of St Bunters Day Cake, buns and all manner of tasty baked goods. British Pie Week 7 Monday 7 to Sunday 13 March 2016 It can t be disputed that the pie is a staple in some of the best British food we have. Why?

Because they are traditional. Why not celebrate this culinary experience at Deepdale Cafe. North Norfolk Tourism Fair 8 Wednesday 9 March 2016 Dalegate Market, with Brancaster Staithe & Burnham Deepdale, have a stand at the North Norfolk Tourism Fair , a showcase for North Norfolk tourism attractions and accommodation providers.

St Patricks Day 9 Thursday 17 to Sunday 20 March 2016 Deepdale Cafe will be offering St Patrick s Day themed specials throughout the weekend. One day just didn t seem enough, so we ll be celebrating for four days. Pop Up Shops 10 Usually Thursdays to Tuesdays April to October The North Norfolk Coast for shopping that s not on the high street from local producers & artisans.

Dalegate Market will host 4 different pop up shops in the beach huts each week. Seafood & Asparagus Month 11 Friday 1 to Saturday 30 April 2016 Deepdale Cafe will be celebrating seafood and asparagus throughout April, with a range of special dishes. Beginners Guided Wildlife Walks 12 Wednesdays May to September A casual walk along flat terrain for novice birdwatchers and those new to the North Norfolk Coast.

Book in advance in One Stop Nature. Love Your Local Market 2016 #LYLM2016 13 Tuesday 17 to Tuesday 31 May 2016 Dalegate Market is a proud supporter of Love Your Local Market. Although this fortnight in May highlights markets, we host local artisans, producers and events throughout the year, here on the beautiful North Norfolk Coast.

Gulliver s Travels by The Pantaloons 14 Saturday 18 June 2016 We look forward to welcoming The Pantaloons to Dalegate Market, for a performance of Gulliver s Travels.

Deepdale Christmas Market 2016 15 Friday 2 to Sunday 4 December 2016 Stock up on all those Christmas decorations & presents at the Deepdale Christmas Market, while enjoying plenty of festive cheer and carols.

advert DanHIRE Trailer Sales Towbars Service Parts 07860 452421 Related References ^ ( ^ OAP Wednesdays ( ^ Pasta Thursdays ( ^ Fishy Fridays ( ^ Live Music Sundays ( ^ St Bunters Day National Cake and Bun Day ( ^ British Pie Week ( ^ North Norfolk Tourism Fair ( ^ St Patricks Day ( ^ Pop Up Shops ( ^ Seafood & Asparagus Month ( ^ Beginners Guided Wildlife Walks ( ^ Love Your Local Market 2016 #LYLM2016 ( ^ Gulliver s Travels by The Pantaloons ( ^ Deepdale Christmas Market 2016 (

The Fry up Inspector: Deepdale Cafe

Summer – 7.30am till 11.45pm Winter – 8.00am till 11.45pm Plenty of parking spaces outside Having heard about it on many occasions we decided to finally visit Deepdale Cafe on the North Norfolk Coast. This was a good deal for local businesses, for others it gets more expensive though. You will see the counter as you enter, pay here on the way out.

It was really busy when we arrived but we managed to get a table. The website says they serve breakfast all day, prepare for disappointment if you arrive later than 11.45am though. Plenty of hot drinks at a reasonable price.

The tables are already set with cutlery and serviettes. Menus and the crucial breakfast sauces are on each table. Inside the tin bucket you can find more sauces in sachets.

The cappuccino was really nice. A selection of sugar and sweeteners arrived with the hot drinks. The local Parish News kept me occupied whilst I waited for my food to arrive.

The big breakfast cost 9.95, it looked great and was served on a nice hot plate. The sausages here were really small, they tasted superb though as did the smokey bacon. Excellent taste and texture!

Beside the Heinz beans sat a perfect looking fried free range egg. It couldn’t have been cooked any better, perfect! The toast was cut nice and thick from a decent loaf and served with real butter.

I thought the butter packets served on top of the toast slightly cheapened the overall appearance of this breakfast though. A pair of nice crispy hash browns. Excellent black pudding but quite bland tomatoes.

The veggie breakfast cost 7.95, my wife thoroughly enjoyed it. As I’m writing this I noticed that there’s only one vegetarian sausage on the plate, the menu says it includes two though. I’d lost count how many times I’d been told about Deepdale Cafe in Burnham Deepdale but I knew i’d make it out there someday to try their breakfast.

This day finally came on 29th December, my wife and I fancied a walk along the North Norfolk coast and Deepdale Cafe seemed like the perfect choice… Upon entering – The first thing I noticed was how popular this place was, it was really busy inside but luckily we spotted an empty table in the corner. The cafe is really big with a long counter as you walk in and a kitchen just behind that, the seating area inside offers different sized tables to suit couples and familys.

I spotted more seating outside which looked perfect for the warmer months, dogs are also welcome wherever you choose to sit. The tables are already laid with cutlery, serviette, menus and sauces so take a seat and somebody comes over to take your order. On your way out stop by the counter to settle your bill.

With it being so busy it was quite noisy so I was glad that we were able to sit by a window, I would have struggled to relax on a table in the centre.

7/10 Service – The staff here were really efficient but it certainly wasn’t service with a smile. I wondered if it was due to it being the week between Christmas and New Year, nobody ever seems particularly happy about working during this time. We waited at the counter and told somebody we were here for breakfast, they looked up at the clock and told us to take a seat somewhere.

The look at the clock made sense as soon as I saw the menu, despite the “all day breakfast” claim on the website the menu clearly stated that it was served only until 11.45am, we had only just made it with minutes to spare! Somebody came and took our order giving us the option of white or brown toast. Shortly after that our cappuccinos arrived, one had spilt and flooded the saucer.

Later the food arrived and after the meal we went over to the counter and paid, we were asked if everything was ok and left. Nobody had smiled when serving us, we hadn’t been made to feel particularly welcome but the service was efficient.

5/10 Contents – 2 sausages, 2 bacon, 1 fried egg, 1 slice of black pudding, 2 hash browns, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, one slice of toast and butter.

8/10 Presentation – The breakfast looked great when it arrived and everything looked nicely cooked. A couple of things did occur to me though, the sausages were really small and I thought the butter packets served on top of the toast cheapened the appearance slightly.

7/10 The food – The pork sausages may have been rather small but they had a nice firm, meaty texture and great taste. The smoked bacon was excellent and the black pudding had a nice coarse texture. The free range fried egg was really tasty and perfectly cooked with a deep orange yolk that seeped out when I cut through it.

I popped the fried egg on top of the buttered toast, nice evenly toasted and thick cut slices. The hash browns were crispy, the mushrooms were full of flavour and the beans were Heinz. The tomatoes were quite pale and had very little flavour but everything else was delicious and arrived piping hot on a heated plate.

9/10 Value for money – A great breakfast but at 9.95 it seemed a bit overpriced considering it only came with one egg, the sausages were so small and it didn’t include a drink. The 9 offer on the board outside which included a drink seemed like a much fairer price but that was for local businesses only.

5/10 Veggie option – 2 vegetarian sausages (my wife was only served one) 1 fried egg, 2 hash browns, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes and a slice of toast served with real butter.

7.95 Overall – Deepdale Cafe is clearly very popular and I love the fact they’re dog friendly too. The breakfast is expensive but is really delicious and the quality of the ingredients really shone through.

I do find service with a smile and a friendly welcome goes a long way though and for me this is what was missing here, it really does make all the difference!


Top 10 Reasons to Visit Deepdale Christmas Market 2015

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Deepdale Christmas Market 2015 Friday 4th , Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th December. More than 100 stalls of local producers & artisans and the shops of Dalegate Market FREE Entry Entertainment throughout the weekend FREE Car Parking (in the farm yard and grass fields) Tasty food from Deepdale Caf and street food vendors Refreshments and tipples from many local producers 3 days to shop Friday, Saturday & Sunday Late night shopping on Friday until 8pm 95% of the stalls are in large marquees or indoors , so great shopping whatever the weather Start the festive season with a visit to the North Norfolk Coast Deepdale Christmas Market 1 takes place on Friday 4th , Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th December 2015. Gates open at 2pm on Friday 4th until 8pm that night, then again from 10am to 4pm on both Saturday & Sunday.

Deepdale Christmas Market 2 is based around the Dalegate Market 3 shops & caf , and amongst the pews in St Mary s Church 4 , both in Burnham Deepdale on the beautiful North Norfolk Coast.- Event Programme Full details of artisans and producers attending can be found online at 5 That website also has a full programme of entertainment.

Hamper Competition Why not enter our Christmas Hamper Competition 6 , win one of four amazing hampers donated by the stalls and shops.

Looking ahead: Future Events at Dalegate Market OAP Wednesdays Deepdale Caf Wednesday Lunchtimes Pasta Thursdays Deepdale Caf Thursday Lunchtimes Live Music Sundays Deepdale Caf Last Sunday of the Month Flights of Geese 7 Look Up Roughly mid October to mid February Brancaster Mussels on the Menu 8 Deepdale Caf Usually months with an r in them Pop Up Shops 9 Dalegate Market 11th to 13th December 2015 Pop Up Shops 10 Dalegate Market 18th to 20th December 2015 Deepdale Spring Market 11 Dalegate Market 25th to 28th March 2016 10th Birthday Party Dalegate Market 26th & 27th March 2016 Love Your Local Market 12 Dalegate Market 17 th to 31 st May 2016 Gulliver s Travels 13 by The Pantaloons Dalegate Market 18th June 2016 Deepdale Christmas Market Dalegate Market 2nd to 4th December 2016 advert Related References ^ Deepdale Christmas Market ( ^ Deepdale Christmas Market ( ^ Dalegate Market ( ^ St Mary s Church ( ^ ( ^ Christmas Hamper Competition ( ^ Flights of Geese ( ^ Brancaster Mussels on the Menu ( ^ Pop Up Shops ( ^ Pop Up Shops ( ^ Deepdale Spring Market ( ^ Love Your Local Market ( ^ Gulliver s Travels (

Christmas Starts in 3 Weeks: Deepdale Christmas Market

With just three weeks to go before the Deepdale Christmas Market, the weekend is shaping up to be a fabulous start to the festive season. For the first time, Deepdale Christmas Market is three days Friday 4 th , Saturday 5 th and Sunday 6 th December. And this year there is late night Christmas shopping on Friday, with the stalls and shops open until 8pm.

The perfect reason to leave the office and head to Burnham Deepdale for a festive Friday evening. Burnham Deepdale will host over one hundred stalls, shops and caterers in large marquees around Dalegate Market and amongst the pews of St Mary s Church. A superb selection of local artisans and producers offering presents, decorations, food and drink.

Many of the drink producers will have their produce on sale to enjoy while you visit the market Norfolk Brewhouse ales, Norfolk Sloe Company liqueurs, Winbirri wines, Norfolk Cider Not forgetting amazing hot chocolates, mulled wine, teas and coffees. Throughout the weekend there will also be great food on sale, from Deepdale Caf , Proper Pizza Company, Hoggies and the Duck Truck. The event is open to the public from 2pm to 8pm on Friday, and 10am to 4pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

This year the entertainment programme is bigger than ever. Norfolk solo artists, groups and choirs will be performing throughout the weekend. The highlight of Friday evening is Addison s Uncle, a folk band who have really found a place in people s hearts.

Emma Fleming and Jessie s Ghost kick off the music at 2pm on Friday 4 th , then you ll find music in three places during the weekend Outside Fat Face, in the Orchard Gazebo and in St Mary s Church. We look forward to the return of some of our favourites, including Claire Lawrence, The Quaysiders, The Fried Pirates and Vocalights Choir. The layout is adjusted each year, and it s the turn of the Walkway Tent this year.

There are many more stalls under cover in large marquees and more room to browse and wander. This year Deepdale Christmas Market is supporting four charities Wells Community Hospital, The RSPB, Brancaster School and St Mary s Church. Our aim each year is to host a relaxed friendly event, with high quality stalls and great food & drink.

We are really pleased with this year s selection of stalls and are sure visitors will love the mix. Friday opening is something new for us, but the reaction seems positive so hope to see many of you that day. Said Jason Borthwick, one of the organisers.

Entrance is FREE to the Deepdale Christmas Market. There is also Free Car Parking, just follow the signs. Naturally cyclists and walkers are most welcome.

If you fancy a tipple or just don t fancy driving, then the Coasthopper Bus Service stops on the doorstep coming from King s Lynn, Hunstanton, Wells-next-the-Sea and Cromer, please check 1 for bus times. The full programme of the event can be found online at: 2 Interesting Facts The village will be hosting three times more stalls than there are permanent residents in this little North Norfolk Coast village. This is the 7 th Deepdale Christmas Market Dalegate Market is 10 years old in 2016 and a wide range of events are planned during the year, including a Spring Market, open air theatre and a music festival.

The shops and caf of Dalegate Market are open all year Dalegate Market s website is 3 You can follow Dalegate Market on a whole range of social media Facebook , Twitter , Google+ , LinkedIn and Instagram 4 5 6 7 8 advert Barnham Broom Winter Golf Offers Related References ^ ( ^ ( ^ ( ^ Facebook ( ^ Twitter ( ^ Google+ ( ^ LinkedIn ( ^ Instagram (