Tim Peake ham radio school contact video released

A 92-minute video containing the Sandringham School GB1SAN and Tim Peake GB1SS amateur radio contact is now available in the ARISS UK Team channel on YouTube The amateur radio contact with the International Space Station took place on Friday, January 8, 2016 and was led by Jessica Leigh M6LPJ .

The video includes the presentations given to the students by ARISS UK’s Ciaran Morgan M0XTD , Head Teacher Alan Gray G4DJX , and the Chair of the RSGB Youth Committee Mike Jones 2E0MLJ .

Watch ARISS Schools contact between Sandringham School, GB1SAN, and Tim Peake GB1SS Friday, January 8, 2016 TV News: Sandringham school amateur radio ISS contact http://amsat-uk.org/2016/01/08/bbc-tv-sandringham-school-amateur-radio-iss-contact 1 / References ^ http://amsat-uk.org/2016/01/08/bbc-tv-sandringham-school-amateur-radio-iss-contact (amsat-uk.org)