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Mick Whitton is clearly not impressed with my knotcraft. As I attempt to tether our 44ft motor cruiser “Royale Light” to the dock for the first time, he watches disparagingly and then mutters in his thick Norfolk burr: “If you tie your mooring rope lik…

North Norfolk scenes inspire pupils to showcase artistic talents …

North Norfolk scenes inspire pupils to showcase artistic talents 13:05 03 March 2016 Picture of the seals at Blakeney by Kate Simmons Preston Primary School. Submitted Beauty spots and attractions in north Norfolk have inspired talented young artists from the county s schools to showcase their talents. Share link shares Caedn-Marc Huckle from Rackheath Primary School picture of St James Hill, Norwich Judges have shortlisted 12 drawings of the children s best loved scenes including Felbrigg Hall, Blakeney seals, Sheringham beach, Happisburgh Lighthouse and Cromer Pier.

The finalists include Corpusty Primary pupil Imogen Neal and Catherine Margree and Hannah Clark from Coltishall Primary. A total of 68 children from nine primary schools sent in images for the competition organised by Norfolk new business manager for Linda Roberts said: There were so many wonderful entries, it was really difficult to choose.

What a large number of talented young artists we have here in Norfolk. She added: The children s pictures showed what an amazing range of beautiful places there are in our county. A winner and two runners up will be chosen from the shortlist.

The winner will be awarded a 500 voucher towards a family break at a property and their school a 500 donation. Runners up will win tickets to one of Norfolk s best known attractions and their schools will receive 150 each. The other finalists are: Caedn-Marc Huckle, Rackheath Primary; Charlie Clarke, Rackheath Primary; Kiera Braithwaite, Rackheath Primary; Archie Fiddy, Rackheath Primary; Kate Simmons, Preston Primary; Pippa Giaomelli, Preston Primary; George Mann, Preston Primary; Freya Hand, Fairhaven Primary; Kanak Jaswal, Bignold Primary School.

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Where to fish on the Norfolk Broads – Wroxham Angling, Guns and …

Blickling Lake This is a 20 acre estate lake set in the grounds of Blickling Hall, with an average depth of 5 to 6 ft increasing to 10 ft at the dam wall. The most popular pegs are on the dam where most anglers target the shoals of big bream in the summer months and the pike fisherman target the pike in the deeper water over the winter months. No pike fishing is allowed before 1st October.

The lake gave up a 34lb in 2000. There are carp to over 30lb, tench to 8lb and the bream run in to double figures. There are dedicated disabled swims No night fishing Day tickets on the bank Contact Mr.

Cooper on 01263 734188 Chapel Road Lakes, Roughton The enlarged lake is now 2.5 acres, with 3 to 6 ft of water. It has a very good head of carp to 18lb, with a good head of roach, perch, tench and a few barbel. Day tickets on the bank 5 to 6.

Night tickets 10 to 12 Tickets Can Be Purchased From Any Angling Direct Store And On The Bank Gimingham Lakes Here there are three lakes. The large lake has two islands, is from 4 to 10ft deep, and is set in 3.5 acres. This lake has an amazing head of tench and a good head of carp with lots weighing in at 20lb plus.

The smaller two lakes are about 1 acre each with a good head of mixed silver fish, smaller tench and a few carp. Day tickets on the bank from the bailiff No night fishing Holly Farm South Walsham Holly Farm has two lakes of around 3/4 of an acre, with very heavy stocks of small (2lb to 4lb) carp, with other fish up to 15lb. It has a good mixed head in the top lake with carp, tench, roach, rudd, bream and even goldfish.

This is a great venue to take a youngster, or just to catch lots of fish from. Day tickets on the bank No night fishing Stanning Hall Stanning Hall has three lakes; the first of which is the carp lake with fish to 26lb. It is a syndicate lake on weekends and day ticket on week days.

The middle lake is the day / match lake. This unusual shaped lake is feature packed and newly stocked with fish up to 18lb. It holds lots of carp and a good head of tench to double figures.

There are also pike to 20lb and lots of silver fish. The back lake is stocked with carp, tench and pike. Day tickets on the bank Contact Kevin on 01603 737426 Booton Clay Pit This is a triangular wooded pit of around 3.5 to 4 acres, and is feature packed with deep water and shallow bars.

It holds a very good head of Mirror carp to over 30lb, a good head of roach, lots of tench and a few very big bream, with pike to over 25lb. Day tickets on the bank Night fishing is available Catch 22 Catch 22 has two lakes full of common Mirror and Leather carp. The larger lake is about 20 acres with carp to 40lbs and many over 20 lb.

The bream go to about 14lb, tench to 10lb and pike to over 35lb. The smaller lake is about 4.5 acres with depth to 12 feet and is syndicate. Martham Pits Martham pits a super tench fishery next to the River Thurne.

It is a complex of small pits which are reed lined with big weed beds, and depths from 4 to 10ft of clear water. There is a very good head of tench from 2.5 to 6lb with a few very big ones. There are good numbers of roach, Crucian carp, rudd, pike and carp to double figures.

Fishing On The Ant In The Spring/Summer The Ant In the summer the fish move on to all parts of the River. The ant mouth has a good head of bream to 8lb which respond well to feeder tactics. Worm, maggot and corn are the best bait fish with a 14 or 16 hook to a 44g open end feeder with a river or bream ground bait.

Ant mouth to How Hill has a good head of bream and roach, the roach respond well to maggot and the bigger fish coming to caster fished on a 18 hook or two maggots on a 14 or 16 the stick float or pole working best. How Hill to Irstead Stave, the stave has always been a hot spot for bream on a night time as Barton Broad narrows down to the narrow river funnelling all the fish past you. Fish at night on feeder with worm and maggot to get the best results.

Barton Broad Turkey Broad has a good head of fish mainly Roach and Rudd. Neatishead can be good for Roach and Perch but only on a evening as in day time this is a turning basin and very busy. Barton broad the rest of the broad has a very good head of Rudd round the margins with good Roach and Bream in deeper water, fish on the waggler with 3lb line to a 16 hook with maggot and castor for some good sport.

The drop off between the posts holds pike waiting for fish to pass over them from the shallow water, lures which work down to 4 to 6 feet fished from shallow to deep water working well. Up stream to Wayford has lots of small spots to fish with roach and pike taking shelter under the trees which line the River. Wayford to Dilham is the same but the narrowness of the river makes it hard to fish in day time.

Sutton Broad is a lovely place to fish in late June there is a lot of swallow tail butterfly s working the reeds. There is a good head of fish with some good bream on the broad. Pikeing to be had on surface lures round the margins or on wobbled dead baits like smelt or roach.

Fishing On The Bure To The Thurne Mouth Spring/Summer This has some of the best day time fishing on the river as it has colour all of the time. Fish on the feeder to catch bream chopped worm works well or on the stick float with maggot or castor or hemp and tares to catch the roach. South walsham broad has some of the biggest bream with fish to double figures possible best fished at night with a big bait like worm or corn fished over a big bed of bread crumb ground bait.

Ranworth fish as S.walsham a good spot for bream at night especially when the fish move from Ranworth broad on to the river to feed after dark. Horning the river has a lot of species with the river turning up some nice tench to 12lb after dark it has a good head of bream which feed day or night and lots of roach. The entrance to the dykes hold a good number of pike at this time of the year waiting for the smaller to come out of the dykes to feed on the river at night.

Salhouse this is one of the best spots on the river to catch a carp with fish to 35lb most caught by accident by bream anglers fishing at night over big beds of bread crumb and pellets it has a good head of roach and a very good head of Perch with most fish over 1,5lb up to 3.5lb best fished on lob worm or small live bait. Fish a size 4 or 6 hook to 6lb line and a small bob float. Wroxham with all of the people feeding the ducks bread it is a good spot for roach and bream and as most of the cottages have fishermen all season who put ground bait in it atracks a lot of fish with some good tench at night with all of the small fish it holds a good head of pike try a lure to catch them as they have learned to catch the small fish as they are put back.

Colitishall the common has the biggest perch on the river with fish over 5lb Lob worm or small lives are the best baits to catch them. The mill pool fishes well in the summer months as the water is well oxygenated with some good trout to 4lb a nice change. Fishing On The Ant Autumn/Winter River Ant This time of the year the roach and bream are moving off the tidal stretches to there winter holding grounds in the dykes and boat yards.

On the river Ant they move above Barton Broad in to Neastishead dyke which is free fishing, this can be a bit cramped as it is limited in space. Maggot is the main bait for the roach & bream with castor picking up the bigger fish also worm can pick up some very big perch to over 3lb from right under your feet as they hold round your keepnet. This spot can hold some nice pike as their is lots of food fish to hold them.

Barton Stave is a good spot to try for some nice size pike, it is free fishing and holds a good number of fish, fishing from the bank a dead bait fished at distance is the best tactic as most of the fish are laying up after feeding in the private yards so they are not at there hungriest, a static bait is best to tempt them. Dilham Stave by the bridge is another free spot right at the top so the fish can t get any further, this makes a great spot shelted in a cut where you miss the worst of the weather. this spot is best fished on maggot & castor for the silver fish.

Worm or small live baits work best for the perch, fish 6lb line to a size 4 or 6 hook and a small bob float, do not use a wire trace for perch as they do not take very well on wire . Don t worry about pike on this rig as they can shake a small hook in a couple of days. This is a good spot for pike, best fished on live bait as most are here on a feeding spell and will drop back down when they have fed.

Stalham, the best free spot is the coal yard at the back of the Richardson boat yard with parking at the side of the water, a nice change, best fished the same as Dilham Ground bait on the Ant at this time of the year is a good holding tactic as the water is some times clear ,the best is a dark lake type with a high hemp content to make it active or you can add a bit of crushed hemp to make it active. Bure down to Thurne mouth In October the fish start to move up stream to Horning and Wroxham to avoid the salt tides. Horning fishes well in early autumn on the main river, stick float with maggot, castor or hemp and tares the top bait for the roach.

The bream respond best on the ground bait feeder with corn or pellet mixed in on a night time, heavy baiting will help to hold them so a large bag is possible with the odd big tench possible, as it get colder the fish go in to the boat yards. Salhouse the island is the top spot. fishing on to the main river, it hold all sorts .

Big Perch round your feet, big bream on a night time with some very big river Carp to over 30lb Top bait is lob worm or small live bait for perch. Maggot & Castor for roach with worm or corn on night time for the bream. Wroxham with all of it s boat yards it is a haven for silver fish seeking shelter from the salt and cold water in the main river as the yards hold a more even temperature.

Fishing between the two bridges can be very good when the water is coloured with big roach, bream some very big perch being the main species with a few big tench showing after dark. All the bread being fed to the ducks attracts a lot of small fish which attracts the pike and perch. Live bait and worms work well for the perch with deads working best for the bigger pike Belaugh is another good spot for some autumn sport with some good roach and bream fishing to be had, this spot holds some fun pikeing with a lot of small fish and a few big female pike after Christmas Coltishall has a nice stretch of bank which is easily accessible and can have some nice autumn sport.

By the pubs is the home for some of the biggest perch on the river with fish to over 5lb caught this year.

Horstead Mill is a lovely pool with a lot of different species and some big brown trout to 4lb a possibility.

Work starts on 70,000 solar panels at Scottow Park

C onstruction of the second and final phase of the solar farm at Scottow Enterprise Park (former RAF Coltishall), has started. The work will involve the installation of more than 70,000 solar panels by Scottow Moor Solar on land adjacent to the runways and aprons and new underground connections to the local electricity network. Around 70 people will be employed during the construction phase, which should be completed by the end of March.

The completion of the near 50MW solar farm will generate in excess of 10 million over 25 years for Norfolk County Council and provide onsite electricity generation for additional economic investment into the enterprise park in advance of it becoming an Enterprise Zone on April 1. The solar farm, one of the largest in the UK, will generate enough clean energy to power the equivalent of 12,000-15,000 homes, with a CO2 saving of nearly 20,000 tonnes per annum. The start of the second phase of the solar farm comes nine months after the first phase (c32MW see picture attached) entered commercial operation; it was officially opened by the Leader of Norfolk County Council, Councillor George Nobbs, on April 17th 2015.

David Fyffe, from Scottow Moor Solar, said: We are working closely with the enterprise park to ensure that the solar farm can offer existing and future tenants secure and sustainable electricity on a long-term basis. And during the construction period, we and our contractors, Enerparc and ESM Power, will do everything we can to minimise disturbance and inconvenience to people living in Badersfield and the surrounding area. In order to reduce HGV traffic through Badersfield, Scottow Moor Solar will use the route to and from the site that was agreed last year with Norfolk County Council: traffic will use the main entrance to the Enterprise Park and exit via the eastern side of the airfield.

Additional guidance will be given to the HGV drivers and the haulage companies, and there will be signage on local roads to ensure that traffic movements flow smoothly and safely.

Over the next fortnight (January 25 to February 5), there will also be some temporary road closures and restrictions in and around Sloley to enable an underground cable connection to be laid between the solar farm and a nearby UKPN sub-station. .

Dog Training Classes Stalham

Dogs Learn New Tricks at Live and Learn Dogs 1 Want to impress your friends and relatives this holiday season? Go beyond the basics with a new Tricks and Games dog training class at Live and Learn Dogs in Bridgewater. This hour-long course starts on Saturday Pets stepping up to help Boomers training dogs, cats to assist 2 (Treats work better than praise for cats because feline attention spans are shorter, only minutes at a time, while dogs can pay attention for 20 or 25 minutes.) Some retirement homes offer training classes for seniors Welcome to Animal Magic Dog Club Dog and Puppy Training Within easy reach of North Walsham, Cromer, Sheringham, Aylsham, Holt, Stalham, Wroxham, Coltishall They will need to have time, commitment and a sense of humour, and be able to attend a regular training class.

A trainer will be on hand to support them in their key role at classes and at home in one-to-one sessions. Penkava: Puppy training for husbands 3 That being said, recently I had a learning epiphany of the bow-wow kind. It happened while we were taking our mini poodle minion Steve to puppy training classes Like all good puppy owners, we set out to properly train our little guy.

We read books. Cattle Dog Training Video 4 A Wisconsin community is in an uproar after police shot and killed a 3-year-old Australian cattle dog during a raid on a suspect s house. Cell phone video of the shooting or if we find that additional training could have resulted in a better outcome Chicago s mayor has appealed for calm after a “chilling” Keep it simple, be consistent and reinforce the behavior you want more of.

I have, on occasion, taught this song to individuals or group dog training class students. I usually have to sing it, which makes everyone laugh. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window) Share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window) DAVENPORT, Iowa Team Kovu now holds dog training classes and seminars.

Team Kovu aims to promote an active human and dog lifestyle.

Kovu passed away last July, but Carl and Team Kovu are continuing their work and advocacy, as “They re still learning what it means to be a family member.” Families ready to adopt one of the 10 will be offered free “shy dog” training classes and followup help from Humane Society trainers, Weitzman said. “Every References ^ Dogs Learn New Tricks at Live and Learn Dogs ( ^ Pets stepping up to help Boomers training dogs, cats to assist ( ^ Penkava: Puppy training for husbands ( ^ Cattle Dog Training Video (