Deciding to appoint a Branding Expert

Maybe you own a business, have the responsibility for marketing a business, or just realise the need for change to look a bit slicker, a bit more polished and professional. Your brand identity is probably the first opportunity you have to create a lasting impression. It should portray that you belong to a business that is established, does things properly, and knows how to look good as well as do good.

Do you run an organisation that your future clients want to do business with? You may have decided, especially in your early growth period, to quickly pull together a brand that looks OK. Here are a handful of reasons why you should invest by handing it over to the experts.

Your image needs improved, but you have other matters to spend your time on So the business is up and running, and running well. The deeper you become involved in day to day client issues and needs, the further you are pulled away from addressing how the company could gain that edge on the competition by sharpening up and refining its image. Bear in mind that your time is surely better spent on your key business areas such as prospecting, profitability and your people.

You re on a quest for different , but can t quite picture what that is Marketing agencies can offer specialism in producing unique brands. There s a skill to that. What may take you weeks to kick about and tweak will take them a fraction of your time, and real creative thinking could introduce a fresh and individual approach.

Having been on both sides of the fence, I can recall once having a very fixed, almost stubborn idea of how I saw my company s future brand image. That young developing business had survived it s first 4 years with nothing more than a second division name and no clearly agreed identity. Then, following a 6 week brand consultation period the company was renamed and rebranded.

10 years on the same company has expanded beyond all predictions, whilst still utilising and enjoying that improved brand recognition. Coincidence? Don t under-estimate how savvy your clients are Your customers will, consciously or subconsciously, make a judgement based on your brand appearance.

They will notice the differences between a homespun and a professional production. It s also less likely that they ll question how long you re going to be trading for if the brand portrays an impression of solidity and stability. Dispel any underlying doubt by ensuring that every piece of marketing material radiates a feeling that you ve been a well thought out business for many years.

Guidelines to stick to Once you ve embraced the idea that this is the route to a better you, well at least to an improved company profile, make sure to include a document detailing a set of comprehensive brand guidelines. These are usually set out over a handful of pages, and should protect you from errors. Your appointed design company should be well versed in highlighting the do s and do not s for your logo and every other application where your unique logo and selected font may be used and seen.

This is particularly crucial if you are not commissioning the people that designed your brand to manage all your printed matter or to produce your website. All too often a printer will not pay as much attention to detail as you or your brand designer may wish them to. So it pays to have the guidelines thought through and explained in writing.

The alternative is your printer may go for the quickest and easiest fix (the least expensive route for them), irrespective of how that appears too large, too small, poor spacing or colour reproduction that ll do . Reproduction of printed colours can also be much different to what is viewed digitally, and to compound things, without due care colours can appear different between PC s, tablets and phones. Save time, bypass the headaches and outsource a branding specialist.

It could be less expensive in the long run.