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Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures

Please click on the links to view documents: STAFF DISCIPLINARY POLICY 2005 1 STAFF GRIEVANCE POLICY 2005 2 References ^ STAFF DISCIPLINARY POLICY 2005 (loddonpc.norfolkparishes.gov.uk) ^ STAFF GRIEVANCE POLICY 2005 (loddonpc.norfolkparishes.gov.uk)

Changes to Loddon Bus Service

There have been many rumours in Loddon regarding the future of the bus service, with some people suggesting that buses will no longer come through the centre of the village. The parish council has been in touch with the bus operator and can confirm that THIS IS NOT THE CASE. There will be some changes to the bus service in December, but they will result in an increase in the number of buses serving Loddon.

Below is the full response from First Buses: Firstly let me allay your fears about buses in Loddon. Yes there are changes from 6th December 2015, but Loddon will still have a half hourly service during the day to Norwich on one direction, and to Beccles and Lowestoft in the other. There will be extra buses in the morning peak to Norwich and there will still be an evening and Sunday service which is effectively largely unchanged.

We are about to launch some public information this week to inform passengers and local stakeholders of the changes, but essentially we are increasing the service between Lowestoft and Norwich to every 15 minutes. These will be split into two numbers, dictated by the route within Lowestoft, X2 via the current route and X22 via Carlton Colville. Most X2 buses during the day will become Fast and will operate along the Loddon by-pass and X22 will operate through Loddon along the current route.

We thought long and hard about which numbers to use and which should operate which way and this seemed like the best option. Evening and Sunday buses will be numbered X2 as now and operate via the same route as now. New-style timetables will be printed showing clearly which buses go to Loddon and which do not.

We have also added an extra timing point at Church Plain to help passengers know what time the bus is due.

Further details will be available shortly, but I would like to take this opportunity to assure you that we will continue to serve Loddon as we always have done.