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Nothing To Do With Arbroath: Villagers' heartbroken by theft of their …

It has been part of the village fabric longer than any of its residents but would have been visited by most of them at some point in their lives. But heartless thieves have ripped out the Victorian post box in the little village of Hoe, near Dereham in Norfolk, leaving a gaping hole in the churchyard wall where its bright red front had been such a familiar sight. Sue Malt, who runs the village archive, said nobody heard the theft but a nearby resident noticed it has been taken at 10pm on Monday.

He had only walked past it three hours earlier and it was still intact. Initially I thought it has been taken for scrap but then I heard that they are quite collectable and can fetch a lot of money, she said. It was just beautiful, a real little gem and it is heartbreaking when you think of all the people who plodded up there 1 to post a letter over all those years.

It is so pointless. The theft has been reported to police who are investigating but Mrs Malt said they feel the culprits came prepared. It was very swift and they clearly knew what they were doing, she said.

There are cottages either side and nobody heard anything. It had been very carefully edged out of the wall. A couple of strong people could have easily lifted it into a car or a van.

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Tony Yayo, Irv Gotti & Norm Kelly Chime In on 50 Cent and Meek …

Meek Mill 1 opened a can of worms again . After dissing 50 Cent on his EP, 4/4 2 , he s been attacked by Fiddy s vitriol 3 . And now the Philadelphia rhymer is getting additional hits from G-Unit member Tony Yayo 4 and Toronto s City Councillor Norm Kelly 5 .

Your boss Police f MMG, tweeted Yayo with a jab towards the MMG leader, Rick Ross, who was a correctional officer. The most hilarious one comes from Toronto s City Councillor Norm Kelly who literally hands Mill the L with a photo of him holding a piece of paper with the letter largely printed on it. The tweet, which just mentions the rhymer, has been retweeted over 100,000 times.

Although it seems every one is going in on the Dreams Worth More Than Money creator, there is one person that s coming to the House Party rapper s defense former Murder Inc. member, Irv Gotti 6 . He wrote on Instagram: NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE REAL.







On Monday (Jan.

18), 50 Cent took another shot at Meek Mill again on his Instagram account reminding him of an old tweet that he was once wrote where he warned his followers to not mess with the G-Unit leader. We guess that he didn t heed to his own advice. Check out Irv Gotti s full comment below as well as shots fired by Kelly, Yayo and 50 Cent.

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Heading home | Mildura Weekly

Annabel a star signing for Galaxy 1 Dried grape growers weather the extremes ‘ 2 Posted on January 15, 2016 By VINNIE RODI THE latest group of Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) Mallee firefighters sent to contain the disastrous Wye River fires near the Great Ocean Road will return home today after a strenuous week on the job. DELWP Mallee District manager, Phil Murdoch, said that the local group of 18 firefighters, who were deployed last Saturday, had spent the best part of the week enduring tough conditions in an effort to keep the 2500-hectare blaze contained. Ten of those firefighters are from Mildura, and our firefighters have been working hard to fell hazardous trees and rake hoe lines, he said.

Typically a working day consists of a 12-hour shift, and the toughest part has been working the lines because of the terrain. The tracks these guys are working on are fairly steep, and the reports I m getting back from our local crew is that the terrain has been pretty horrendous. We had one guy who had to return home after cutting his hand as a result of a fall, so the conditions are pretty tough.

While our firefighters are fairly fit, we have had to make sure that it s our fittest people out there doing the job. The Wye River fires first started on December 20, before flaring up again on Christmas Day. Quite a few houses were lost during that flare up (more than 100 homes in Wye River alone according to recent estimates), and our crews have been rotating on and off ever since to help get the fire contained and under control, Mr Murdoch said.

While the fire itself covers a 2500-hectare area, the terrain is extremely tough, with our crew spending most of their time dealing with hot spots. Mr Murdoch said local crews had been anticipating a busy day this past Wednesday, with much of the State enduring temperatures above 40 degrees. Today will tell a tale, he said on Wednesday morning.

The guys had to contend with a flare up on Tuesday, and the rest of the week s hot weather wouldn t be a help either. Hopefully the guys can get through with no major incidents. A total of 66 DELWP firefighters from the wider Loddon Mallee area were deployed to the Otways last week to help keep the Wye River fires under control.

Initially 10 Mallee firefighters were deployed on December 20, followed by another 20 on Boxing Day. This provided immediate coverage and relief for firefighters who had already been fighting the fires on Christmas Day, DELWP acting regional manager fire and land, Carsten Nannestad, said. Two taskforces, made up of 18 fire crews each from Bendigo and Mildura, were also deployed on December 30, as additional resources were needed.

Working a rotating shift, each taskforce works for five days to ensure the workload is shared and fatigue is reduced while keeping the community and each other safe. This also gives staff a chance to return home and catch up with family before their next deployment, Mr Nannestad said. Bulldozers and excavators have also been sent from the Loddon Mallee to make mineral breaks and containment lines and remove dangerous trees.

Our firefighters have been working to protect assets, patrolling and extinguishing hot spots and helping residents clean up their properties. Where bulldozers are unable to gain access, DELWP s firefighters have had the task of working by hand to build rake hoe lines using rake hoes, axes, slashers and chainsaws to create mineral earth fire breaks. Mr Murdoch confirmed that the next rotation of Mallee firefighters would be deployed to the area if needed next Wednesday.

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Mobile Car Valeting Hopton On Sea Norfolk

A disqualified driver who killed a 61-year-old woman in a car crash while he was over the drink-drive limit has been jailed for four years. Matthew Ritchie, of The Laurels, Hopton-on-Sea Norfolk Police said Ritchie had been using his mobile phone Pamscom Free Ads UK Free United Kingdom Classifieds 1 UK Free Ads Classified Ads Business Ads Personal Ads Pamscom Classified Free Ads is a free online classifieds network for private commercial and corporate advertising Find the latest motoring services in Norfolk on Gumtree. DT Mobile welding service and car repair at your door Caister-on-Sea, Norfolk .

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With over 6 years in the trade A disqualified driver who killed a 61-year-old woman in a car crash while he was over the drink-drive limit has been jailed for four years. Matthew Ritchie, of The Laurels, Hopton-on-Sea Norfolk Police said Ritchie had been using his mobile phone Jan 4-24: WBT World Indoor Ch ships (Potters Leisure Resort, Hopton-on-Sea, Norfolk).

9-10: British men s u-25 international May 13-16: Bell Micro Classic (Mobile, Alabama). June 10-13: State Farm Classic (Springfield, Illinois).

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It s the biggest game in Warrington about his car valeting business. This could increase to 44p a minute from a mobile With only a mobile phone in his mouth for light, James performed CPR in the dark while he waited for the emergency services to arrive. James was commended for his attempts to save Katja by senior fire officers, Norfolk s coroner and Katja s mother For rent Hopton on Sea England Mobile Home, discover Broads National Park ‘ Hopton SUV vehicule, courtesy car .

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Hoe, Holkham, Holme Hale, Holme next the Sea, Holt, Honing, Honingham, Hopton on Sea, References ^ Pamscom Free Ads UK Free United Kingdom Classifieds ( ^ Mobile Car Valeting Woodhouses Greater Manchester ( ^ Mobile Car Valeting Rhosllanerchrugog Wrexham (

Snepp on Snowden – AND Magazine

Please visit our sponsor. The only thing separating Snowden from legal immolation is staying outside the U.S. The ex-CIA spy dishes on witch hunts and whistleblowers Frank Snepp Frank Warren Snepp, born May 3, 1943, is a journalist and former chief analyst of North Vietnamese strategy for the Central Intelligence Agency in Saigon during the Vietnam War. ( | Link 1 ) | Photo | The ex-CIA spy dishes on witch hunts and whistleblowers Former CIA operations analyst Frank Snepp 2 touched off a firestorm of controversy in 1977 with the publication of Decent Interva 3 l, his unauthorized, embarrassing account of how the spy agency deserted its files and friends in a hasty exit from Vietnam.

Even though Snepp concealed the true names of CIA undercover operatives and their Vietnamese assets, and most experts agreed the book had no real classified information, Democratic President Jimmy Carter’s Justice Department, abetted by a furious CIA, pursued Snepp with a vengeance worthy of a covert action operation. In the end, the U.S. Supreme Court sided with the administration’s argument that Snepp’s violation of his employment agreement (not to publish anything without the CIA’s approval) trumped his First Amendment rights.

Snepp subsequently published Irreparable Harm: A Firsthand Account of How One Agent Took on the CIA in an Epic Battle Over Free Speech 4 , which described how courts and prosecutors colluded to make sure they got the results they sought–primarily the seizure of Snepp’s royalties and a warning shot at anyone else contemplating similar memoirs without permission. Ever since, the government has used the case to squelch dissent of all kinds. “No court decision in our history,” the columnist Nat Hentoff wrote at the time, “has so imperiled whistleblowers and thereby the ability of all citizens to find out about rampant ineptitude.” That was then. The atmosphere is arguably far more chilling now, with the current administration’s Justice Department pursuing whistleblowers and journalists with heavy-handed espionage statutes.

Needless to say, Snepp, now an award-winning investigative producer for KNBC-TV in Los Angeles, has plenty to say about the government’s pursuit of national security reporters and whistleblowers, the latest being self-proclaimed NSA secrets-leaker Edward Snowden 5 . On Wednesday I engaged in an email exchange with the ex-CIA man about Snowden, Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and reporters Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian and James Rosen of Fox News (who was described in an FBI affidavit as a co-conspirator of a State Department analyst who allegedly shared a classified report about North Korea with him). Snepp started with a ominous quote from Rep.

Peter King, an influential Republican in the House Homeland Security Committee, who suggested that reporters who received classified information from Snowden should be prosecuted. “If they willingly knew that this was classified information, I think action should be taken, especially on something of this magnitude,” King said. The rest of Snepp’s remarks follow below. “If you go back and do a close read of the FBI affidavit 6 targeting Fox News reporter James Rosen’s Google logs you see precisely how the government might cobble together an espionage brief against a reporter who’s simply teased out and reeled in a leaker’s prohibited information. The document asserts that the “reporter” in question–Rosen is not explicitly named–“had no security clearance and was not entitled under the espionage statutes to receive the information” he’d included in a website article.

It describes his emails to the source as having the effect of?”soliciting?sensitive?material and/or?intelligence?information” and claims “probable cause to believe that he has committed or is committing a violation of the espionage?statute … as an aider, abettor and/or co-conspirator” of the leaker.? According to long-time students of this sort of thing, nearly all the basic ingredients of an espionage indictment are here, including the suggestion that the alleged perp Rosen helped engineer the wrongdoing (by soliciting the information), a concept that would distinguish his actions from normal?news-gathering and certainly from the act of publication.?

What’s missing here is evidence of evil intent–to injure the United States. It’s a big omission and, hypothetically, if indicted, the “reporter” might beat the rap on that grounds alone,?especially?because the Supreme Court requires a heavy burden of proof in cases involving traditionally protected activity like journalism. But a scrivener who is more an advocate than neutral chronicler, and who has previously trafficked in vituperative criticism of U.S.

policies, might have a harder row to hoe. Think Assange in the Manning case… In any event, the very precision of the Rosen affidavit and the fact that it hits nearly all the right marks for an espionage rap suggests that somebody at the Justice Department is thinking hard about how to fit a reporter and his government source into drop slots?normally reserved for spies.

If nothing else, such a read would likely predispose a judge to look on the reporter’s role with distaste, and the government’s request for investigative latitude, with?commensurate?favor. Not good. The embattled press needs all the judicial dispassion it can get.?

The only thing separating Snowden himself from legal immolation, I believe,?is the possible difficulty of extraditing him from wherever he finally lands abroad. Meanwhile, I don’t think Glenn Greenwald 7 and the Guardian 8 are doing him or themselves any favors by hinting darkly that they have even more poison arrows in their quiver: It smacks of a tease for a tabloid?newscast and can only diminish?sympathy for their enterprise and aid the government in casting them as ill-intentioned conspirators with a yen for hyping what is deadly serious business, whatever your take on its justification.? The?justification, as for all?whistle-blowing, lies in exposure of abuse.

And so far, what I’ve learned is what I had every reason to suspect–that lax?supervision?plus public fear,?acquiescence?and indifference have?allowed government snooping to?metastasize?into a self-perpetuating tumor that is malignant mainly for its size and unpredictability. You might like: Books on Nsa 9 Deliberate abuse I’ve yet to discern, but maybe that’s because my experiences as spy, leaker and journalist have left me a bit cautious about reading?Armageddon?into?sudden flares in the night? * * “Edward Snowden’s revelations 10 , coming in the midst of the Manning show trial, may intensify pressure on the administration to obliterate leakers and?big-foot reporters who help them.? Even such First Amendment stalwarts as Floyd Abrams 11 are drawing distinctions between Post-it operations like WikiLeaks and the mainstream press in terms of who deserves the most robust free-speech protection.?

The espionage laws, as several Supreme Court Justices acknowledged in the Pentagon Papers case , could be used to prosecute the press under certain conditions. That’s never happened, but the courts and Congress have failed to clarify what those extenuating conditions might be.? 12 The clear language of the statutes outlaws the passing of national defense information to anyone not entitled to receive it, and clearly anyone along the conveyor belt–whether leaker or middleman-journalist–could technically qualify for a hit. First Amendment experts tell me much would depend on the state of mind of an Assange or Greenwald, since the espionage statutes emphasize motive in calculating fault–as in, whether the peddler of secrets means to injure the U.S.?

Prosecutors might have a tough time imputing ill-intent to Greenwald, who generally keeps his ideological bent muted, but Assange is another matter. And if it can be shown that a journalist actually helped engineer a leak, or encouraged or abetted the theft of government documents, then the grounds for sanction would be that much greater.? The administration has acknowledged that it is looking at various ways of dealing with leakers and their enablers in current circumstances.

Laws covering criminal conspiracy or larceny might be adaptable. Not for nothing did the FBI affidavit concerning Fox Report James Rosen describe him as a potential co-conspirator in the illegal exposure of secret intelligence about North Korea.? And don’t forget that Nixon’s prosecutors attempted to get an indictment against Anthony Russo 13 , a Rand Employee who merely helped Daniel Ellsberg 14 copy the Pentagon Papers.

And New York Times journalist Neil Sheehan 15 escaped Nixon’s hammer for his role in the leak only because First Amendment lawyers managed to persuade a judge that the espionage laws do not mention, let alone criminalize, the publication of national defense information.? Then, too, there is the precedent in my case handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court.

It allows for civil law to be turned devastatingly against both leakers and “leakees” even when no secrets are compromised. At no point in its suit against me did government lawyers accuse me of leaking any confidential information. My offense, as they saw it, was violating a non-disclosure agreement and an invisible “trust” by publishing a CIA memoir without agency clearance.

Along the way, my lawyers discovered that Carter’s Justice Department had considered suing Random House and 60 Minutes for helping me do my deed–and had refrained from going after them only to avoid riling the mainstream press and its powerful First Amendment lobby.? Even so, the weapon is there, and since Manning, Snowden and James Rosen’s source are all signatories of government non-disclosure agreements, it’s not inconceivable that the government could impose a “constructive trust,” effectively confiscating all the “ill-gotten gains” that their press collaborators made from assisting them. That could happen under U.S.

v. Snepp 16 without any showing of damage to the nation’s security and without any allegation of bad intent, as would be required under espionage statutes.? As for Snowden himself, he’d better rabbit as fast as he can because the prominence of his leaks and his defiant confession make it all but impossible for the administration to give him a pass of any sort.

And indeed it shouldn’t, for unless his culpability is sorted out in court, the resulting confusion could encourage some real crazies to go off the rails.?17 Wednesday he intended to fight his case from Hong Kong.] And much as I hate to admit it as a leaker-turned-journalist, that’s not a salutary prospect in an era of copycat terror and the instant amplification-by-Internet of the damage from truly dangerous leaks.? That said, the best tradeoff for accepting the erosion of our privacy and First Amendment rights in the name of national security is effective government oversight of the strictures and agencies that would bind us–and that oversight has become a mockery. The bargain has broken down.

Tightening secrecy regulations, and paranoia about another 9/11, make our judicial and congressional watchdogs timid puppies in the face of increasingly opaque national security claims. I know first-hand what that’s like. My own case reached the U.S.

Supreme Court amid the Iran hostage crisis, right after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and the Court was stampeded into rendering its decision summarily without allowing my lawyers or the government’s to argue the merits of legal theories that severely punished non-secret disclosures. What kind of consideration could one expect from the courts for Snowden, who admitted to ripping the lid off of some our most heavily classified secrets? Probably even less consideration than the secret FISA court gives to rejecting government applications for surveillance.

Only 11 such applications, out of nearly 40,000, have been turned down since 1979–at least if you can believe leaks about its otherwise invisible, inscrutable decision-making. ? The lack of oversight by the courts or Congress will doubtless tempt other leakers to the fore, no matter what punishment awaits them. As an old spook and leaker who got his concerns about botched intelligence and betrayal of allies on the record–and in people’s faces–without revealing any secrets, I can only hope that this generation of outraged insiders and the complicit press aren’t tempted to burn down the village in order to save it. ?

Extremism in the name of transparency and righteous reform often has the unintended first consequence of hardening the worst instincts of of those in government who can make changes for the better.? Jeff Stein Jeff Stein , Intelligence Columnist : 18 ] Bronze Star recipient , author, and investigative reporter, specializing in U.S. intelligence, defense, and foreign policy, Jeff Stein .

Stein was born in Philadelphia but grew up in New England, moving with his family to Maine in 1954. After attending school in Providence, Rhode Island, he moved to Hingham, Massachusetts, where he graduated from high school in 1962. Following high school, he… ( more 19 …) References ^ Link ( ^ Frank Snepp ( ^ Decent Interva ( ^ Irreparable Harm: A Firsthand Account of How One Agent Took on the CIA in an Epic Battle Over Free Speech ( ^ Edward Snowden ( ^ FBI affidavit ( ^ Glenn Greenwald ( ^ Guardian ( ^ Books on Nsa ( ^ revelations ( ^ Floyd Abrams ( ^ Pentagon Papers case ( ^ Anthony Russo ( ^ Daniel Ellsberg ( ^ Neil Sheehan ( ^ U.S.


Snepp ( ^ South China Morning Post ( ^ Click here tocontact Jeff directly ( ^ more (

Two Burmese found guilty and face death for UK tourists killings in …

Ko Samui, Thalinad, Dec.24: Two Burmese men have been found guilty and sentenced to death for murdering two UK tourists in Thailand last year. Zaw Lin and Wai Phyo killed Hannah Witheridge, 23, from Norfolk, and David Miller, 24, from Jersey, judges said. The backpackers bodies were found on a Koh Tao island beach in September 2014.

The defendants lawyers say they will appeal. The accused retracted their initial confessions, saying police had tortured them. Mr Miller s brother said justice had now been delivered .

Miss Witheridge s family said they needed time to digest the outcome of the trial verdict . At a Thai court in Koh Samui, three judges found the two bar workers who were migrants from Myanmar guilty of murder and ordered they face the death penalty. Miss Witheridge and Mr Miller were found on a beach having been bludgeoned to death, and a post-mortem examination showed Miss Witheridge had been raped.

Prosecutors said DNA evidence collected from cigarette butts, a condom and the bodies of the victims, linked Lin and Phyo to the deaths. The investigation has been a muddled affair. The first officers on the scene were local police with apparently no idea how to seal off a crime scene.

Thailand forensic scientist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand, whose institute was not allowed any involvement in the investigation, testified the crime scene had been poorly managed and evidence improperly collected. Other flaws exposed during the trial included the police s failure to test Miss Witheridge s clothes or the alleged murder weapon for DNA. The key question though, hung over one piece of evidence that did tie the defendants to the crime: the alleged match between their DNA and that recovered from semen found on Miss Witheridge s body.

The date of the original DNA analysis was said to have been 17 September, but the report submitted to court was dated 5 October two days after police had announced a positive match. That unexplained discrepancy inevitably raises suspicion that perhaps the result was manipulated. Lawyers defending the accused argued DNA from a garden hoe allegedly used as the murder weapon did not match samples taken from the men.

They also claimed evidence had been mishandled by police and the pair s confessions were the result of systematic abuse of migrants in the area. Andy Hall, international affairs adviser for Migrant Worker Rights Network, which represented the men, said: We strongly disagree with the decision of the court. This investigation was a shambles from the beginning.

The defence team have had access to all the information in this case and the information we saw did not comply with international standards. He said the defence team would mount an appeal in the case. Hannah Witheridge, 23, was a University of Essex student from Hemsby, near Great Yarmouth in Norfolk.

Having earned a degree with first-class honours from the University of East Anglia she was working towards a masters degree in speech and language therapy in Essex. Her parents Tony and Sue, brother Paul and sisters Tania and Laura, described her as a fun, vibrant and beautiful young woman who had a love for animals. The University of Essex has introduced an award for outstanding excellence in clinical placements in her memory.

She would have gone on to make a significant difference to the lives of many people , her family said. Hannah Witheridge, 23, was a University of Essex student from Hemsby, near Great Yarmouth in Norfolk. Having earned a degree with first-class honours from the University of East Anglia she was working towards a masters degree in speech and language therapy in Essex.

Her parents Tony and Sue, brother Paul and sisters Tania and Laura, described her as a fun, vibrant and beautiful young woman who had a love for animals.

The University of Essex has introduced an award for outstanding excellence in clinical placements in her memory.

She would have gone on to make a significant difference to the lives of many people , her family said.

Wale: Meek Mill “Brought A Pencil To A Gun Fight” In Drake Feud …

Meek Mill has responded to Wale’s comments about Meek Mill’s rift with Drake. “Niggas b doing all this to drop a new record gossiping about they hoe ass feelings and they personal life because they miserable and nobody don’t rock wit them!” Meek Mill writes on Instagram 1 . “Really stay away from me Fam! U not MMG NOMORE! This why u can’t get my number you a hoe! ????

and u dead cracked right now @wale foh nuttttt! I wasn’t even mad at you Fam u got some real issues with yaself and you jealous! Broke rapper!

This my last time I think addressing shit on the Internet …. But if I don’t talk about it one of you dudes gone get hurt speaking my name like it’s sweet! Y’all niggas gone stop mentioning my name like it ain’t no consequences….

I’m off this internet! I don’t speak on Mmg in interviews unless it’s good! U a clown …

We don’t wanna hear you nomore Fam! Go jump off a roof like u been tryna do chump! He not MMG IM MAKING THAT CALL …

He been tryna call me saying Rozay owe us money… He don’t owe me shit and if he do I’ll get it later …. Go that away!” Wale responded to Meek Mill’s Instagram post with a Tweet.

Meek Mill’s Instagram post and Wale’s tweet are as follows: (The initial post in this thread ran earlier today October 21, 2015. It is as follows.) During an interview with The Breakfast Club today (October 21), Wale 2 offered his thoughts on the now-notorious feud between fellow Maybach Music Group rapper Meek Mill and Drake. According to Wale, who once feuded with Meek Mill 3 after he was called out on Twitter last year, Meek wasn t prepared for such a feud.

Wale went on to compare Meek feuding with Drake to the Philly lyricist bringing a pencil to a gun fight.” I just feel like, and this is me speaking as someone who has been in the industry for a long time, I honestly feel like Meek brought a pencil to a gun fight You can t compete with somebody who has those types of relationship, Wale said, according to 4 . I m telling everyone who thought Meek lost just off the strength of losing, it doesn t matter what he made, he could have made Ether 3.0 , the opinions of the people would have been that of the kid from Toronto waxed him. Drake went to Apple and my man went to Funk Flex and there s nothing wrong with Flex but we talking about Apple, breh.

They heard Drake s joints all around the world. In regards to the status of things on the home-front, the Rick Ross-founded Maybach Music Group, Wale says they aren t the unit they once were. In addition to Wale, other artists currently on the Maybach Music Group roster include Meek Mill 5 , Stalley, French Montana, Omarion, and Gunplay.

We re not the unit we once was, he said. I m not gonna lie to you. It doesn t mean we re not cool, but every one has gotta do what they gotta do There s people that Meek Mill hangs out with a lot that he knows I don t bang with.

And that s fine, I don t ask nobody to get in my beefs, it s not a problem, it s rap, there s no bloodshed going on out here.

Wale s interview with The Breakfast Club can be found below.

For additional Wale coverage, watch the following DX Daily: Please enable Javascript to watch this video References ^ Instagram ( ^ Wale ( ^ once feuded with Meek Mill ( ^ ( ^ Meek Mill (

Hannah Witheridge Murder Weapon DNA Claims

This post 1 was originally published on this site 2 DNA analysis was requested by the defence after Thai police failed to conduct their own DNA tests immediately following the murders. David Miller, 24, from Jersey, and Hannah Witheridge, 23, from Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, were found dead on a beach on Koh Tao last September. Pornthip s findings contradict earlier testimony from police forensic officers who said their were no fingerprints or DNA traces on the garden hoe, only some blood splatters that belonged to Witheridge.

During the three-month trial, police have been accused of tampering with evidence at the crime scene, not protecting it, intimidation and abuse of witnesses. According to The Guardian, this revelation comes after a string of inconsistencies in the police s investigation of the killings. They found the DNA of two unidentified people on the hoe, she added.

The court ordered prosecutors to work with investigators and send all the remaining evidence found at the crime scene, including the hoe, for forensic retesting. Lawyers for the accused Myanmar men, Zaw Lin and Win Zaw Htun, both 22, have made alleged police incompetence and mishandling of evidence central to their defense and sought help from Thailand s foremost forensics expert, Pornthip Rojanasunand, to scrutinize evidence. The prosecution s case rests on DNA samples found on Witheridge s body that investigators say match the defendants.

After being under weeks of pressure to make arrests in the case, Thai police undertook a blanket DNA testing across the island, particularly focusing on migrant workers. Mr Miller s body was discovered with severe head injuries several metres away, he said. Dr Rojanasunand also questioned why Miss Witheridge s body was moved from where she was killed potentially destroying other evidence.

However, a few days later the suspects met human rights workers and claimed they had confessed under torture and retracted their admissions.

A verdict is not expected until October.

References ^ post ( ^ this site (