Snow… and Security! | Barrie Lawrence

Wendy and I were praying together this morning. (Men if you are too busy to sit down and pray with your wife, you are indeed too busy . You need to sort it out.) At the time of writing (or tapping), it is our penultimate morning in Wengen, Switzerland, and Wendy was thanking God for the way we saw our eldest daughter Sarah and family set off on their skis yesterday and other days. First Bruce to lead the way, then the three children, and than Sarah at the rear to make sure all was well.

Leading. Protection. Responsibility.

Love. What a lovely picture, and it made me think of how our Heavenly Father does just that for us. He leads us.

He has a plan for us. He reveals it. For me, London, Dorset, Norwich, Norfolk .

were each a part of his plan for me. And he goes behind and protects us. We are probably protected from far more than we know!

Life is not always easy, but God is good.

Pause and reflect on his leading in your life, and thank him for protecting you over the years.

Like my daughter and her husband, he cares for his children.