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Campaigners demand service improvements as Fen Line …

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Verification link has expired, please sign in and click on resend verification email from your profile page. Verification link has expired, please click on resend verification email from your profile page. Sponsored by 19/12/15 Peterborough 5-day weather forecast Close X 3 Saturday 19 Dec Sunny spells Temp High 15 c Low 11 c Wind From South Speed 23 mph Sunday 20 Dec Sunny spells Temp High 13 c Low 6 c Wind From South west Speed 19 mph Monday 21 Dec Light rain Temp High 12 c Low 10 c Wind From South west Speed 25 mph Tuesday 22 Dec Light showers Temp High 15 c Low 8 c Wind From South west Speed 26 mph Wednesday 23 Dec Sunny spells Temp High 11 c Low 7 c Wind From South west Speed 15 mph Like us 4 Follow us 5 Place your Ad 6 Subscribe 7 King’s Lynn Railway Station ENGANL00120111114141317 13:53 Wednesday 16 December 2015 A report showing the continuing growth in passengers using the rail line between Cambridge and King s Lynn shows the urgent need for service improvements, campaigners say.

Figures from the Office for Rail and Road (ORR) show the number of passengers using stations on the Fen Line rose by six per cent to more than 4.2 million in the year to the end of March. The study, which was published yesterday, estimates the number of passengers who either entered or exited every station in the UK during the year to the end of March. The biggest rise was at Waterbeach, where numbers soared by 11 per cent to 381.202.

while the total at Watlington was up by nine per cent to over 143,000. In King s Lynn, 970,890 people passed through the station during that period, up more than six per cent on the previous year and cementing its position as Norfolk s second busiest station, behind Norwich. Meanwhile, Downham Market s total was up nearly seven per cent to 491,744, making it the county s fourth busiest station, moving ahead of Yarmouth.

The slowest rise was at the line s busiest station, Ely, which was used by more than two million passengers. Robert Stripe, vice-chairman of the Fen Line Users Association, said: Explosive Fen Line growth comes as no surprise, when you try to board an already packed train from an even more packed platform. We desperately need more and longer trains and the longer platforms to accommodate them.

The report is also a major boost to rail campaigners in this area, following the recent announcement of a delay to the long-awaited works on the Ely North junction, a major bottleneck on the Fen line and other routes. Network Rail, the body responsible for maintaining and upgrading the country s rail network, now says the multi-million pound project will not start until 2019 at the earliest, when its next spending period begins. The announcement three weeks ago also cast major doubt on the long-awaited launch of half-hourly trains between West Norfolk and London, which had been scheduled to start in May 2017.

But the company has signalled its intention to introduce eight carriage trains between Lynn and Cambridge, instead of the current four coach services, during 2016.

And the association, which is calling for planning work on Ely North to start immediately despite the delay, says the figures strengthen their case for major investment in the borough s rail links.

Group chairman Colin Sampson said: If anything makes the case for eight-car trains, a half-hourly service and the Ely North Junction upgrade, surely this latest ORR information is it. /if} #if card-flag} /if} > card-author} > card-avatar} card-content}} > card-media} > card-timestamp} > card-action} ]]> References ^ Terms and Conditions ( ^ No thanks, take me straight to the site. ( ^ close ( ^ Like us ( ^ Follow us ( ^ Place your Ad ( ^ Subscribe (

Kent Adamson – Reading | UK & Ireland database

20 Monday Jul 2015 Posted by Author 1 in Berkshire 2 Comments Off on Kent Adamson Reading July 2015 Reading geologist convicted of taking indecent images of children A Reading geologist who photographed a young girl splashing in the Diana Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park has been found guilty of taking indecent images. Kent Adamson, 45, used a long-lens camera to take pictures of children as they played in the water on August 19, 2013. A concerned member of the public spotted him in the Royal Park and alerted the police.

A search of his memory card revealed nine photos of a pre-pubescent girl in a swimming costume. Adamson, who denied taking indecent images of children, had insisted the pictures taken on his digital SLR camera were street photography . But a jury of four men and eight women found Adamson guilty of taking indecent images after an hour and a half of deliberation at Southwark Crown Court on Wednesday, July 15.

Jurors were not made aware that Adamson also faced a charge of possessing indecent images of children relating to a collection of images that had been deleted from his computer. Adamson will not face trial for the pictures which were graded at level C, the least serious category, after prosecutors announced it would not be in the public interest to pursue the charge. Adjourning sentence until Friday, September 4, Judge Deborah Taylor said: It does not in my view at present cross the custody threshold.

Adamson, of Watlington Street, central Reading, told jurors during the trial he had visited the park innocently to take photographs. He said: I was looking for quality of life sort of pictures and it is a warm summer day, I had taken some food to go and do a walk and have a picnic as well. I shot the birds just outside the Diana memorial fountain and I stopped there to sit down and I thought that the summer scene sort of thing would be a nice topic for street photography.

Adamson protested he was interested in colour contrast, capturing scenes of a little boy playing with a leaf and the moving water droplets. Pointing to the pictures of the girl in the swimsuit, prosecutor Richard Merz said: That just happened to be there because what you were trying to photograph was the water drops? Adamson replied: Well, they were fast moving in the fountain, I mean the people not necessarily the water drops so on some of these I have tried to take a picture and have got someone who essentially just steps in your way.

But later Mr Merz rubbished Adamson s account as nonsense . The Crown s case is this is a deliberate focusing on one person not just an accident of random photography, he said. It is perfectly obvious to suggest that he is deliberately taking pictures of the kind that you see in the pictures of the girl in the bathing costume.

Adamson denied one count of taking indecent images. He further denied a charge of possessing indecent images of children that has been left to lie on file. Adamson was bailed ahead of sentence on Friday, September 4.

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