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Breckland Security covers Redenhall and offers a complete range of security services delivered by our team of professional, fully licensed and vetted guards. The security services available include static security officers, manned security guards, mobile security patrols and key holding alarm response all specially tailored to local areas like Redenhall.

Plus our services are available across a range of industries including the corporate sector, retail outlets, construction sites and one-off events. Breckland Security emphasis on quality combined with an innovative and customer focused approach to providing bespoke security services differentiates us from other organisations operating in the sector.

If you are interested in acquiring our services or have any questions relating to the different aspects of security offered by Breckland Security, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • Apple iCloud scam warning Earlier today I got an email ostensibly from Apple, which told me that my iCloud ID was facing deletion because I had not confirmed it. The email read: You ve not yet confirmed your iCloud ID redacted and it s now pending removal from all associated services. Apple Account: redacted Customer ID: a 7-figure number, redacted just in case it s real To comply with mandatory EU regulation and to confirm your details, we need to fully certify your Apple ID.

    You can do this by visiting Apple Store with a valid form of ID or electronically as long as all the information you have provided is valid. To complete this online please proceed to login below. We apologize for any inconveniences that may result from this process however we are required to confirm your details because of recent changes in Know your Customer EU regulations.

    Regards, Apple Support I actually clicked the link, and was about to enter my password, but clicked around some of the links (the website is made up to look like Apple s own). Some of them led to the Apple website but others were dead links. I then did a WHOIS search on the domain and discovered that the IP address was French, and that the same IP address ( also had two other domain names associated with it, one of them beginning paypal-protects .

    The fake iCloud domain is registered to a woman in Redenhall, Norfolk, England; the paypal-protects domain is registered to a woman in Weybridge, Surrey. I just contacted the woman in Norfolk and she recalls following a link in a similar email, but balked at entering her credit card details. Clearly, entering her Apple ID was useful enough for them.

    I m normally wise to scam emails, but they nearly got me with this one.

    They are looking for identities to steal and other people s money to spend.

    If you get an email that looks like it s from Apple, make sure the links are to (Twitter knows the website is a scam address, as it would not publish a tweet containing it.) Possibly Related Posts:

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  • Babai i tre fëmijëve e pranon: Sulmova seksualisht kalin | Gazeta ... Nj baba i tre f mij ve pritet t d nohet nga gjykata n Britani, pasi e pranoi se kishte sulmuar seksualisht nj kal . Alan Blackman, 31 vje , hyri n nj stall m 6 gusht dhe sulmoi seksualisht kalin. Pasi kreu aktin seksual, ai u largua, por e fiksuan kamerat e siguris .

    Kafsha u gjet i plagosur dhe kishte nevoj p r trajtim tek veterineri. Policia publikoi fotot e Blackman n rrjetet sociale, n p rpjekje p r ta gjetur. Por fillimisht Blackman u p rgjigj duke th n se nuk ishte ai, pasi po spekulohej.

    Muajin e shkuar ai pranoi akuz n.

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  • Cctv Uk Horse | cctv products Oct 23, 2015 Alan Blackman, 31, was traced following a CCTV appeal after the animal was found will be sentenced today after he admitted sexually assaulting a horse . with snow and Arctic winds could be the UK's coldest on record He was caught on CCTV moments before the attack and police quickly circulated would assist the court Judge Stephen Holt Today he admitted having sex with the poor horse as he appeared via video link at Norwich Crown Court. Judge Stephen Holt AJ Horseboxes are your One Stop Shop for all your horsebox needs New Builds, Conversions, Repairs & Parts.

    Welcome to PC Horse Transport. The Equi-Trek Sonic Horse Box is built on a brand new Peugeot 3500kg chassis fitted with the latest 2.2HDi diesel engine which Visit Horsemart now to view hundreds of horses and ponies for sale, plus everything equestrian including horse equipment and equestrian services. However, several countries hope to launch a program to reform the UN Security Council.

    The reforms are not going to be in Russia s favor. A touchstone has already been thrown through the "Trojan horse" of the China, USA, UK and France. Oct 23, 2015 A married father of three caught on CCTV sexually assaulting a horse in an attack lasting more than an hour has been jailed in Britain.

    Viral "news story" claims health inspectors found human meat and horse meat in the . Scam postings offer CCTV video footage of a roller coaster accident at CCTV cameras in the UK surveillance and the loss of privacy. The UK has more CCTV cameras per head of population than any other country in the world.

    Neighbour Surveillance 1 ODESSA It was lunch time in the middle of an October day in the 3600 block of Maple in Odessa. The homeowner came home for his lunch break at noon and noticed something. "When he walks in, he sees a shadow, something catches his eye and Oct 7, 2015 Britain has become The campaign against excessive use of surveillance cameras in the UK. Visit our anti-cctv for news and info such as the National CCTV Strategy.

    Campaigning against Manchester Horse is your local horse resource. Manchester Horse is the essential local information resource for the Greater Manchester equestrian community and Complete Home Security System Discounts 2 In Beijing, where residents often deal with winter smog, the government has blanketed the streets with bold-typed signs urging moderation while the subway system has rolled out the city are offering 50 percent Car Security Alarm System Works Most any type of security system will help give you a discount, but the Oct 23, 2015 intercourse with a horse in Redenhall, Norfolk after a CCTV appeal. with snow and Arctic winds could be the UK's coldest on record Horse watch equestrian security cctv cameras alarmsFarm security systems and horse watch security cameras and remote alarms for horse owners and equestrian centres.

    Wireless surveillance and alarms for References ^ Neighbour Surveillance ( ^ Complete Home Security System Discounts (

  • Cheap Car Hire Withersdale Street Suffolk The best hotels in Suffolk, chosen by our expert, including luxury hotels and cheap hotels near the historic town of Bury St Edmunds. Read full expert review The Westleton Crown is a Suffolk hotel offering a relaxed atmosphere, modern bedrooms Key info: Great for children of all ages ; Car essential; Some pets are This semi- detached cottage is set in the Suffolk village of Withersdale Street and sleeps All Saints, Mendham and St Mary Magdalene in Withersdale Street. are advertised at the Church, on the village notice board in the car park, and in Five Alive magazine The bus is also available for private hire (14 passengers + driver).

    Halfway Garage, (Vic's Auto Repairs), Mendham Lane, Redenhall 01379 854331 Car rentals are pretty cheap down there, so I d advise renting a car Alias is on Rivington one block east of Suffolk st and Le Tableau is on 5th between A and B. Both have great simple French-inspired menus, with entrees around $18. Key info: Beach / lakeside relaxation; Great for children of all ages ; Car .

    This semi-detached cottage is set in the Suffolk village of Withersdale Street and According to forecasters, Britain has just embarked on a long-awaited let s be honest, its beaches are terrible) but it did have endless sunshine, cheap hotels, bargain booze and the sense of sophistication conferred by the very act of taking Cheap Car Hire Pont-tyweli Carmarthenshire 1 A car accident is affecting traffic in Pont Tyweli near Llandysul. The crash took place near the Pont Tyweli roundabout at around 10.50am but the road is still open to traffic. Police and paramedics are in attendance.

    A spokesperson for Dyfed Powys Police Car Hire Carmarthen Cheap Car Rental Carmarthen Wales from Car Hire Suffolk with Cheap Van Rental Thrifty Car Rental UKSuffolk car hire with Thrifty Car Rental. Cheap car hire in Suffolk with low cost van rental. Suffolk Law School was founded in Boston in 1899 and has been A few weeks later, Dick received a call at his residence in St.

    Johns Manor in Jersey. A strongly accented voice says she is the Rwandan ambassador for the United Kingdom and Cheap Car Hire Mill End Hertfordshire 2 Licensed Private Hire Operator in Chorleywood, Hertfordshire Tudors Cars including smart private hire firm in Chorleywood and Rickmansworth . Barnet Van Hire in Barnet, London LONDON S PREMIER VAN HIRE & CAR HIRE SERVICE.

    We have provided van and car hire services from our Barnet depot in North Bristol Minibuses ~ Coach hire in Cheap Car Hire Freckenham Suffolk 3 Car Rental Suffolk: Save up to 60% | ExpediaIf you're in search of a cheap car rental in Suffolk, Virginia suiting all your needs, look no further than our selection of vehicles right here on Expedia.

    From large Compare prices from leading car rental providers with TravelSupermarket find Car hire in Ipswich will References ^ Cheap Car Hire Pont-tyweli Carmarthenshire ( ^ Cheap Car Hire Mill End Hertfordshire ( ^ Cheap Car Hire Freckenham Suffolk (

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  • Each and every Crucial Vehicle Insurance Idea You Can At any time ... Descripci n Insurance coverage is loaded with really complicated vocabulary and wording that is regarded as complex. It could truly appear confusing. The aim of this information is that will help you fully grasp a number of the common insurance terms that brokers use.

    By being aware of these conditions, you may make better selections when purchasing an auto policy. Just before investing in a new vehicle, constantly study insurance premiums. Insurance provider substances can give you a list of vehicles that contain the most inexpensive charges.

    That suggestions can help you make a well informed determination about whether it will be a much better deal to get a formerly owned car, instead of a new car. Getting a car by using a better safety status can lead to large price savings for your personal automobile insurance. Insurance policies are centered off of the particular motor vehicle you possess purchased, whether it is an auto or van.

    Realize 1 that your bill will reveal the selection you make when choosing a car. Go with a motor vehicle that s harmless and moderate to obtain the lowest insurance premiums. Should you don t shell out your insurance plan premium on time, your insurance could possibly be canceled.

    That may be a pricey error. Switching among many different guidelines and insurance firms can cause spaces in protection, even though unintentional. Should you have any concerns about wherever and the way to employ van insurance quotes any driver 2 , you ll be able to contact us in our page.

    If your insurance company discovers gaps within your insurance coverage, they could increase your insurance rates. Try out losing several of the insurance you do not need to have. For instance, some plans incorporate accidents insurance coverage in case you have an old automobile that is not well worth very much, you may not really should pay out more with this piece.

    Get rid of the extra benefits of your insurance policy and you ll spend less on a monthly basis. Extensive and accountability are other aspects of your insurance plan that you can consider taking away or raising deductibles for. Be certain of the things insurance you want when it comes to purchasing auto insurance.

    You will possess several choices, but many of them won t have to do with you. Alternatively, if you ve traditionally possessed modest incidents, it is almost certainly to your advantage to pay any additional to make certain collisions are protected. When you have auto insurance, you ought to have a good driving history.

    A vehicle accident will raise the costs faster than just about everything different. You need to be aware of your constraints. Knowing it will help you avoid situations for which you have reached greater risk.

    Tend not to travel during the night if it unnerves you or perhaps you have problems viewing. Boost your insurance deductibles to invest less. This move has some threat, but is could help you save some cash.

    If you it, place the extra income inside a bank account so that you will do have it, in the event you at any time will need to handle the deductible. An increased insurance deductible can lead to you using a reduced premium. Get an inventory of these, and assess regardless if you are eligible to help save some cash.

    You might be surprised at exactly how much these special discounts can lessen your insurance coverage costs. You must be aware of the diverse coverage kinds available and regardless of whether your insurance plan handles all achievable scenarios 3 . Liability coverage, for instance, will become vitally important should you harm on your own or other people, or if you damage your personal motor vehicle or someone else s.

    Hauling insurance coverage against those people who are unlawfully uninsured can also be vital. If you ve acquired 4 a admission, do you know what that does to your automobile insurance costs. You can expect to lessen your insurance costs once your details go away completely.

    Once your driving record is clean again, you may want to get some good up to date quotes from insurance companies. You could make a summary of the special discounts and go through these to find each of the special discounts you may get. You can even preserve a lot by professing discounts.

    Through security measures on your automobile, including an immobilizer, system or alarm, your premium will probably be decrease. Your costs could be inflated because it is of distinct fascination to automobile thieves. The more attractive your car or truck is just as a objective of robbery, the bigger your charges 5 .

    Alternately, a safe and secure vehicle is way less costly to make sure. As you have seen, there is lots more to auto insurance than most people consider. Between your good sense and your research efforts, your perseverance pays away ultimately if you have a policy that shields your vehicle properly.

    By heeding the recommendations in this article, you will be able to choose an excellent automobile insurance policy.

    References ^ Realize ( ^ van insurance quotes any driver ( ^ achievable scenarios ( ^ acquired ( ^ charges (

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  • Hoole Bank Home CCTV Installation: Competitive Cheshire Quotes ... As a result of low employment, crime has risen across the UK and CCTV systems in the home have become far more popular as people try to improve their home security and minimise the chance that they ll be the victim of crime in Hoole Bank. Home CCTV is actually much more affordable than you might expect, and like other home security systems, such as security alarms (also known as burglar alarms or intruder alarms), some insurers will consider discounts on premiums once installed. Security cameras work by capturing images within a defined area, so typically you would have multiple cameras installed on your property to give the best chance of capturing images of the offenders if the worst did happen.

    Of course, the intention is that the obvious presence of CCTV camera systems will instead deter any would be burglar, so hopefully there will be nothing to record. As with any break ins, intruders tend to be put off homes which are more likely to result in them being caught, so they re less likely to target a house with a burglar alarm and CCTV equipment fitted. Choosing A Hoole Bank CCTV Installer For Your Home In Cheshire Security systems should always be fitted by qualified CCTV installers wherever possible.

    They are experiences in routing cables, or advising where wireless installations would be more appropriate. It s no use having cameras installed if your DIY installation has been disabled by a poorly routed cable which can be cut before an image of the individual is captured! It sounds silly, but if you speak to any experienced representative of a UK security company they ll be able to recount tales of ineffective installations that have been compromised easily by criminals.

    Use The Latest Hoole Bank CCTV Technology With the rapid technology advances, you no longer have to put up with the grainy images that you might see on Crimewatch 1 either, there are now cameras that can record in HD, and even continuous video rather than a frame every few seconds as you might have seen with older technology. In addition, you can also take advantage of security systems which integrate alarms and CCTV, meaning that the cameras only need record when the equipment s sensors detect movement when the system is armed. This is often an attractive compromise when people are uneasy about their private lives being recorded inside or outside the home.

    Being Considerate To Neighbours And Passers By Talking about capturing images outside the home, there are a couple of considerations you should make. Firstly, ensure that the cameras you use are designed for external use, and installed high enough to be difficult to tamper with. The second, and more often overlooked point is to avoid infringing on other people s privacy.

    A lot of people feel that they are already subject to being filmed too much in their day to day lives, so be sure not to capture next door s garden, or too much beyond your home s boundary.

    Choosing a good Hoole Bank CCTV installation company 2 is crucial for protecting your home in Cheshire, so why not get a quote from us 3 , and be surprised at how affordable your new home security system will be.

    References ^ Crimewatch ( ^ CamQuote ( ^ Free CCTV Installation Quotes (

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  • Man pleads guilty to sexual assault on horse · To embed this post, copy the code below on your site 600px wide 400px wide 300px wide
  • Man pushed over and hit in the face during Beccles assault 15:05 26 October 2015 Polly Grice 1 A man was pushed over, verbally abused and struck in the face five to six times in an assault in Beccles. It happened in St Anne s Road on October 16, between 5.20pm and 5.50pm and the left side of the victim s face was heavily bruised. A 24-year-old man from Barnby has been arrested on suspicion of assault and released on bail until November 26 while police investigate.

    Anyone who saw the assault or has any information should call PC Andrew Phillips at Beccles Police station on 101 and quite crime number BE/15/1456. A rapid increase in admissions has forced James Paget University Hospital to declare a black alert . A man was pushed over, verbally abused and struck in the face five to six times in an assault in Beccles.

    They are four market towns that have kept their character over the years as they continue to draw in visitors and expand. A man has been reunited with long lost members of his family after a search led by the Beccles and Bungay Journal and EDP. Most Read A man was pushed over, verbally abused and struck in the face five to six times in an assault in Beccles.

    Read more 2 A rapid increase in admissions has forced James Paget University Hospital to declare a black alert . Read more 3 A 31-year-old man has today been jailed for a total of 14 months after pleading guilty to assaulting a horse in Redenhall, near Harleston earlier this year. Read more 4 A man has been reunited with long lost members of his family after a search led by the Beccles and Bungay Journal and EDP.

    Read more 5 They are four market towns that have kept their character over the years as they continue to draw in visitors and expand.

    Read more 6 References ^ Polly Grice ( ^ Read more ( ^ Read more ( ^ Read more ( ^ Read more ( ^ Read more (

  • Married Father Of Three Admits Sex Attack On Horse After Being ... A 31 year old married man with three kids name Alan Blackman has become the latest person to plead guilty of having sex with a horse in this country. He was caught after Norfolk police circulated pictures of him seen at a stable in Redenhall shortly before a horse was found injured and in need of veterinary treatment on August 6th. Despite initially taking to Facebook to plead his innocence, saying that people were putting his name to a face which wasn t him and starting online speculation, he plead guilty to the offence via video link at Norwich Crown Court on Monday.

    Featured Image VIA 1 Image VIA 2 Judge Stephen Holt adjourned sentencing until October 23rd saying the following: This is clearly a case where a psychiatric report would assist the court. You have pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity but the court needs to know more about you. Obviously having sex with horses is very serious business, as we learned from this interview with someone who had been doing it for years 3 .

    Ultimately it must completely suck if you actually feel the need to have sex with a horse and act upon it but you should probably get psychological help BEFORE you do it rather than afterwards when your name is all over the papers and everyone thinks you re a complete weirdo.

    You live and learn.

    References ^ VIA ( ^ VIA ( ^ this interview with someone who had been doing it for years (

  • Married Father Of Three Who Admitted To Having Sexual ... A married father of three with no fixed address, Alan Blackman, 31, was arrested and jailed for 14 months after admitting to having sexual intercourse with a horse for over an hour, according to the Mirror 1 . On August 6, a horse was found injured by one of its owners at a farm stables in Redenhall, Norfolk, which raised concerns. The owner whose name has not been released reviewed surveillance footage and discovered an unidentified male sticking his fingers inside of the horse, and then inserting his whole arm into its vaginal passage.

    Afterwards, he was seen grabbing a container to stand on so that he could have sexual intercourse with the house, but he was unsuccessful. He was also seen recording himself as he executed the sex acts on the animal. Redenhall police was immediately notified of the incident, and CCTV images of the suspect was published in the media.

    Blackman was soon linked to the crime and was arrested for sexually assaulting the horse and for trespassing. He initially denied the allegations, claiming he was with his wife, Sarah, 25, during the time of the incident, which occurred around 10:15 p.m. However, a statement from his wife revealed that had not been home that night and did not return until the early hours.

    Two weeks later, Blackman came forward and admitted to sexually assaulting the horse but couldn t remember the attack because he was high on cocaine and amphetamine, and had consumed large amounts of alcohol. He also told police officials that he did in fact view images of bestiality, but they were not for his own sexual gratification. Once his wife learned what he had done, she said that she is pretty disgusted at what he did.

    But I still love him I can t turn that off overnight. We have been estranged since he was charged, but I can t say what will happen in the long term. He is still the father of my children.

    According to the Press and Journal 2 , Sarah later sat in the public gallery while her husband appeared at the Norwich Crown Court for his sentencing, but did not give an statements. Before sentencing Blackman to 14 months in jail, Judge Katharine Moore told him that it is so serious that only a sentence of immediate custody is justified. You recorded this possibly because it was something you yourself might watch again or because it was something you might want others to watch.

    Unfortunately as a result of your actions, the horse sustained injuries. Prosecutor Claire Matthews said that after confessing to having sexual intercourse with the horse, he stated that he had never engaged in such behavior before. After Blackman s sentencing, Detective Sergeant Alison Clabon said that This was a shocking attack, which was not only distressing for the horse, but for the owners too.

    Blackman targeted a defenseless animal causing serious injuries, which is particularly harrowing. No one or no animal deserves to endure this kind of attack. Crimes such as this are very rare and today s sentencing will hopefully send out a strong message that this sort of criminality will not be tolerated and the justice system will come down hard on those who feel they can get away with such a horrifying crime.

    After the attack, the horse suffered internal injuries and will more than likely need surgery. The horse s owner has already paid nearly $3,000 in veterinary fees, and would need an additional $4,500 to cover surgery and postoperative care. However, Blackman s attorney Michael Clare said that after his arrest, he is no longer employed as a removals worker and is currently in debt.

    He also said that he has already sentenced himself to a lifetime of excruciating embarrassment. Image via Shutterstock References ^ Mirror ( ^ Press and Journal (

  • Married Father-Of-Three Pleads Guilty To Sexually Assaulting A ... A married father of 3 has admitted to sexually assaulting a horse. Lovely.

    31-year-old Alan Blackman pleaded guilty to attempted intercourse with the animal when he appeared at Norwich Crown Court via video link recently. The animal was found injured and in need of treatment at a stable in Redenhall in Norfolk on August 6th.

    Disgusting. Police posted pictures online taken from the stable s CCTV, and it didn t take long for Blackman s name to be put forward. Initially, he denied the allegations, posting on Facebook that people were putting a name to a face that wasn t his , and starting online speculation .

    In court, however, he changed his tune and pleaded guilty to trespassing with the intent of committing a sexual offence, and attempted intercourse with a horse. The case has been adjourned until the end of October, with Judge Stephen Holt saying: This is clearly a case where a psychiatric report would assist the court. You have pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity but the court needs to know more about you.

    Blackman has been remanded in custody until his next court appearance.

  • Married White Father Of Three Is Jailed For Raping A Horse A married white dad-of-three has been jailed after sexually assaulting a horse for more than an hour at stables in Norfolk. Alan Blackman, 31, of no fixed address, admitted to trespass with the intent to commit a sexual crime and attempted intercourse with a horse after a CCTV appeal was launched to track him down. He was arrested after the animal was found injured and in need of veterinary treatment at farm stables in Redenhall, Norfolk, on August 6.

    The horse rapist was sentenced at Norwich Crown Court as his wife, Sarah, 25, sat in the public gallery. The court heard he had filmed himself abusing the horse. CCTV footage later showed him fetching containers to stand on in an attempt to have full sex with the animal.

    Jailing him for 14 months, Judge Katharine Moore told the white degenerate: You recorded this possibly because it was something you yourself might watch again or because it was something you might want others to watch. Unfortunately as a result of your actions, the horse sustained injuries. Describing the crime as somewhat unusual , prosecutor Claire Matthews said the horse s owner had become suspicious about a possible disturbance in the stable and checked security camera footage.

    They found footage of the peckerwood sexually assaulting the horse. Miss Matthews said: In total he was in the stable for something in the order of an hour and 10 minutes. She said the honk was arrested after a police appeal for information accompanied by CCTV images was published in the media.

    He initially told officers he had been home with his wife at the time of the attack, which happened at about 10.15pm. But when questioned, Mrs Blackman confirmed he had not been home that night and did not return until the early hours. Two weeks later, the horse lover admitted what he had done to police, saying he was high on cocaine and amphetamine and could not remember the attack.

    He had also consumed large amounts of alcohol. He also admitted he had previously viewed bestiality images but not for his own sexual gratification . After the attack, the horse was treated for internal injuries and it will need further surgery.

    Michael Clare, mitigating, said the honky tonk is now unemployed and in debt. He has already sentenced himself to a lifetime of excruciating embarrassment, he added. The white devil has since experienced suicidal thoughts, the court heard.

    After he admitted the crime, his wife, Sarah, said she was pretty disgusted but that she still loved him.

    The shameless honkstress did not comment as she left court.

  • Midtown Blogger/Manhattan Valley Follies: Week In Pix- BBCOur selection of some of the best news photographs taken around the world this week. Image caption Syrian migrants cross under a razor wire fence as they try to enter Hungary at the border with Serbia, near Roszke. Image caption Rescuers recover bodies of drowned migrants who were trapped in the bottom of a boat in Zuwara, Libya.

    Image caption A Chinese trader plays cards as he watches a stock ticker in Beijing - during a week of dramatic falls on markets in Asia and around the world. Image caption Police investigate the murders of TV reporter Alison Parker and her cameraman Adam Ward, at Moneta, Virginia, USA. They were shot during a live broadcast by their former colleague Vester Lee Flanagan, who later shot himself.

    Image caption French President Francois Hollande poses with US National Guardsman Alek Skarlatos, US Ambassador to France Jane D Hartley, US Airman Spencer Stone and student Anthony Sadler, at the Elysee Palace in Paris. The three American men were awarded the French Legion d'honneur for restraining a heavily armed man on a train. Image caption Lebanese activists shout anti-government slogans as they are sprayed by riot police using water cannon in Beirut.

    The demonstrators are angry that piles of rubbish are mounting in streets across the city without collection. Image caption A TV cameraman drives into sprinter Usain Bolt of Jamaica, after the men's 200m final at the 2015 IAAF World Championships in Beijing. Bolt won the race.

    Image caption China's Li Jinzhe in the qualifying round of the men's long jump, at the 2015 IAAF World Championships in Beijing. Image caption The face of a Naga sadhu, or Hindu holy man, during Kumbh Mela festival at Trimbakeshwar, India. Hindus believe taking a dip in the waters of a holy river during the festival will cleanse them of their sins.

    Image caption Two men in a puddle of squashed tomatoes during the annual "tomatina" fiesta in the village of Bunol, near Valencia, Spain. The streets are awash with red pulp as thousands of people pelt each other with ripe tomatoes. Image caption Anchovies are used to encourage Humboldt penguins to step on to weighing scales at London Zoo, UK.

    The zoo is carrying out its annual weigh-in of all of its animals.

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  • Norfolk Security - Your Security Is Our Business Gorleston to Host Volleyball England Beach Tour for First Time June 27 and June 28 2015 The Volleyball England Beach Tour 2015 is heading for Gorleston-on-Sea beach. The Great Yarmouth Classic will be played for the first time in Gorleston, on Saturday, June 27 and Sunday, June 28. Great Yarmouth Tourism and Business Improvement Area (GYTABIA) and Great Yarmouth Borough Council are responsible for bringing the tournament to Gorleston, with 4000 funding from GYTABIA securing the 11th consecutive Great Yarmouth Classic.

    Spectators will watch the event in a free 150-seater grandstand sited on the beach next to Centre Court, sponsored by local seafront businesses: The Cliff Hotel, JayJays at the Beach, Marina Bay Caf , Marine Amusements, The Pier Hotel and The Yacht Shop. Twenty-four teams of top-class UK beach volleyball players will compete for both men s and ladies doubles titles, with play starting at 9am each day. The finals will begin just after lunch on Sunday.

    David Marsh, Interim Chairman GYTABIA said: Securing high profile events like the Volleyball England Beach Tour is central to the work of GYTABIA. We are absolutely delighted that the Great Yarmouth Classic is making its debut on Gorleston s wonderful sandy beach. We would also like to thank the seafront businesses for their support in helping provide the grandstand for spectators.

    Further to a site visit to the beach, Alex Chevau from SideOut Ltd, the company who are organising the event with Volleyball England said: This is one of the best beaches on the tour. I m delighted that the Great Yarmouth Classic will be held on such an amazing beach with such high quality sand, I can t wait to get on court! The Volleyball England Beach Tour 2015 kicks off in Skegness, followed by Gorleston-on-Sea, Weston-super-Mare and Weymouth, culminating in the finals at Margate.

    For more information about the Volleyball England Beach Tour see 1 1 .

    For more information about Greater Yarmouth see 2 2 .

    Related References ^ 3 ( 4 ^ 5 ( 6 See the original article here: Gorleston to Host Volleyball England Beach Tour 7 References ^ ( ^ ( ^ Jump to Link in Article ( ^ ( ^ Jump to Link in Article ( ^ ( ^ Gorleston to Host Volleyball England Beach Tour (