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Two taken to hospital after three vehicle crash closes A140 at …

Book your Norwich Ice Rink tickets today! Click here Two taken to hospital after three vehicle crash closes A140 at Horsham St Faith 12:34 26 December 2015 Dan Grimmer 1 Emergency services were called to a crash on the A140 near Horsham St Faith. Picture: ANTONY KELLY Archant Norfolk 2015 The A140 between Norwich and Aylsham was closed because of a three-vehicle crash near Horsham St Faith, with motorists urged to avoid the area.

Share link shares Police,firefighters and the ambulance service were called to the crash, at the turning to Horsham St Faith, to the north of Norwich, just before 10am. Three cars were involved in the crash. Police tweeted that the road had been closed while emergency services dealt with the crash.

They asked drivers to avoid the area. Three ambulances and the East of England Ambulance Service duty ambulance officer went to the scene. A spokesman for the East of England Ambulance Service Trust, said: Six people were assessed at the scene and two people were taken to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital with minor injuries.

Fire crews from Earlham and Sprowston attended and helped to make the scene safe.

The road had re-opened by 12pm.

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Norfolk families are given honours for loved ones who donated …

Book your Norwich Ice Rink tickets today! Click here Norfolk families are given honours for loved ones who donated organs 07:31 26 December 2015 Luke Powell 1 Saqib Mahmood with his daughters Surraya and Sophie and granddaughter Aiyana, who received an award on behalf of his wife, Maureen Mahmood, who died earlier this year. PHOTO BY SIMON FINLAY ARCHANT NORFOLK It is a gift that goes on to save countless lives in the UK each year.

Share link shares How a mother-of-three was able to improve the lives of two strangers Saqib Mahmood, of Horsham St Faith, received the award on behalf of his wife Maureen, who died this year. The 57-year-old mother-of-three suffered a severe stroke and died at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital in January. Mr Mahmood described her as a compassionate and caring person who always put others first.

Thanks to her becoming an organ donor, at least two people are now able to live better lives. Mr Mahmood, a 55-year-old aircraft engineer, said: I didn t know anyone who was like her. If you turned up at our door with a problem, she would help out.

She was extremely compassionate and a tremendous person. We were soul mates and had been together for 34 years. Earlier this year the family received a letter from one of the recipients of Maureen s organs.

Mr Mahmood said: The man who wrote it was on his last legs and had given up hope. Maureen was a B negative blood type, which is extremely rare. And thanks to her, he was finally able to breathe without equipment.

It is your loss, but someone else has been given the gift of life and how many people are able to do that? Once you are gone, your organs are no good to you, so you might as well help someone. And now people from across Norfolk have been posthumously awarded for donating their organs to help those in need.

The Order of St John award for organ donation has been presented to the families of 17 individuals who saved and improved people s lives through becoming organ donors. It comes as the number of deceased organ donors in the UK dropped for the first time in 11 years between April 2014 and March 2015. There are 55 people from Norfolk on the UK s waiting list for transplant.

Of those, 12 have been waiting longer than two years, and three have been waiting more than five years. Meanwhile, Suffolk has 36 people on its waiting list, with six waiting longer than two years and four people waiting longer than five years. Alasdair Wilson, chairman of the Norfolk County Priory Group of the Order of St John, said: With around three people dying every day due to the shortage of organs, these donors and their families have carried out an inspirational act to help others to live.

A precious gift The memory of Janet Baxter will continue to live on through the people she has helped as an organ donor. The 67-year-old, of Halvergate, had been signed up to the scheme for 20 years before she died in June last year. Her husband, Tony Baxter, received the Order of St John award on her behalf.

Mr Baxter, 69, said: We had talked about being a donor before and she was quite open about it. She said they could take whatever they wanted if it would help someone. Over the summer we had a letter from one of the recipients and that was a guy who had been on a kidney machine for 10 years.

He went on to say how wonderful he felt and he could not thank Janet enough. He wrote that he would always be thinking of her. It was nice to receive that.

At the end of the day, however bad we felt in grieving for her, at least some good has come out of it. We hope the example they have set will encourage many more to follow in their footsteps and agree to become an organ donor. More than 1,200 people in UK were honoured through the Order of St John for donating their organs after death this year.

The annual awards are run in conjunction with NHS Blood and Transplant. Sally Johnson, director of organ donation and transplantation at NHS Blood and Transplant, added: We have been overwhelmed by the pride and experiences shared by the hundreds of families who have accepted the award on their loved one s behalf. We hope their bravery will inspire others to talk about their own decision with people close to them and record their intention to donate on the NHS Organ Donor Register.

To join the NHS Organ Donor Register visit or call 0300 123 2323. Janet Baxter’s family receive the Order of St John Award on her behalf. Left to right, Janet’s sister Jackie Broom, Janet’s husband Tony Baxter and Janet and Tony’s daughter Rachel Baxter.

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Dog groomer helps homeless in city centre

Story by ABI SIMPSON Horsham St Faith dog groomer Kerry Davis has been helping out the homeless this Christmas by offering free dog washing in the city centre. She was outside The Missing Shoe on Castle Meadow from 7-10pm on December 17 and said: I often see people coming up with creative ideas to help other people at The Missing Kind, where I volunteer, and I thought this was something I could do to give back. We had four dogs with owners and several other homeless people who came for a cuppa and were able to pick up some of the many donated items including clothes, food, dog food etc.

Kerry said the event had been a fantastic success and created a wonderful sense of community . She said: For me it was all about the dogs. I adore my dogs and if I was in a position like them I d appreciate a similar gesture to enable me to look after them and know that they were healthy, happy and clean.

I hope it inspires other people to go away and consider what they could do to help other people and then go and do it. She said people s reactions when they heard about what she was doing was overwhelming. People started offering their time, donating items to be given to the homeless and just sending messages of support.

I ve been blown away by the reaction on social media, she said.

A vet, Sarah, and veterinary nurse, Lucy, from All Creatures Healthcare were on hand to advise the owners where necessary.

Food was donated by Pandora s kitchen, plus the Missing Shoe held a pop up cafe to raise fund for Safe Rescue for Dogs. .